Danny Gokey News & Discussion – March 2018

Welcome to our Danny Gokey News & Discussion

Can you name all the band members? Check your knowledge with the info at the bottom of this post!

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 Danny Goikey and TobyMac by Diego Brawn

Thanks to Diego Brawn for sharing his photos with us!

Pictured in the photo of the Danny Gokey Band: Kevin Griffin,  Miguel Perez, Maestro Lightford, Danny Gokey, Eric Ramey & Simon Yeh.
Not pictured:  Bernard Bell.
For more info about Diego Brawn click HERE.

81 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion – March 2018

  1. Its good to see some growth for “Masterpiece” this last week. At least three new stations playing it and a heathier spincrease:

    27 26 CARROLLTON Shelter 334 313 21 1.276
    28 27 HAWK NELSON He Still Does (Miracles) 300 275 25 0.723
    33 28 MERCYME i Can Only Imagine (Movie..) 283 201 82 1.606
    30 29 DANNY GOKEY Masterpiece 283 232 51 2.642


  2. Hey Admin2, now that I’m trying to do only one discussion post a month, what do you think about the idea of letting 75 or 100 comments occur before we get the “Newer comments” button?


  3. Hi, Jan. Yes. Riverside is down the mountain from us. A little over an hour away. Very close. Unfortunately, my husband has to work. Saving his days off for the next week when our daughter in law runs the Ironman in Oceanside. I’m glad to see that Danny is coming to California, often. 🙂

    Been a very sad week and a half for my family. Our beloved lab Max, passed away suddenly. He was my shadow. I miss him very much. His sister Molly, is very lonely. Our furry friends bring us such happiness, but when they leave us there is unbearable heartache.

    Hope everyone is doing well. 🙂


  4. Sorry for the loss of your loyal companion, Cindy.

    I’d like to watch one of the services, (Maybe I can the 6AM one — 8 AM CST). But I am hosting Easter dinner and I’m planning to attend our 10 AM service…. Hopefully they will webcast Danny’s portion as well as the Pastor Laurie.


  5. So, with Danny being in Southern California on the 1st, will he use that trip to?

    1) write with LA songwriters?
    2) stop in at “American Idol”? (I’d like to see him film a segment for “American Idol Icons” or, dare I imagine, mentor the contestants….)
    3) just head back to Nashville?


  6. Thank you, Lurker and Jan.

    ..or, Danny might go whale watching off the coast. Beautiful time of year for it. 🙂


  7. It would be a tossup between the whale-watching and Idol for me, lol. I do hope Danny does get to connect with Idol 2.0. I know Danny admires and has been inspired by Katy Perry’s success story. (She faced many roadblocks before she was able to launch her career.)


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