Danny Gokey News & Discussion – May 2018

Composite photo from Danny Gokey's If You Aint in It by ReneeWelcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion

Would you believe one of Danny Gokey’s unreleased singles has nearly 1.7 million views on YouTube? The Danny Gokey Band’s performance of ,”If You Ain’t In It”, is very popular!  The song was written by Danny Gokey, Ben Glover and Brian White.

The first time we heard it in concert (before album release) and saw the crowd response, we knew it could be very successful. Thanks to Renee G, a Danny fan for the lead photo she created from Danny’s video!

By the way, this unofficial lyric video for “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” has over 28 MILLION views!  Wheww!


139 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion – May 2018

  1. I love this composite photo art from Renee. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Anyone else watching “American Idol”? Loving the joy of Disney in this episode.

  2. I really enjoy Michael & Catie. But I thought all of the AI contestants did well.

  3. 20 stations now playing Masterpiece on Mediabase. Chattanooga just started.

    25 24 UNSPOKEN Miracle 381 405 -24 1.818
    26 25 CARROLLTON Shelter 380 387 -7 1.639
    27 26 Up this week MAT KEARNEY Face To Face 373 312 61 1.165
    28 27 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Masterpiece 332 301 31 3.446
    29 28 Up this week RYAN STEVENSON No Matter What f/Bart Millard 317 270 47 1.45

  4. I love the above composite photo, too. Very talented.

    Can you believe we’re suppose to get snow in the next two days!! There go all our apple blossoms… 🙁

  5. I agree too the composite photo is phenomenal!! Always love Danny’s videos…but If You Ain’t In It is certainly one of my favorites!! #GokeyGroupie

  6. I’m seeing Danny will be presenting at the K-Love Awards again? So possibly no performance time for Masterpiece…

  7. He did get to perform, the last 3 years? His turn to present at the Kloves

  8. From MJ’s:

    “Danny Gokey:
    “Masterpiece”: Christian Airplay 15 (16); Christian Songs 21 (22); CAC 28 (29)”

  9. For comparison, the one I posted last time:

    “MJ’s Numbers:

    “Danny Gokey:
    “Masterpiece”: Christian Airplay 16 (18); Christian Songs 22 (24); CAC 29 (27)”

  10. Yes, and when Danny is a presenter he’ll be closer to the stage when they call his name for his awards. 🙂

  11. Funny Cindy, let’s hope so 🙂

    Masterpiece is creeping its way to the top 10, it seems.

  12. So sweet, Danny’s response to his ten year old fan. I hope they get to meet one day. It must melt Danny’s heart…

  13. I agree Cindy3….it’s very sweet and touching that Danny took time out of his busy schedule to do the video…what a blessing he is to everyone!!

  14. I have to say that is one of my favorite photos of Danny above. I noticed in Danny’s last interview he mentioned “ministry.” The fan above did also. Can anyone add to this..

  15. Hi Cindy, in the Christian music genre, I have noticed the artists sometimes refer to their “ministry”. I assume it is because their goal is to bring the audience closer to Jesus. So they are ministering to the attendees?

    Some artists, like Casting Crowns, are actual (youth) ministers in their local church, also.

  16. Cindy,
    I keep up with Danny for entertainment. I like his voice.
    It appears that some fans also like the talking or “preaching” he does–at his concerts and on twitter.
    There seems to be a lot more preaching now than in the beginning.

  17. Thank you, Jan and Lurker.
    I had an idea, but wanted to hear other opinions.
    I don’t mind, but sometimes I just want to hear music and be
    entertained. I have seen some entertainers in my time. I also like to
    laugh. Besides getting to shake her hand, Cher was a fun show. And
    very entertaining.
    It may be hard for some to want to hear Danny sing, but (maybe) not
    want to be ministered to.
    When I saw Danny in 2010 he was singing all different music. It was a
    good show. I have to say I miss that, but it won’t keep me from seeing
    him perform in the future. 🙂

  18. I follow Danny for his voice and to be entertained with a bit of inspiration. Since I have always been a member of a church and practiced my faith, I don’t “need” Danny to preach or lead me spiritually. But since he speaks from his personal perspective and experience, I am fine if he goes in that direction. But you won’t see me tweeting Danny how his music has saved me…

    I am glad he is successful and positively impacting people with his music and charitable efforts. I volunteered with his charity for years. He is a good person with a big heart.

  19. I appreciate that Danny also wants to entertain us. He tries to straddle the divide between worship and entertainment.

  20. I do agree with you, Jan.

    I’m very happy for Danny’s success, and following him these past years… I know he is a “good” person with a “big” and “generous” heart. Of course, you know that from knowing him. I don’t know Danny.

    I was just thinking that it’s been so long since his Idol years. I guess I was missing some of the old songs he would sing from other artists.

    ” But you won’t see me tweeting Danny how his music has saved me…”
    That was cute 🙂

  21. Wow, how do I know Danny. :/ My above post was worded wrong, I fear. 🙁

  22. Cindy3, you worry too much! No one here will view your posts uncharitably!

  23. Trip was as terrible as I feared it would be based on the run-up to it. It was also more expensive than it needed to be be, because — hello? — no plans. Total nightmare. Glad to be back.

    To be clear, Germany itself was fine. The train system is impressive. Very easy to navigate, especially with the Deutsche Bahn app downloaded on my new smartphone. (I am a newbie first-time smartphone owner. Got the phone specifically for the trip because it would work in Germany. Good thing, too, because I could not have navigated around Germany without it.) The German people were warm and welcoming, and most spoke English, which was a good thing, since I know no German and had no time to learn. “Danke” was about the only German word I knew and could remember. I also learned pretty quickly that WC = water closet, i.e., toilet.

  24. Glad you are back safely, Ellen. I’m sorry your trip wasn’t what you wanted it to be, but how exciting to have visited. 🙂

  25. Re the earlier conversation, like Jan, I have my own faith and I don’t need Danny to minister to me. I’m much more interested in Danny’s singing. I don’t mind the ministering too much as long as the ratio of ministering to singing is in singing’s favor. And I don’t mind Danny ministering THROUGH his music (i.e., the lyrics). But I really don’t want to hear Danny talk or write on religious topics. It’s certainly not what I would pay money for! The $$$ are reserved for that instantly-recognizable singing voice! And the fun, high-energy performances!

  26. Yeah for Danny and the crew…they deserve it!! TYHTBA is absolutely one of my favorites!!!

  27. Have I mentioned that I love the art work for this thread? The artist is very talented — really captured the essence of Danny.

  28. I agree Ellen B. the art is spectacular!!

    edit by jan (I think this is what you meant, Angelsnell. Let me know if I go it wrong…)

  29. Hi Ellen and Angelsnell,

    I really liked Renee’s work, too, I used it a different piece for my post on the RIAA certification. Danny must have liked it, too. For the first time in a long while, he actually liked and commented on the Facebook post. Good job, Renee!

    Daniel Responds

  30. Please thank Renee for me, Jan, because I love both of those pieces of artwork. She really captures Danny’s spirit.

  31. So did anybody watch Idol last night? If so, what did you think?

  32. Very quiet here.

    I’ve never watched another American Idol since Danny was on.

    Hope everyone is doing well. 🙂

  33. Hey, Cindy. I have watched every season of “American Idol”. But not “The Voice”.

    It haven’t heard of any former contestants of AI having guest appearances on the Idol Finale. That is disappointing. I hope they do invite some back. I like a lot of them, like Danny, Daughtry, Kris, Mandisa, Melinda, David C and David A, and many more!

  34. According to Mandisa, Danny’s managers were at his new label today. Mandisa was looking for Danny, but she discovered he wasn’t going to be joining them. I wonder if they will be working on a duet. I’d like that.

    Surprising that he was performing at a Christian Academy instead of being at the label….

  35. Danny and Leyicet’s video on his Twitter page was very interesting and fun. You learn a lot. BUT, it scares me to death that Danny is driving the whole time. THEN, when he spilled his coffee… yikes!! I really wish they would pull over. Very scary.

    ♥ Very sad about the Santa Fe shooting today. Will this ever stop!! I don’t know. In the 70’s when I was in high school a student brought a bomb to school. If he hadn’t fallen on the stairs and blow part of his hand off, he was close to our gym where there was an assembly. That was his plan. So many could have been hurt. AND, that was all those years ago. 🙁


  36. Danny does not keep enough of his attention (and hands on the wheel) while driving…. but they are cute together. So they bought another fixer upper house. And Danny says he wasn’t offered any bookings in Wisconsin 🙁 No State Fair or Summerfest?? But hopefully the fall tour.

    Actually he isn’t really doing much touring right now.

  37. It’s so large. Thanks. Now, everyone will see what I mean. They are very cute together, but I do worry. Danny’s hands are not on the wheel many times, and he was not paying attention. You cannot drive like that in Southern California. Although, many try to. 🙁

  38. Yes, it was terrible. The boy had made the bomb using supplies from the science lab. In the end, the school was at fault. Unbelievable. My father, who was a teacher had skipped the assembly. He heard the explosion and walked down the hall soon after to see the aftermath. Now, it wasn’t a large bomb, but enough to do some damage. I have no idea what will make the shootings stop. Maybe, start with kindness instead of bullying.

    Danny will be singing at the Opry? I thought only “country” stars performed there? Is that a silly comment??

    Again, drive with both hands on the wheel, Danny. 😉

  39. I think some Nashville based Christian artists have performed at the Opry, and didn’t Danny do it at least once since his Sony era ended?

    But it will be interesting to see how it goes at this point in time.

    It’s good to see him back in there, hope it will continue.

  40. My husband and I are making our first trip to Nashville in October and can’t wait to see who will be performing at Opry…we’ve already purchased our tickets but the schedule isn’t out yet that far in advance…hoping and praying that it’s someone familiar!!!

  41. Thx Jan…we can’t wait…maybe I’ll run in to him and Leyicet in a coffee ☕️ shop!!

  42. Angelsnell, you may well run into Danny and Leyicet some day. On one of Danny’s cruises (country era), a friend and I decided to take a cab to a nature park (rather than go on a planned excursion). As we were leaving, Danny and Leyicet arrived on motorscooters. (Yes, they were wearing helmets of sorts — those World War I looking things.) We joked that they were following us around.

  43. Ellen B. that’s too funny….what a blessing and a thrill it would be to run into them…one can only hope and pray!! And maybe I’ll take a trip to see someone special at a bakery store who knows Mandisa pretty well…hint hint 😉😉

  44. My husband is an expert at spotting Danny and/or Leyicet. And he always gets a hug….

    Danny will be having a live event Wednesday at 10cst to announce his new tour. I have a meeting at that time….

  45. Jan…here’s hoping!! Can’t wait for the announcement!! #GokeyGroupie

  46. It looks like “Masterpiece” has hit its peak at 15. Its dropped 8 spots on Billboard’s Christian Airplay Chart LW 15, TW 23


    It also has seen a big drop from K-LOVE. It did hit #1 for them.

    KLV-FM >K-Love Network Christian AC 10 36 -26 2 2 1 3 2 0.673

    I sure wish they had released “If You Ain’t In It”. With how popular the video is, I think it could have been another #1.

    1.8 million views:


  47. I agree, Jan. I think they were leery of releasing another high-energy song after “The Comeback.” I just think if they wanted a slower song, “Masterpiece” wasn’t the best choice. But hindsight is everything!

  48. Question for you, Jan: According to dannygokey.com, it looks like Danny will be playing at Fish Fest Portland (which actually is physically in Salem) on August 18th. Can you confirm?

  49. I hope you all our checking out the list of concert dates for the new tour. I’m not sure what I will do. Perhaps head to Peoria? We’ll see…

    I just love the generous photographers that share their talents with us here at DGNews. Randy of Borel Photography actually sent me a custom made Facebook header. Really!!

    DGNews Header Borel

    Check it out: https://scontent-ort2-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/33396857_1715076031913332_2201673739999903744_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=cc711704205b892a918db001bbd6cf16&oe=5B8D0A0B

  50. Wow 😮 Jan….you must be special!! But then again we already knew that!!

  51. Oh my goodness. I only saw Rocklin, CA. Now, there is Fresno, and Los Angeles. Where in Los Angeles??

  52. That was my mistake Cindy, when I copied the cities I couldn’t get them all at once and I missed a few…. Ooops!

  53. That’s exciting for Mr. Gokey to have his own tour, he’s come a long way. I hope it sells well.

    Trying to remember, there was mention of a new single for the fall, or did they not give a date. I wonder if they could move it up sooner to build it up in support of the tour.

    Hi to everyone posting or lurking

  54. That’s is fine, Jan. 🙂 Rocklin, CA is (sort of) close to my daughter, so we’re thinking of driving up there. That way, she can go. She said it’s beautiful up there in the Fall. We’ll see….

    Tickets aren’t on sale, yet. Are they??

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