Official Music Video: “Masterpiece” by Danny Gokey

official video masterpiece danny gokey

We’ve posted about Danny Gokey filming his new video for his third single from his album, “RISE”.

It was filmed on the Pacific coast in Big Sur – beautiful ocean and shore views are included in this new video.

“Masterpiece” impacted radio in early January, 2018 and is currently a Top 20 song on multiple Billboard charts!

What are your reactions/reviews/comments?

The lyric video was released on March 4th.  Its pretty, but I see less than 50,000 views so far….

You can see our posts about the making of the videos and the lyric video at

HERE is the piano only version of the song with Bernie Herms — more than  a half million views

Recently Danny performed with Miguel and Lightford for Air-1.  See it HERE.

The director of the video is

4 thoughts on “Official Music Video: “Masterpiece” by Danny Gokey

  1. This works. I worry about the “I/me” songs — where Danny puts himself front and center in the song, or songs like “More Than You Think I Am,” where Danny steps into the voice of God. Other Christian artists do both of those things, too, but I still worry about it being perceived as a lack of humility. No worries with this video, though. It puts everything into proper perspective and context. God uses Danny’s travails to shape him into the best Danny he can be. Likewise, the focus on God’s beautiful creation, with all the gorgeous scenery of earth, that we see in the video. But if you think about it, earth’s forces of tectonic plate movement and volcanic eruptions and such all help create that beauty. God really does shape His creation into a “Masterpiece!”

  2. There was something about this video. Close to the end I realized I had tears. Very moving. I can’t really find the words. One of my favorite videos from Danny. ♥ 🙂

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