Video: Acoustic Masterpiece at Air-1

Danny Gokey performs Masterpiece in Air1 studiosDanny Gokey, Maestro Lightford and Miguel Perez sit down for a bare and beautiful version of “Masterpiece”, Danny’s new single from his album “Rise” in the Air-1 studio in Sacramento.

“Masterpiece” is just outside the Top 20 on the Billboard National Christian Airplay Chart at #21. It is #20 on the Billboard Christian AC Indicator Chart.

Danny Gokey and Miguel Perez

5 thoughts on “Video: Acoustic Masterpiece at Air-1

  1. Hi Catherine, we love it when Danny gives us a stripped down version of his songs so we can fully hear THAT voice. I think a acoustic only version of his album(s) would sell very well.


  2. Beautiful…… I absolutely LOVE Danny Gokey’s vocals!!! I would buy a whole album of just acoustic versions of his songs…… stripped down they are even more powerful!!! Don’t stop doing what you’re doing…….God Bless

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