Videos: Danny Gokey in Studio with HIS Radio

More fun videos from Danny Gokey’s visit to the morning show of Rob, Jim and Allison of HIS Radio!

Miami-style s’mores

Dealing with depression

The real story of Gabriel’s birth: Danny’s version vs. Leyicet’s.

5 thoughts on “Videos: Danny Gokey in Studio with HIS Radio

  1. Luv Danny Gokey and Leyicet what you see is what you get. Met lots of Christian artists and that seems to be the way they are. Not demanding I’ve worked wit lots of artists of generas in my life some Premadonnas some demanding and no there not all like that. I’ve been Blessed to meet so many artist. It was a Blast. So be Blessed luv y’all guys oh and Danny and Leyicet remind
    Mo of my husband and I banter back and forth and just the silly crazy attitude you can just see true love and for my husband and I after 40 years of marriage that’s still how we roll. 😘

  2. Thanks for stopping by to comment, Patty. From now on your comments will post without delay!

    Many of us love Danny’s voice, but we also get a kick out of his personality, his beautiful family and the fun relationship he has with his wife, Leyicet. 😊

  3. I really love watching you guys talk with Danny and it’s so much fun to be allowed into his life He has been so blessed , I love his relationship with Leyicet. They are adorable . I watched American idol when he was on it and have followed his life I’ve read his book and have been so touched by his life and the pure joy and happiness he exudes

  4. Welcome to DGNews, Susan. We agree with you 100%. We are glad you are enjoying the videos. There’s always lots of other Danny news on our monthly discussion post if you care to visit. From now on their won’t be any delay in your comments if you log in with the same email account/name.

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