KLTY FM with Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey interview with Bonnie Curry

A fun interview of Danny Gokey by Bonnie Curry of KLTY– FM in Dallas, Texas

Danny talks about the circumstances surrounding the video of “Masterpiece” on the ocean cliffs of Big Sur, how he is juggling his career with having a big family, and the reality of taking the kids on the tour bus. The second video is a series of fast answer questions for Danny by Bonnie.


4 thoughts on “KLTY FM with Danny Gokey

  1. Very entertaining. I had to laugh, because every morning I would clean the house, too. Not at 5, but a few hours later. A little crazy, I know. Always enjoy hearing something new about Danny. 🙂 Glad he’s so happy. He has a lot to look forward to with his beautiful family…

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