Danny Gokey Returns to the Grand Ole Opry

Danny Gokey performing at the Grand Ole Opry in 2013While Danny Gokey has attended special events at the Grand Ole Opry ( Sam’s Place, the K-LOVE Awards) we think this may be Danny’s first return to perform at the tradition rich Opry shows since October, 2013.  He will appear with  Trace n May 26th in Nashville, Tennessee.  We believe it is Danny’s 16th appearance.

Danny is listed as the second billed artists with lead Trace Adkins.  Also performing is Dailey & Vincent, Bobby Bare, Tegan marie, Riders in the Sky and Mike Snider.  Get tickets HERE.

Performing artists at the Grand Ole Oprey to include Trace Adkins and Danny Gokey

I was at Danny’s last GOO performance on October 13, 2013.  After the show, Danny signed copies of his recently released book, “Hope in Front of Me”.  At the show he sang two songs, his upcoming single, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” and a song from his album, “My Best Days”; surprisingly, “Get Away”.

To listen to that night’s show on the 26th you can click HERE and look for 650 AM/ WSM ON AIR arrow.

Danny Gokey performing at the Opry

5 thoughts on “Danny Gokey Returns to the Grand Ole Opry

  1. What do you think Danny will sing?

    I think TYHTBA and…… MBDAAM?

    No idea. I don’t see his current single, Masterpiece, being a great fit, but Danny always sounds great.

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  2. I want Danny to sing “That’s What Love Can Do.”
    Will he do what I want? Maybe. Maybe not.
    I wonder if he will do a song from Rise, if he will do a cover song (maybe a hymn), a Spanish song, or perhaps a new song. Probably not a new song if the label is not ready for a new single yet. (I’m ready for a new single.)
    Maybe he will sing “Give Me Jesus.” It might fit with the audience. Maybe not. (I qualify all my suggestions with “maybe not.”)

    TYHTBA is his most popular song, but it is not new. There is less excitement to me in a song that has been around a long time, but the crowd there may not be familiar with it. Maybe he would sell a few more. If he sings it, I hope he includes Spanish.

    I don’t know.

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