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Can you name all the band members? Check your knowledge with the info at the bottom of this post!

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 Danny Goikey and TobyMac by Diego Brawn

Thanks to Diego Brawn for sharing his photos with us!

Pictured in the photo of the Danny Gokey Band: Kevin Griffin,  Miguel Perez, Maestro Lightford, Danny Gokey, Eric Ramey & Simon Yeh.
Not pictured:  Bernard Bell.
For more info about Diego Brawn click HERE.

114 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion – March 2018

  1. Billboard chart news for #Masterpiece:

    Christian National Airplay: 21 (23) +41 spins
    Christian AC Indicator 22 (23) +5 spins
    Christian Albums: Rise 27 (24)
    Christian Albums: HIFOM 36 (320
    Independent Albums 41 (37)

    So, Danny won’t be on the Independent chart anymore with his new label, right?

  2. Danny’s was in Big Sur yesterday working on the video for Masterpiece. They wanted to be their at sunrise and sunset. The scenery on the Pacific Coast is so beautiful. It could be a really visually beautiful video.

  3. Big Sur is beautiful!! Everyone should drive up the coast of California at least once. Breathtaking. We’ve had some weather. In fact, we had the most snow so far this winter. 2 inches!! 🙂 More is on the way starting tomorrow. So, if the weather had passed by Big Sur yesterday, it probably made for a very beautiful day.

    Good for Danny going up to Canada. I bet he’s excited. Is he headlining the tour?

  4. if they’re paying for a video, seems like they are intent to promote Masterpiece despite the label change

    but yeah, I guess once he releases music under the new label the Independent Chart will be out. but more support in other types of promotion, awards nominations, and whatever else?

  5. Masterpiece has not had the steady growth of most of his recent singles. It actually lost spins yesterday.

    But we do know Danny did a special video for K-Love and they are putting together a video for it. So, are they purposely being slow to push this single to radio?!? It isn’t selling well, either…

    With the crazy number of views for If You Ain’t In It (1.1 million views)I think this could have been a hit single.


  6. “I think this could have been a hit single.”

    The only time they have listened to me about which single to choose was with TYHTBA.

    Or maybe they didn’t listen to me. 😉 Perhaps they realized it could be a hit because of it being used on TV talent shows.
    Neither Danny nor his label have ever asked for my advice. I give it anyway. 🙂

    I solved a little puzzle this morning. I will write my thoughts that created the puzzle and leave them as a challenge. If anyone wishes to solve it, you have a few hours. I will post the answer this evening.

    Yesterday I had a tiny part of a tune running through my head. I had two words I thought I was hearing. The words were “at all.”

    During the day I kept hearing the words and the tune mentally. Just a brief bit. I wasn’t sure if it was a song, but it seemed like one. I couldn’t identify it.

    Then this morning when I woke the words were there again. But instead of two, there were three. Now I had “nothing at all.” I was able to identify the song.

    Can you identify it?

  7. Jan,
    That song fits all the requirements I listed, but it isn’t the one I was hearing. (It wouldn’t do a bit of good for me to hum the tune. Not because you can’t hear me. Instead, because I can’t carry a tune. I can never sound close to what I hear.)

    I have remembered some more impressions. My song seemed to be a love song, very popular, and familiar sounding–faster and more upbeat than the one you found. There seemed a building toward something. The words “nothing at all” were at the end of a sentence.

    When I had the two words “at all,” I knew I didn’t have enough. Too many songs with that.
    When “nothing” popped up in my thoughts, I could hear the tune better. Still, many songs with those three words.

  8. My guess:
    A very beautiful song by Keith Whitley – When You Say Nothing At All.

  9. It’s a pop song , not a country song. Keith Whitley sang country. Allison Krauss sang country and bluegrass, I think.

    Also eliminated (if it’s a song): “I Like you Best when You Wear Nothing At All.”

  10. That should have been my first guess. Our family listened to Air Supply all the time in the 80’s. 🙂

    Lurker, what did I win. 😉

  11. Cindy,
    I had never heard the name of the group until I found the song on youtube this morning. I don’t know where I’ve heard the song before.
    My youtube search was for the words “nothing at all.” When those words came up, I listened to a few songs. This was the one that had been playing in my mind.

  12. Air Supply was pretty popular in the 80’s. Lots of good songs. They were playing at a casino near Palm Springs a few months ago. Still performing.

    Many times when I dream I wake up and wonder why. Then, I figure out my dream was triggered by something in my waking hours. You said you don’t watch TV. Many times they will play songs in movies, shows, or commercials. Do you listen to the radio? Something in your past must have triggered your memory of this song. ? This is quite the conundrum. 😉

  13. “This is quite the conundrum.”

    I know. Sometimes I can find a path. Sometimes I can’t.

  14. FUn game Lurker even if I only followed it just now after getting home late from work

  15. Hi Cindy, thanks. I think i have had more colds/viruses this year compared to my normal year. I have been spending quite a bit of time at my mom’s assisted living facility and I seem to be catching things. 😫

  16. Nice to see you posting the video, Admin2 😍 I thought about doing so and then decided I was too tired…

    Matt Giraud was Danny’s guest at the Grand Rapids MI show last night. Good to see them picking up their friendship from Idol. Matt did about 5 instagram stories on the show.

    @dannygokeynewz: Always cool to see fellow @AmericanIdol alums attending each other’s shows! Especially when it involves the best season ever! #Season8 Hommies @immattgiraud & @DannyGokey at the #HitsDeepTour https://twitter.com/dannygokeynewz/status/970685679167516673/photo/1

  17. That’s fun. Was Grand Rapids a solo show for Danny, or Matt appeared on the TobyMac tour?

    For Jan, I should aim for at least one post a year, right? And I’m not sure I get credit for anything yet in 2018 😉

  18. Admin2, it was a HitsDeepTour date in MI (Matt’s home state). Perhaps another reason they bounded was they were both from the Upper Midwest?

    Matt shared a clip of one of Mandisa’s songs, Toby and 4 of Danny’s! The first part of this parking lot clip was also cute in that Danny had gone to get food and Matt had not eaten, yet, either…

  19. Maybe you will have a stellar (posting) year, Admin2! I predict a “Comeback” for you!! 😋

  20. That shows some regard to Danny, I’d think, that they let him bring a guest onto a tour where he’s not the lead act.

    I shall humbly aim for at least two posts this year 😉

  21. From twitter of an eleven-year old singer

    She has only three tweets (two videos). One video is of her singing the NA for the Women’s SEC conference at Bridgestone Arena.
    The other video is of Danny’s TYHTBA.

  22. Jan or Admin 2,
    Delete my post above if needed (and this one too).
    I accidentally posted her twitter page instead of a link to it.

  23. Admin 2 did we both go in to fix that comment at the same time? I put it as a link to Ava Nicole Sings. What did you do?

    And what’s my other problem? 🙂

  24. I think we must have, as it didn’t do what I thought. I just linked to “singer” so the person’s twitter name was no longer visible. Especially since she’s a child?

    Below I thought you didn’t like your link. That can be edited, although you’d have to re-point if you used the full link for social media links.

  25. I had already posted to social media, so too late to shorten my post link…. not a biggie.

  26. Did anyone watch the new American Idol this weekend?

    ETA: oh lol. I see it doesn’t air until the upcoming weekend. I read a review by someone a couple of days ago, for some reason thought it had already come on the air. Maybe they watched a live event that was recorded for upcoming shows?

  27. I think that must be it, Admin2. I know there are spoilers circulating, so my guess is the review was based on a taping or on the spoilers. I plan to give Idol 2.0 a whirl this weekend.

  28. I plan to watch American Idol in a few minutes. Will always be grateful that the show discovered Danny and gave him the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

  29. I enjoyed watching AI, Jan. The pace was a little slower than I expected. But I liked the judges and felt they were appropriately focused on the contestants. I think the lure of AI is that they find contestants who are from small towns or in places in their lives where making a move in the music business is not otherwise an option (think Carrie, Danny, etc.) and then give them a platform. The auditions are often raw and imperfect, but give you a sense of what could be. It’s the growth arc thing, although I am not sure how well they’ll be able to do that with such a short season (about 2 months). (You’d think after paying Katy Perry so much money they’d want to get their money’s worth.)

    And yes, I loved the spotlight they shined on Mandisa, who is such a wonderful Idol success story!

  30. I think it was slower than I expected, but I still liked the edit of the show. Nice to see very little focus is on the judges — other than their making the decisions and their chemistry as a group. Good start.

    Interesting use of Danny’s masterpiece:

  31. Masterpiece had been treading water for quite awhile (after a fast start)

    I’ve been waiting for this:

    DANNY GOKEY Masterpiece 17 new spins 16 stations

  32. Masterpiece is #19 on the AC Indicator Chart.

    21 6 DANNY GOKEY Masterpiece BMG 413 +32 0.157 29

    It lost a few spins and remains at #23 on the National Christian Airplay Chart.

    Hopefully we will see some growth in the next week’s charts.

  33. Funny you should post a song in French, Lurker. I’m watching The Voice France. (Well, videos.) The talent level from last year was off the charts. This year isn’t as good, but still compares favorably to some other reality singing shows. About half the songs are in English, half in French, and one or two in Spanish or Portuguese. Every once in a while, I’ll catch of few words from my high school French.

  34. “Funny you should post a song in French, Lurker.”

    I thought the sound was pretty. Also, I believed some of you here had studied French.

  35. Its good to see some growth for “Masterpiece” this last week. At least three new stations playing it and a heathier spincrease:

    27 26 CARROLLTON Shelter 334 313 21 1.276
    28 27 HAWK NELSON He Still Does (Miracles) 300 275 25 0.723
    33 28 MERCYME i Can Only Imagine (Movie..) 283 201 82 1.606
    30 29 DANNY GOKEY Masterpiece 283 232 51 2.642

  36. Hey Admin2, now that I’m trying to do only one discussion post a month, what do you think about the idea of letting 75 or 100 comments occur before we get the “Newer comments” button?

  37. Hi, Jan. Yes. Riverside is down the mountain from us. A little over an hour away. Very close. Unfortunately, my husband has to work. Saving his days off for the next week when our daughter in law runs the Ironman in Oceanside. I’m glad to see that Danny is coming to California, often. 🙂

    Been a very sad week and a half for my family. Our beloved lab Max, passed away suddenly. He was my shadow. I miss him very much. His sister Molly, is very lonely. Our furry friends bring us such happiness, but when they leave us there is unbearable heartache.

    Hope everyone is doing well. 🙂

  38. Sorry for the loss of your loyal companion, Cindy.

    I’d like to watch one of the services, (Maybe I can the 6AM one — 8 AM CST). But I am hosting Easter dinner and I’m planning to attend our 10 AM service…. Hopefully they will webcast Danny’s portion as well as the Pastor Laurie.

  39. So, with Danny being in Southern California on the 1st, will he use that trip to?

    1) write with LA songwriters?
    2) stop in at “American Idol”? (I’d like to see him film a segment for “American Idol Icons” or, dare I imagine, mentor the contestants….)
    3) just head back to Nashville?

  40. Thank you, Lurker and Jan.

    ..or, Danny might go whale watching off the coast. Beautiful time of year for it. 🙂

  41. It would be a tossup between the whale-watching and Idol for me, lol. I do hope Danny does get to connect with Idol 2.0. I know Danny admires and has been inspired by Katy Perry’s success story. (She faced many roadblocks before she was able to launch her career.)

  42. And, of course, there is the Lionel Ritchie Idol connection with Danny as well . . .

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