Danny Gokey News & Discussion – May 2018

Composite photo from Danny Gokey's If You Aint in It by ReneeWelcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion

Would you believe one of Danny Gokey’s unreleased singles has nearly 1.7 million views on YouTube? The Danny Gokey Band’s performance of ,”If You Ain’t In It”, is very popular!  The song was written by Danny Gokey, Ben Glover and Brian White.

The first time we heard it in concert (before album release) and saw the crowd response, we knew it could be very successful. Thanks to Renee G, a Danny fan for the lead photo she created from Danny’s video!

By the way, this unofficial lyric video for “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” has over 28 MILLION views!  Wheww!


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  1. Admin2, Danny did mention a new single from the new album for the fall. I would think he would like to sing it on tour.

  2. Danny is on the Opry schedule for the 8:45 – 9:15 pm block, Central time.

  3. TYHTBA and Give Me Jesus, two good choices though interesting he’s doing ballads back to back.

  4. “@dannygokey singing Tell Your Heart to Beat Again!! Phenomenal performance and great to hear the back story. I’ve liked him since is @AmericanIdol days. So glad to experience this song in person @opry!!”

  5. Very extended gospel-y version of Give Me Jesus with Danny in excellent voice.

    I didn’t catch what the host Connie Smith said to Danny as he was exiting, but after some applause she said “How about that!!” And the emcee said, well, he had to follow that. 🙂

    “Grand Ole Opry Verified account @opry
    It’s always a blessing to hear the talented voice of @dannygokey on the #Opry stage! 🙏”

  6. “Look at all those heads. @dannygokey just took us all to church at the @opry 🙏🏼🙌🏼

    “@dannygokey was awesome tonight at the #opry!!! Powerful! #tellyourhearttobeatagain”

  7. I’m feeling like Lurker who I hope is ok, with my string of posts.

    I see Jan has only 3 followers to go on Facebook for Danny Gokey News to break 6000! That’s pretty awesome, I remember when we started a FB account with IHDG and began with nothing.

  8. I am looking forward to hearing a recording of Danny’s performance… Whether it is from our Admin2 or I have to wait until WSM FM puts up the full show…

    I had a movie night and drinks with 3 of my friends from my Jazzercise class. We say “The Book Club” (starring veteran actresses: Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Diane Keaton…)

  9. Cindy3, angelsnell, and admin2,
    I’m okay. Just haven’t been online as much this week. Thank you for your kind comments and good wishes.
    I checked to see when I posted last. It was a week ago tonight on the Opry thread about guessing which songs Danny would sing.
    Tonight I did listen to the Opry program then checked here for comments. I listened to the Opry from the start until Danny finished. I thought Danny sounded good. To me, it sounded as though he got a lot of applause.
    Admin2, I liked your posts that gave the twitter reactions.

  10. So Jan, have you decided whether and where you’ll take in Danny’s headlining show? Ahem, might I suggest a visit to OR, where you can take in two shows back-to-back (Eugene and Portland)?

  11. Cindy3, I’ve been to Rocklin! I saw Danny there at Celebrate America, a Fourth of July celebration sponsored by Destiny Christian Church, which I think is the venue (or involved somehow) with Danny’s headlining tour.

    I do hope you are able to catch Danny’s tour (whether in Rocklin or L.A.)!

  12. Jan, you may need to explain again how to get the presale code.

  13. I’m also wondering, since the Hope Encounter Tour is Danny’s tour, whether he will try to schedule a meet and greet opportunity (or not, since it is a headlining tour).

  14. Ellen, from a comment Jan left on her tour news post:

    “If you sign up at dannygokey.com, they will email the presale code for Tuesday, May 29th fan ticket sales”.

  15. Did you say M&G EllenB??? Would love a face-to-face since I’ve yet to get one…too many people last year lined up for the Worship in the Adirondacks event so it was only a book signing which was a disappointment. I did see 2 other band members (but not Danny) prior to a show last year in Pennsylvania….I’m still “hoping”!!! #GokeyGroupie


    Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Honoring our Fallen. ♥

  17. Hi All, glad to see all the comments and visitors.

    Angelsnell, there will be a VIP Experience (I’m hoping at all venues) This is what they have said about it:


    And in other good news, we have hit our 6,000 like on our Facebook page. It had been going a bit slower lately (I wonder if how Facebook has changed what you see has decreased our visibility, or if its just Danny’s slower pace?)

    Ellen, I haven’t totally decided on how I will see the new show. OR would be fun, but I might go in a different direction…

  18. I really like that they are going with an acoustic performance and photo opp. I don’t mean to sound snarky, but I have tired of the Q&A type of experience they had for Mandisa and Danny when they went on tour. Almost inevitably they became a fan raising their hand to say how a song changed their life and telling their personal stories. I think Danny enjoys hearing how his music impacts people, but that leaves the rest of the attendees with no time to ask a question… So it isn’t really a Q&A…

    On the well run Q&As (IMO) they asked people to write out their question, hand them in, and let a moderator choose what is asked.

  19. Danny’s “Give Me Jesus” at the Opry was very long. It sounded as though the audience thought he was finished and would begin to clap, but Danny would continue singing. That happened three times I think.
    Danny’s voice was clear and strong. He sounded good. He got lots of applause when he did finish.
    I prefer a shorter (less preachy) version of the song.

    Hi, Ellen. 🙂

  20. If you have to travel to see Danny, Jan, then you have a ton of locations to choose from! Maybe you can choose a location where you can meet up with an old friend or visit a place where you’ve never been and make it a mini-vacation. I remember the days when we traveled to see Danny.

  21. It is a shame when fans at Q&A sessions don’t use the opportunity to seek relevant (or even fun) information. (I still remember the radio station interview during the country era when someone asked Danny about his dog, which told the radio station peeps that the room was filled with hardcore fans, rather than radio station listeners who happened to like Danny’s music.)

    But Danny is hardly alone. I attended a Q&A with Little Big Town, and the “questions” were stories about the last time the fan had met the group. Still, LBT had questions that were better than average. Someone asked about how they managed to tour with their children (all members have kids). And I asked about a specific upcoming music project. They seemed relieved to have something concrete to talk about.

    But I wouldn’t hold my breath about the written Q&As. That takes real organization and discipline. (It does take the spontaneity out of the event, but also makes it more likely that the largest number of attendees will here something interesting during the Q&A.)

    Jan, Danny doesn’t mention a Q&A as part of the VIP op, but if there is one, you might want to suggest your idea to Danny.

  22. I don’t like it when songs drag on, or extended drum solos 😊….

    I think Danny should be advised to shorten a song when it appears the audience is ready for it to be over. I remember a song Natalie did in concert.. it seemed to not end. I liked the song well enough until it refused to stop. But then, I am not known for my patience 😜

  23. For the Opry last night, I thought it was partly intended as the format has pretty strict time blocks to manage. If Danny did two short songs, he wouldn’t have had time to do a third, and so they stretched out his time with the TYHTBA backstory, and the longer GMJ.

  24. Cindy3…not sure….I know I’ve got my DVR set for Thursday the 31st.

  25. Maybe next year.. Congratulations to all. Danny won twice over TobyMac. This is his year. There will be many more years for Danny. 🙂

  26. TobyMac seems like a good winner. I did vote for Danny, but in all reality this wasn’t his strongest year.

  27. So I guess tickets go on sale tomorrow for the Hope Encounter Tour?

  28. Maybe 2019 if things go as hoped with the new single, new album, new tour?

  29. I agree Admin2….better days are ahead (no musical pun intended lol) #GokeyGroupie

  30. So I guess today is the first day of the presale? Anyone know whether you go to the venue site or to dannygokey.com to purchase tickets?

  31. I just got my notice. I clicked on the date that I wanted to attend. Then, I clicked on “buy tickets.” It told me the price.

  32. I just checked, Ellen. If you go to Danny’s site you can sign up to received your notice with all the information.

  33. Okay, I’m having a problem with the presale. I guess they use “Bandsintown,” and I apparently have an account under my (fake) Facebook name, but I want to buy with my real name so as not to cause confusion.

  34. Also, I am not seeing where you can enter the presale code. I am getting a message that says “This event is currently not available for sale online. It is scheduled to go onsale at: 06/01/18 12:00PM PDT.” HELP!!!

  35. Okay. Finally figured out that you had to click on the link in the email to get a presale screen and THEN enter the presale code. Got a ticket for the Eugene event, since I know that the Hult Center for the Performing Arts is a first-class venue and is reputed to have great acoustics.

  36. I sincerely hope that Danny isn’t being overly optimistic about how many butts he can put in the seats for his headlining tour. Hult can hold almost 2,500 people. (Even the TobyMac tour in Portland wasn’t filled.)

  37. Yikes. I hope I don’t run into the same issue. I have to talk with my daughter before we buy tickets. I really want to support Danny with this tour. I think it’s probably very important.. Glad you got your tickets, Ellen.

  38. Hi Everybody. I was at my mom’s house with my sisters, cleaning and sorting…. i took time out to buy the tickets and it would not work on my phone. So I went over to my sister in law’s and it wouldn’t work on her computer. It kept telling us to try another device. Finally it worked (but slowly) on her tablet.

    When I got home I checked on my computer and it allowed me to select tickets for the presale easy as can be. I’m wondering if the fault was with ticketmaster? (The only way to buy for my selected venue.)

    I hope others had an easier time.

    I was going to put up a post with the presale, but I figured I might get yelled at by Danny’s management since they probably want the email list…. so I didn’t publish it.

  39. I’m hoping to buy tickets this week too but waiting on my daughter’s schedule as well Cindy3….hoping I don’t have an issue like you guys when it comes to purchasing them!! Sounds time consuming but definitely worth it!! #GokeyGroupie

  40. Cindy3 and Angelsnell, once I realized that I had to click on the link in the email to get a presale screen, I really didn’t have any problems.

  41. Angelsnell, just call me Ellen! Lately I’ve been commenting with my WordPress account, which has my gravatar attached. It (the name EllenBiheartDG) is a remnant from Danny’s old fansite, iheartdannygokey.com, which was replaced with the current site, dannygokeynews.com. If I knew how to do it, I would change the name of the account to just Ellen or Ellen B. But I like seeing my old gravatar. It’s a picture of a tree in the Columbia River Gorge in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, it is on the Oregon side, where the teen from Washington State started a wildfire last September by shooting off fireworks. I don’t know if that tree is still there or not. It may have burned.

  42. That’s a great history lesson on your DG fan namesake….I got mine from my Mom because one day as I was going on and on and on about Danny Gokey this and Danny Gokey that…she said “what are you some kind of groupie?”….hence #GokeyGroupie was born….I even had a custom decal made for my car…Jan has seen it in a picture and I must say it’s pretty cool and great advertising!!

  43. Hi Angelsnell, some of us here are holdovers from the http://www.iheartdannygokey.com site that was VERY popular in his “American Idol”/RCA contract years. There was a time when there were 100, 200 or more comments per DAY. And all kind of comments were made about everything from Danny’s music, his performances and his looks.

    We are much more subdued crowd now a days..

    I know you are very comfortable with your definition of the term “groupie”(an enthusiastic and loyal supporter of Danny and his music) but it once was an actual thing for some of Danny’s fans to think they might have a shot with him – “romantically”. But the vast majority of us had no desire to be lumped with those particular type of fans.

    Here is the Urban Dictionary definition

    A young woman, often under age, who seeks to achieve status by having sex with rock musicians, roadies, security, and other band-related guys.

  44. Sharing a thought:
    I write about thoughts I have. Sometimes I read them over again. This is one I wrote a few years ago.
    “I was driving and stopped at a red light. Huge trees lined the street with branches extending overhead creating a tunnel effect. I felt outside myself as though looking at a picture and thinking it beautiful. Then I had the thought if it were a picture and someone else was looking at it, that I would be included.
    The beauty was all around me, and I was inside it, so for a minute I was part of it.”

  45. “groupie”

    Your meaning is one I knew about. I’ve read that Liv Tyler is the daughter of Stephen Tyler. Her mother was a band groupie. She didn’t know who her father was for long time, but she began to look like him I think I read.
    Another groupie with some other rock group was just called “Band Baby” because they could not decide which band member was the father.
    Some of the groupies were very young, starting at 12 or 14. All did not stay with one particular group, but tried to be with as many rock stars as possible. (I think one wrote a book that was just a list of all the rock stars she had been with.)
    A different meaning of the word sometimes used now is a fan who follows a musician, going to as many concerts as possible.

  46. I LOVE your thought/story, Lurker!

    “branches extending overhead creating a tunnel effect”

    “I felt outside myself.”

    “The beauty was all around me, and I was inside it, so for a minute I was part of it.”

    Your story reminded me of something. Once, in a different job, I had to travel around the state to conduct hearings. I was new to the state, and on my first outing, I discovered Oregon Route 126, a state highway. I was traveling from Eugene to Florence. Highway 126 passes through the Siuslaw National Forest. There, the trees on either side of the road form a beautiful canopy, with the sun (or sometimes, mist) dappling through the branches to the roadway. (Very much like your “tunnel effect,” Lurker.) Every time I drive this route, I feel my spirits lift. EVERY TIME. I cannot be down or depressed after I drive that route; it is a natural anti-depressant!

    To be honest, when I drive that route, I feel the presence of God, and I feel both outside and inside the picture that the highway and its surrounding beauty creates.

    When I read your story, Lurker, in my mind’s eye, that is where I went — back to that stretch of Highway 126. Thank you for a beautiful memory!

  47. LOL Jan… I’m much too old for any of that stuff…I’m I guess a new age “fan” who loves Danny’s music as well as his spirit to lift me and many others up spiritually…I guess the term “groupie” goes well with “gokey” as a catchy phrase nonetheless!! I’m sticking with it no matter what!! #GokeyGroupie

  48. Thanks, Ellen,
    I’m glad my comment took you to a pleasant memory. <3

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