Dinner Conversations: Mark Lowry & Danny Gokey

mark Lowry and Danny Gokey on Dinner ConversationsMark Lowry (writer of the song “Mary Did You Know) has a youTube series called, “Dinner Conversations” with Andrew Greer.  Danny Gokey joined Mark for some conversation and Danny performed, “Rise” and “MDYK” for an upcoming episode in Season 2.

You can watch Danny, guitarist Miguel Perez, and Mark on his YouTube channel as they tape the episode. We will keep an eye out for when Danny’s episode is available.

Mark Lowry and Andrew GreerGood conversation often begins around the dinner table. Join award-winning singers, songwriters and authors Mark Lowry and Andrew Greer for the brand new film series and podcast … “Dinner Conversations: Turning the Light On One Question at a Time.”

2 thoughts on “Dinner Conversations: Mark Lowry & Danny Gokey

  1. Wow, that was neat! Seeing Mark so,moved had me in tears as well. Every time that Danny sings ” Mary Did You Know” I get goose bumps and feel God’s presence.

  2. Hi Catherine, it is really great to see the writer be so moved by Danny’s performance of his song <3

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