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Danny Gokey – SonRise Music Festival Fri 4-20-18 by Annette Holloway Photography

Thanks to Annette Holloway Photography and SonRise Music Festival for these photos

Pictured in the 2nd photo is Kevin Griffin, Danny Gokey, & Simon Yeh

Have you bought your tickets for Danny’s headliner tour, The Hope Encounter

102 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion – June 2018

  1. Admin2 points to why I would’ve preferred “Never Be the Same” over “If You Ain’t in It” — both songs are upbeat, retro, danceable tunes, but NBTS has more CCM lyrical content than IYAII. But you can’t argue with success. For whatever reason, Danny & Co. made the video for IYAII, and it has generated a lot of views. Perhaps if they had done a video for NBTS, it would have gotten similar attention. Who knows? But IYAII has made some headway organically, so let’s see where it goes. It is one heck of a fun video and catchy tune!

  2. Looking it up, I guess it’s the You references. This is more CCM content than The Comeback, for me anyway. Masterpiece may have had more references but I just didn’t like it lol.

    I want all that You want
    All that You’ve got
    Point my heart toward You
    I want You too

    I don’t wanna have it all
    Write my story any way I want
    Everything will just fall apart
    If You ain’t in it (if You ain’t in it)

    Here is my confession
    I’m a man of imperfection
    And my heart can go off chasin’ empty things
    But You keep runnin’ toward me
    Yeah ’cause You know what’s best for me
    And You know You are the only one I need

  3. I hadn’t watched that video for a while, it is fun although the camera freezes/transitions make my eyes cross.

    It’s nice that the video gaining 2M views is one from Danny’s team featuring himself and the band vs. sometimes when it’s a fan video that takes off for whatever reason.

    Even though after a while it did make me laugh with all the band antics knowing that they are mostly performing to a track :O

  4. Its a catchy song and the bands antics while playing make it a fun video.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on mediabase. I hope it naturally picks up some spins – because of the popularity of the song/video.

  5. I know this is Danny’s site, but I would like to share a video. Not sure of how to upload a video here. Carpool Karaoke with James Corden with Adele was great, but Paul McCartney is by far the best ever!! If there is a possibility of uploading it here, I think everyone would enjoy it. Paul and Ringo were my favorite, so it was so much fun to watch this video. 🙂 Memories… Paul McCartney was to gracious.

  6. ..please excuse mistakes above. I was watching the Paul McCartney video and writing at the same time.

  7. Hey Cindy, I think anyone can paste in a facebook video (or youtube video) here.

    I right clicked on the video as it played, clicked on show Video URL and then copied it


    I watched it yesterday, too. James does such a great job on his carpool segments. He gets to sing with such amazing singers. I did get to see Paul perform in Milwaukee at Miller Stadium a few years ago. He has incredible energy. Still sounds good, too.

  8. Thank you, Jan. That’s great you were able to see Paul McCartney perform. He looks and sounds very good. I still remember sitting in front of the TV watching Ed Sullivan when the Beatles came on for the first time. I was pretty young. My mom was shocked at their hair. So funny to think of that now.

  9. … the ‘Let it Be’ part brought tears to my eyes, too. Very sweet.

  10. Thank you, Cindy3 and Jan. I like Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon, but this one with Paul McCartney is epic!

  11. I think Danny is keeping an eye on us to see when he should post the BMI photo, video, etc.

    The awards were Tuesday. I posted about it Friday. We got a lot of response to our post on the BMI award. As soon as I posted it to to Instagram (and tagged Danny and Leyicet) he posted the same cropped photo. Coincidence? Not likely. You are welcome for our market testing, Danny. 😎

  12. And out of the whole IYAII video… He took the same screenshot for instagram?!?

  13. “christian chartdata
    2h2 hours ago

    Christian Airplay: #44(new) If You Ain’t In It, @dannygokey”

    Is this accurate?

  14. Hi Lurker, I found that debut on the chart, but I was waiting to find out how many spins make up #44…. The details come out Wednesday afternoon. Still good to see another song making it onto Billboard chart. 👋

  15. Oh, Danny is a pro with selfies! On one of Danny’s cruises, one of his fans wanted a pic with him but no one was around to take a picture with her camera, so Danny did a selfie with her phone instead. This was before selfies became quite as ubiquitous as they are today.

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