Danny Gokey News & Discussion – April 2018

Danny Gokey with Toby Mac on HDtourWelcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion

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Thanks to Diego Brawn for sharing his photo!

Pictured in the photo above: (L to R) Toby Mac, Danny Gokey and Mandisa
For more info about Diego Brawn click HERE.

JRoss TV‘s YouTube Channel has some great videos! Like “Rise”

We’re waiting for info on Danny’s next tour.  Can it top the Hits Deep Tour?!?  If he’s the headliner, the answer is, “Yes”!

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  1. Danny’s not on a summer tour, is that right — More of a series of festivals and other appearances?

  2. Hi Admin2, I think he is just doing festivals, fairs, etc.

    So this is the first hint of the fall tour. Other than itickets.com listing Danny having a Comback Tour.

  3. Gonna be out of pocket for a while, on trip from h*ll. Seriously. My furnace stopped working today, on a Sunday. They have to get the part, so it won’t get fixed until after I get back. And it’s cold. Not Wisconsin cold, but cold enough. I am so tired. I don’t want to go anywhere. Not looking forward to the journey.

  4. I hope that part comes in quick, Ellen. The cold is worse knowing you can’t turn up the themostat!

  5. Hope your journey goes well Ellen, and your furnace gets fixed before you need it again.

    Is Danny’s schedule not as busy as last summer? Maybe taking a well deserved break??

    Danny and Leyicet sure make beautiful children. They are growing up very fast.

    I can’t believe my little grandson is turning 2 in a couple of weeks!!

  6. I think Danny’s summer schedule will fill up a bit more, Cindy. Its still early 🙂

    I saw another event listed for September. Currently Danny is on the Eastcoast doing a radio tour. And then heading to DC for this:


    The following day, the Recording Academy will host the annual GRAMMYs on the Hill Advocacy Day, Capitol Hill’s largest and most prestigious legislative event for music creators. As music creators meet with members of Congress, they will advocate in support of the Music Modernization Act of 2018 (H.R. 5447), the biggest update to music law in 40 years, as well as other initiatives that support the future of music and modernize music law.

    Joined by more than 60 members of Congress, confirmed attendees include GRAMMY-winning producer Peter Asher, GRAMMY-nominated rapper Bun B, Marcus and Jean Baylor of the GRAMMY-nominated R&B band the Baylor Project, GRAMMY-nominated composer and arranger John Beasley, singer/songwriter Marc Broussard, GRAMMY-winning singer Tina Campbell of gospel duo Mary Mary, Recording Academy Trustee, record producer, and engineer Mike Clink, Brann Dailor and Bill Kelliher of GRAMMY-winning metal band Mastodon, GRAMMY-nominated hip hop record producer Patrick “9th Wonder” Denard Douthit, Recording Academy Chief Industry, Government and Member Relations Officer Daryl Friedman, GRAMMY-winning producer and engineer David Frost, GRAMMY-nominated contemporary Christian artist Danny Gokey, GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter and producer Anthony Hamilton of GRAMMY-nominated R&B band the Hamiltones, GRAMMY-nominated producer Scott “Tycho” Hansen, GRAMMY-nominated organist and songwriter Charles Hodges of the band Hi Rhythm, John Driskell Hopkins of the GRAMMY-winning Zac Brown Band, GRAMMY-nominated country music artist Jack Ingram, GRAMMY-winning producer and songwriter Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, singer/songwriter and entertainer Robert Earl Keen, GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb, GRAMMY-nominated rapper Remy Ma, Kaitlin McGaw of GRAMMY-nominated group Alphabet Rockers, GRAMMY-winning songwriter, producer, and engineer Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell, GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter Fantastic Negrito, saxophonist Keith Nieto of Mexican music group La Maquinaria Norteña, singer/songwriter and producer Josh Ostrander of rock band Mondo Cozmo, GRAMMY-nominated songwriter Shelly Peiken, Recording Academy Chair John Poppo, Recording Academy President/CEO Neil Portnow, GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter Justin Roberts, and keyboardist Ben Tanner of GRAMMY-winning blues rock band Alabama Shakes. (I just bolded a few of the artists of who I am familiar.)

  7. I was thinking perhaps the summer isn’t overly packed to allow for work on the new songs / album.

  8. While Danny has visited a number of bigger radio stations, I don’t see a big increase for Masterpiece, yet.

    But it looks like he did very well in his Capital Hill meetings yesterday.

  9. Good to see two new stations coming on for Masterpiece:

    KLTY-FM Dallas Christian AC 8 8 2 1 2 2 1 0.133
    KEEH-FM Spokane Christian AC 8 8 2 1 2 1 2 0.017

  10. Good Morning,
    Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Allergies are going crazy right now.
    Do you think Danny and Leyicet will have a reality show in the future??

  11. Hi, Jan. I just watched the video. I did not hear that. So he will be taping a series about “Better Than I Found It” stories? I know he said due to funding Sophia’s Heart in Nashville was closed, but going in another direction?? I thought he was renaming Sophia’s Heart, “Better Than I Found It.” I should have taken the clue when he said.. production. I think that’s a great idea! Will reach so many. I wonder if Sophia’s family will be involved. What happened to all the property that was going to be developed? Danny is very busy, and doing so many “good” things. 🙂

    CONGRATULATIONS to Danny’s TYHTBA going Gold!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANNY!! (tommorow)

  12. I had written my first post today before I had listened to Danny’s video. 🙂

  13. I couldn’t tell if you had, or if you were just very good at predictions, Cindy. 🙂

    I thought Danny said they would be taping the first episode (or something like that) and I have heard Danny in interviews express how unhappy he is with programming like Jersey Shores. He loves to inspire (and host?) so I think it makes sense that he would be involved in producing BTIFI stories?

  14. MJ’s Numbers:

    “Danny Gokey:
    “Masterpiece”: Christian Airplay 16 (18); Christian Songs 22 (24); CAC 29 (27)”

  15. I like the video of Danny for his upcoming shows in Canada. Hope he has a great time!

  16. Seminole Wind is a beautiful song. I like John Anderson on this one, but can I admit that his song “Swinging” use to drive me nuts back when it was played constantly as a new song? #ALongTimeAgo

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