The Fish 95.9 FM- Danny Gokey in Studio

95.9 the fish and Danny Gokey

Happy Birthday, Danny! (April 24th)

Danny flew back to California to meet with the winners breakfast with Danny” to celebrate his birthday, answer questions of fans, and sing for his fans.  In this session Danny talks about some exciting things:

  • The next phase of Sophia’s Heart – renamed, “Better Than I Found It”.  He mentions working with a production company….
  • His thought process in creating his music
  • He shared the good news that “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” has just been certified Gold.
  • His favorite “American Idol” performance, and whether he was okay with performing non-Christian music.
  • Danny sings, “Rise” and his newly certified GOLD song, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”.

View the ~ minute video HERE

4 thoughts on “The Fish 95.9 FM- Danny Gokey in Studio

  1. Another informative video. Danny seemed nervous.. I don’t know. I had no idea why Sophia’s Heart was taking a new direction. Amazing how Danny can just start to sing and sounds terrific!! He sounded like he was in studio. I really enjoyed RISE..

  2. Gold-certified song with TYHTBA is awesome, that’s his first ever gold credit?

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