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Danny Gokey with Toby Mac on HDtourWelcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion

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Thanks to Diego Brawn for sharing his photo!

Pictured in the photo above: (L to R) Toby Mac, Danny Gokey and Mandisa
For more info about Diego Brawn click HERE.

JRoss TV‘s YouTube Channel has some great videos! Like “Rise”

We’re waiting for info on Danny’s next tour.Β  Can it top the Hits Deep Tour?!?Β  If he’s the headliner, the answer is, “Yes”!

112 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion – April 2018

  1. Happy Easter!
    You are very lucky, Jan. Our family will be together next week to watch my daughter in law run the half Ironman in Oceanside. I would have loved to have seen Danny in Riverside today. So close. Husband had to work. I appreciate your post. Danny’s performance was very moving.

  2. Every day is a celebration if Danny is singing…hoping the next tour comes to Upstate NY….really missed the HD tour…with all the hype it was tough knowing that it was no where close…here’s hoping next one is!! #GokeyGroupie

  3. “Not sure what this means other than Gokey rhymes with….”

    I think it is just a lame April fools joke–someone saying they are doing something they are not doing to work in rhyming words that are related to Milwaukee.

  4. Hi Admin2, I thought it was a fun interview. But kind of telling that they were using an interview that is almost 2 years old to launch a new podcast. Nice to see Danny is considered a draw. πŸ™‚

  5. Anyone else watching American Idol? I’ve been enjoying it, and my husband has been watching a good portion of it, too. I really like the judges and the talent seems strong.

  6. I watched the first ep and didnt found it as amuzing as I remembered the auditions used to be.It used to cracked me up.I guessed I had seen way too many bizzard entertainers.I will watch it after the holywood week.

  7. The first episode was a bit slow-paced, Mr. Bing, and the talent wasn’t the best, but it did get better. There is some solid talent, although my favorite has already been knocked out. But there is a solid top 24 remaining. The season is so short, it will go by quickly.

    I’m not sure why they didn’t lead with the best to draw viewers in; I think some may have watched the premiere and given it a pass. But overall (although I would have liked to see a wider variety of contestants and not have the show focus on the frontrunners right away), ABC is doing a good job with the show.

  8. I have seen a couple of minutes of the new AI but I meant to watch it streaming and I’ve been having “technical problems.” By which I guess…

  9. Off-topic:
    There is a headline on aol with ‘dropped” spelled “droppped.” I wonder if they make mistakes intentionally to get people to click.

  10. I never noticed that before. My quote key types two vertical lines. When I post, the two lines curve in at the front and at the back. My typing does not show the turning in until I post. Where I posted above to try to correct my single quote mark to a double quote mark, the double quote mark was confused and turned the wrong way. (I wasn’t confused. The mark was. Evidently, it thinks for itself. I did not hit the wrong key. I have only the one.)

  11. I got a recording. The recording asked me questions such as, “Do you have a dial tone?”
    I answered no.
    The recording said, “Since one of your numbers is working, then the problem is with the phone that doesn’t have a dial tone.

  12. I was flummoxed. How does one argue logic with a recording? If you were a computer programmer, would you program such a response?

  13. That reply made no sense. Every phone on my landline had no dial tone. The phone I was using to call repair was a different phone with a different phone number and different company.

  14. I finally was switched to a live person. There was a problem in my area. They were already working on it.

  15. I tried to explain to the agent I spoke with about the recorded voice telling me since the phone I was calling from worked, that the only thing not working was the phone with no dial tone. That was incorrect. No phone on that number had a dial tone.

  16. The agent did not understand what I tried to explain. I did not make myself clear. She had a difficult time understanding my English.

  17. I sleep in a boot every night for one of my bad ankles. It doesn’t make it well, but it helps some to lessen pain and swelling. Recently , I had to get a new boot. The second one does not work as well as the first did. The first one was put on while I was in the hospital. The second one was filled by prescription at a medical supply place. They didn’t have the same brand. πŸ™

  18. Lurker, the recording wasn’t necessarily being illogical, it’s just that the programmers weren’t thinking clearly about all situations that would explain your set up facts, and were mostly tone-deaf to the realities of today’s telecommunications market.

  19. Once upon a time, it wasn’t unusual for people to have two lines to the same house. Often one for for the use of the household and the other was an office of business line for those with home businesses or who worked from home, but sometimes the separate line was for a teenager or or someone else living with the family, like grandma. I don’t really know how two lines work, but it might be possible to have a dialtone on one line or not the other.

  20. AND, as soon as I wrote that, I thought of something more simple. The recording assumed you have multiple phones in your house, and that one worked and one didn’t, which definitely would suggest a problem with the other phone.

  21. I’m guessing that the recording was stereotyping based on the fact that you still have a landline. Many people give up their landline when they get a cell phone. But really, in 2018, the recording should be programmed to ask if you are calling from a cell phone first. Or at least where you are calling from.

  22. I could not understand the recorded part about “Since one of your phones is working…”

    Yes, I was calling them from a phone that was working. I could not have phoned from a phone that wasn’t. πŸ˜‰

    I did have a situation years when the problem was my phone and not their service. I talked to a live person then. The first thing she had me do was to check all my other phones to see if I had a dial tone on them. I did. She told me I needed to replace the phone with no dial tone.

    Since that time, I always check all dial tones before reporting a problem. Where I am now, I can also tell my phone is not working by looking at my computer modem lights. The phone and Internet are from the same company. If phone service goes out, Internet service does also, and lights on the modem go off.

  23. *years ago

    Thanks, Cindy. I was trying to type a flurry of comments to give admin2 the numbers to break 9000. πŸ™‚

  24. Oh, Lurker, I meant to respond to your post about the quotation marks. Most word processing programs can do either straight quotation marks or curly quotes. I know this because at work we use only straight quotes. Usually you can change from straight to curly (or vice versa) by looking for “auto correct” or “quick format” in the ribbon or drop-down menu of your word processing program.

  25. 989. πŸ™‚
    My daughter-in-law did great in the Half Ironman race, yesterday. It was a nice overcast day. It was good in that it wasn’t very hot. But, oh boy. My face and many others are as red as a tomato. Haven’t had a sunburn like this in 30 years! I should have known better. πŸ™ Especially, being by the ocean! πŸ™

  26. Watched American Idol tonight. Unlike a certain blogger who has been very negative, I really loved watching Bobby Bones interact with the contestants. I don’t think Bobby’s purpose was to act as a vocal coach. I think he really “saw” the contestants as individuals, and I think his purpose was to ground them but also get them to think. In particular, I thought his advice to Kay Kay was spot-on. He showed her how Fantasia let the audience in and left all her emotions on the stage.

  27. I think Brandon was not successful singing Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello.” He had a few sweet moments when he sang softly at the beginning and end of the song, but the middle was a mess. When he got loud, he did not sound good.

    BTW, Lionel had a lot of hits. I don’t know why everyone has to sing “Hello.” There are other songs.

  28. I enjoyed the Kris Allen segment. Liked that they played several of his songs in the background.

  29. I liked the segment on Kris, too. But I thought it was very heavy on his family and light on his music.

    On the shallow side, I liked Kris’ haircut. πŸ™‚

  30. I wonder if the D.C. station will play it. I was listening to them some around Easter, they are still playing RISE, HIFOM, and TYHTBA again in reasonable rotation, and I think I heard MTYTIA at least once. Nothing more recent than RISE.

  31. Twitter is a little bit entertaining. Sometimes there is something a little funny or interesting to read. More often, what I see is intensive unrelenting bullying.
    Facebook is not something I read. I read about it in articles sometimes. It appears to be used for a lot of bullying also.
    Both twitter and Facebook appear to be places where some people post over-the-top private information about themselves. As someone who is very private, that oversharing is something I don’t get.

    Something I read on twitter that I thought was funny: If I could see two years into the future, I would have 20/20 vision.

    Something I read about that I thought was interesting. I was reading about golf and read that Lil Wayne is a big fan of the Masters. It seems he usually watches it on TV and tweets about it.
    This year, though, was the first time he actually was at Augusta to see it. He tweeted several times about it. This is ones of his tweets.

  32. ” Wait! but y have to know that u must watch a full video abt how to and how not to act while out on the course b4 ure even allowed out there!! It was awesome!! I need one of those set up at the entry of my home for visitors”

  33. “[W]hat I see is intensive unrelenting bullying.”

    That’s what I see, too, Lurker. Twitter is a platform where people look to reinforce their preexisting views and biases.

  34. Ellen,
    I’ve written before how I became a fan of Danny because of the hate I saw about him online. I had not listened to him or heard of him before that. After reading all that, I started clicking on videos to listen to him. I think the first one I heard was “Hello.” Done his last night there, I think.
    I had heard the song before by Lionel and didn’t like it. I did like other songs by Lionel, just not that one. When I heard Danny sing it, I liked it a lot. Before, when I heard it, I thought it was bland. When Danny sang it, the emotion seemed almost tangible. It was a sweet, sad, pretty sound.

  35. Lurker,
    Your reason is exactly why I became a fan. That, and the heartbreaking story of Danny losing Sophia. I had watched a video a fan made using What Hurts the Most, and photos of Danny and Sophia. It broke my heart. I started watching American Idol, and would get so frustrated with the “bullying” I thought Danny received. There’s something about Danny that you want to protect. Jan has mentioned that Danny is pretty strong, so maybe “protect” is the wrong word. Of course, Danny’s singing abilities are what have kept me a avid fan. That, and his warm personality and his beautiful family bring joy to see.

    … and of course, this great site to get all Danny news!

  36. I looked on youtube for the name Jimmie Rodgers.

    I do that sometimes–look for a name I’ve heard of a singer I know nothing about. What surprises me often, is that, although the singer’s name is unknown, the song sounds familiar. Then I start wondering where I heard the song before and if I heard the singer in the video or if I heard the song by someone else.

  37. My Danny story: I knew American Idol existed, but I’d never seen the show because I didn’t watch TV. Then I read an article in my local paper about Danny getting voted off and how it was an “upset.” I got curious, and googled American Idol. That brought up their website, where I was able to view performance videos. The first one I clicked on was Danny singing, “Dream On.” I loved it, “bad” scream and all. (I thought the scream was supposed to sound that way.) Season 8 was already over by the time I started watching the videos. Because I was really interested in Danny and his voice, I tried to find information about him and what he was up to post-show, but all I found was hatred and bullying. Then, fortunately, I stumbled on iheartdannygokey.com, the predecessor to this site. I start to post, and the rest is history.

  38. I love how you post random videos, Lurker. Here is one from me. It’s two teens battling it out on The Voice France last year. This time the song is French. (I was surprised how many songs are sung in English.) I felt that the emotion of the song transcended language barriers.


  39. Lurker, Enzo is the guy on the left of the screenshot; Sacha is the red-haired guy on the right. Sacha won the battle and moved on in the competition, although he was later eliminated. I thought Sacha won the battle. He was less nervous and connected emotionally with the song. But both were good, and this came across more like a true duet than a battle. I really enjoyed it.

    Comparing voices is futile; we like what we like. It’s like comparing Kris Allen and Danny Gokey. For me, Enzo would be more like Kris. His voice has a beautiful clarity to it, like Kris. But I gravitate more towards Sacha’s voice. His voice, like Danny’s (IMHO only, of course), has more character to it.

  40. Facets of Faith: Tauren Wells heading to Lafayette with Chris Tomlin, others
    The Advocate

    I’ll be going on tour with Danny Gokey this fall, which I’m pumped about. We’re on the second single from the album “Hills and Valleys.”

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