Danny Gokey News & Discussion – May 2018

Composite photo from Danny Gokey's If You Aint in It by ReneeWelcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion

Would you believe one of Danny Gokey’s unreleased singles has nearly 1.7 million views on YouTube? The Danny Gokey Band’s performance of ,”If You Ain’t In It”, is very popular!  The song was written by Danny Gokey, Ben Glover and Brian White.

The first time we heard it in concert (before album release) and saw the crowd response, we knew it could be very successful. Thanks to Renee G, a Danny fan for the lead photo she created from Danny’s video!

By the way, this unofficial lyric video for “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” has over 28 MILLION views!  Wheww!


81 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion – May 2018

  1. Admin2, Danny did mention a new single from the new album for the fall. I would think he would like to sing it on tour.


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