Hits Deep Tour Highlights in Milwaukee

Danny Gokey in the spotlight on the Hits Deep Tour Finale

TobyMac’s hit song, “Feel It” is the high energy and joyful encore for the “Hits Deep Tour”

We feel very fortunate that Danny Gokey’s tours often make a stop in Wisconsin.  Not always, but our luck is better than most areas – the advantage of living in Danny’s home state!

The Hits Deep Tour is deep in talent.  This show moves quickly from artist to artist. In fact, so quickly that I mistakenly told our group that Danny would be coming on after the intermission and we were walking out just as he took the stage!  We quickly got back into our row.  (Not our seats, we stood for Danny’s and most of the other artists sets!)

While Danny’s set wasn’t as long as we prefer (when he is the headliner) performing as the last before TobyMac shows how far Danny’s career has progressed since he released “Hope in Front of Me” and he couldn’t book a tour (as he has relayed.)

Danny Gokey performs the Comeback on the Hits Deep Tour

Danny does do three ballads back to back (What Love Can Do, Tell Your Heart to Beat Again and Masterpiece) but the rest of the set is upbeat with lots of dancing.

What an honor for Danny Gokey to return to the stage as a featured singer for final song with TobyMac and the DiverseCity Band. We can tell that Danny Gokey’s dancing has become more exuberant as the tour dates have progressed.  Some could call this chaos when the artists retake the stage for the final verse of “Feel It” — I call it exuberant joy!

As far as tidbits that I usually glean from these events?  Danny is not doing Meet and Greets and with an arena tour, back stage access is very much guarded.  But…..

Danny just got in from California late the night before this March 1st show in Milwaukee. (Working on the video for “Masterpiece”).  And this hectic schedule is taking its toll on Danny.  He was a bit hoarse and was coughing occasionally. (Of course he still sounded great; he had to temper his crazy vocals just a bit.) On top of it, Victoria and Little Danny were on the bus — and we know how much sleep you get with a 5 and 3 year old! Fortunately he had his father in law along to help corral the kids!

Danny Gokey Band at the Panther Arena

We are thrilled that Danny had an opportunity to tour with TobyMac.  Our hope is that this tour will result in a collaboration between these great artists!

14 thoughts on “Hits Deep Tour Highlights in Milwaukee

  1. I bet it was such a thrill to sing back home in Milwaukee…wish the tour was coming to Upstate NY…we miss you!!! #GokeyGroupie

  2. Hi Angelsnell. Danny does love performing in Milwaukee. This seemed to be a TobyMac crowd (deservingly so). But there was a great response to Danny. I hope we see him at Summerfest this year, too. That is where you see the biggest, warmest response to Danny. Last year rivaled his post “American Idol” appearance. Summerfest music is free once you pay the gate admittance (other than the biggest acts). Danny had a huge crowd. He is an all ages kind of performer. The price of tickets for the Hits Deep Tour might keep some fans from attending. Great show, though.

  3. Exuberant is a new word for me to pick up.It got me intrested to find out how Danny’s dancing moves progress over time.Thanks for sharing Jan.

  4. Glad I could add a word to your English arsenal, MrBing. My use of arsenal might seem a little odd in a Chinese translation. 😄

  5. Exuberant is a good word to describe Danny, Jan, especially when he is singing! I’m sure Mr. Bing isn’t going to think of the word “arsenal” in the context of the most common dictionary definition like an “arsenal of weapons,” though. He seems to be aware of American idioms/slang language, and likely would surmise the meaning of the word from the context of its usage.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it is the same with the Chinese language. There are different languages/dialects (some of which are not mutually understandable). That’s different than the U.S., where there are regional accents, but everybody can pretty much understand everybody else (at least among English-speakers). But it wouldn’t surprise me if there also are idioms or expressions as well in Chinese.

  6. Jan,You are witty and good at repartee.Althrough the first thing came to my mind was a british football team when I saw the word arsenal.

    Yes,Ellen.I do know some American idioms,not this particular one.Like you said I can guess the meaning of a word from the context.It is pretty much the same in Chinese.

  7. Jan where can I find dates and locations of summerfest?? Any word on Danny doing Worship in the Adirondacks again this year??

  8. Angelsnell, they haven’t announced the ground stages for Summerfest, yet. So I haven’t posted anything, here.

    I just have a good feeling about Summerfest having Danny back after such a huge crowd for him last year 🙂


  9. Well, and why wouldn’t Summerfest have Danny back after his Grammy nod this year?

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