“American Idol” Features Carry Underwood

Danny Gokey performs "Jesus Takes the Wheel" on American Idol

Danny Gokey Performing a Carrie Underwood Song in 2009

While Carrie Underwood will be mentoring, performing and having her songs featured on May 13th on the new season of “American Idol“, we prefer to flashback to 2009.  That’s right, Season 8 of “American Idol” when Danny Gokey performed Carrie’s hit song, “Jesus Takes the Wheel”.

It’s been almost nine years. Would you like to hear Danny perform it again?

Let us know if you will be watching the live show on Sunday night and who is your favorite (besides Danny, of course).

12 thoughts on ““American Idol” Features Carry Underwood

  1. Love it! Didn’t people comment about Danny’s jacket? Can’t believe it was so long ago. Look at Danny’s career now. 🙂

  2. Love this version…it will always be one of my favorites!! #GokeyGroupie

  3. I didn’t know this song when Danny sang it, but I was a bit scared for him when he sang it that night on such a secular show. But it all worked out just fine for Danny.

    For my shallow comments: I was ok with the jacket (not great, but he committed worse fashion faux pas, IMO,…. ) But I am glad he stop shaving off his beard and went away from the soul patch beard look. His top 3 look was his best, IMO.

  4. Although technically, Danny sings better now — better breath control, for one thing — what he did on Idol was pure magic. I really miss the grit and gravel in his voice, though, which he managed to display (even if only a little bit) on virtually every song he sang on Idol. I don’t hear it as much anymore. 🙁

  5. Hi Ellen.

    I watched American Idol. I haven’t missed a season. This season, in the top 7 I preferred Michael J, Maddie and Caleb.

    Gabby reminds me too much if Carrie Underwood. Big voice. But Carrie’s voice has been a bit too shrill and thin (as a former commenter use to say) for me. Is there room in country music for a singer that sounds like Carrie?

  6. Ellen, I know what you mean about the grit Danny use to feature in his voice. I liked and miss it. But I always wondered if it was good for the vocal chords…

    Out of the blue I have been playing Danny’s MBD in my car. It sounds good.

  7. (as a former commenter use to say)

    oh hey. I still commment from time to time 😉

  8. Re American Idol: I was hoping for Gabby, Maddie, and Michael (in no particular order).

    But I am interested in Gabby mostly when she sings R&B or possibly non-Carrie country songs. I’m certainly not going to say that she can’t sing country because she is from PA, a northern state (remember the carpet-bagger allegations regarding Danny?). But she needs to stop with the Carrie Underwood imitations. It’s creepy. We already have Carrie, who still is at the top of her game. Country radio is hard on women at the best of times. I don’t think they will embrace Gabby because she really doesn’t know who she is as an artist. She doesn’t seem to have a vision outside of wanting to be Carrie.

    Michael is just adorable. I want to hug him! I love the way he inhabits a song and gets lost in the music.

    I am not always sold on Maddie, but she did a really terrific job with both “I Told You So” and “God Only Knows,” and she’s the best of who is left.

    Honestly, I was Team Catie until she forgot her lines. I never knew what to expect from her, but most of the time it was good. In fact, in was interesting to see her be able to rein in her OTT personality to focus on the music.

  9. I really liked Catie’s surprisingly good voice. But her lack of an appealing fashion sense (hated those red boots) and rather frantic personality was off-putting for some, I fear. I was surprised she was voted off, but even the week before, she acted like she thought she should go… She needed to fight through the low points. (Danny is a real competitor, even Simon saying he couldn’t dance and had a horror scream didn’t discourage him from trying to win.)

  10. Hi Nancy. I was thrilled Danny sang on one of Chris Tomlin’s album songs.

    I agree that the Danny and Mandisa tour was great! Loved Danny with Toby, too.

    My jazzercise class played a Toby song today. 💕

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