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Danny Gokey – SonRise Music Festival Fri 4-20-18 by Annette Holloway Photography

Thanks to Annette Holloway Photography and SonRise Music Festival for these photos

Pictured in the 2nd photo is Kevin Griffin, Danny Gokey, & Simon Yeh

Have you bought your tickets for Danny’s headliner tour, The Hope Encounter?Β 

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  1. Jan…great pics!! Not too often we get to see Kevin G., got my tics for Hope tour….didn’t see anything related to VIP….are they all the same or am I missing something?? #GokeyGroupie

  2. On some of the ticket sites it isn’t clear that the ~$75 are the VIP… But the price should give you a clue 😁

  3. I got my tickets for the Charlotte,NC concert. I didn’t see anything about VIP or M&G either. I did get the $75. tickets, don’t see anything thereπŸ€”

  4. Hey Darla. When I bought mine on Ticketmaster, they clearly designated the $72 (before fees) tickets as VIP. Normal tickets were $22 and $32.

    I think you scored the top tickets. Congrats!

  5. I didn’t have a chance to watch more than a portion of the k-LOVE Awards…. but I did stay on after it was over and Danny was the first person they interviewed. He talked about the next phase of Sophia’s Heart and the hardship in having a charity….he got quite teared up relaying some of the stories. If I can find it, I’ll put the post up here.


  6. Sophia’s Heart Foundation will always have a special place in my heart and life. Serving as the Sophia L Gokey Scholarship chair person was a special time in my life. I met so many wonderful kids….

    And the work I did as their Financial Director was hard, but necessary work. Danny’s heart for the less fortunate is genuine and inspiring.

  7. Angelsnell, Jan, Darla J. ~

    When I bought my tickets through the presale link, it definitely said that the $75 tickets were VIP tickets (and it explained what was included). But my order confirmation says nothing about the VIP offering — it only has my seat assignment. I hope whoever is organizing the tour will know what they are doing. I think it will be okay. Because Danny is headlining, I don’t think he’ll have too much difficulty arranging the VIP section of the event, at least with respect to timing. His peeps will still need to figure out an appropriate location within each venue for the VIP event. *fingerscrossed* that everything will work out for everyone!

  8. From social media I see that Danny had issues with his glasses tonight in concert. He had changed up Better Than Gold and his glasses broke. At the end of the song he had to run off stage to retrieve a spare pair. I think that’s a first…

    I had a situation where my driving glasses were found in the car missing one lens. I searched everywhere in the car. Waited a few weeks. Gave up, donated the remaining lens. Today I found the second lens in my purse. When I set the glasses down, one of the lens had popped out and fell into a purse I use occasionally. And there it sat until I cleaned out the purse :/ Too late to put the lens back into the glasses…

  9. I got my ticket in the mail yesterday for The Hope Tour. It doesn’t say anything about the VIP experience, but does say “Promoter PreSale.” So I went back to the Hult Center site, and here is what it said in the description of the event: “$75 Gold Circle ticket includes preshow acoustic performance and photo opportunity with Danny Gokey.” I then went back to my confirmation email, and it does mention “Gold Circle.” So I think I’m good? I know that the most expensive tickets were substantially more than the other tickets, which were in the $25 to $40 price range, if I recall correctly.

  10. Here is a heartwarming video from The Eli Young Band, a country band I discovered during Danny’s country era, for their song “Love Ain’t”:

    “Lovin’ ain’t easy, but that’s when it matters most.”


  11. Am I imaging things, or did I see on Twitter that Danny is adding a WI date? I’m batting zero today, so probably it was a mirage.

  12. “Jan _worth
    3h3 hours ago
    \0/ RT @PabstTheater: NEW SHOW: You may recognize @dannygokey from season 8 of @AmericanIdol, or from just walking around the streets of MKE (he’s from here!) – Now you can see him live at the Pabst Theater October 3!

  13. Ellen & Lurker,

    We are excited for the MKE date at the beautiful Pabst (yes like the old fashioned, famous Milwaukee beer. .) Theater.

    So glad Danny added it, just wish it had been announced with the others.

    Also glad it is not at a church this time. Ed said he would go πŸ™‚

  14. Jan, was the Milwaukee date announced before you bought tickets elsewhere?

  15. I got a heads up from Danny’s manager hours after I bought tickets in the presale…

    I was initially a bit disappointed they didn’t clue his fans in before the presale (I have seen a couple of other local fans expressing a little frustration…)

    But I will just have to go to the tour twice πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸŽΌ

  16. I saw this on twitter.

    “Awakening Events
    1h1 hour ago
    Did you catch the exciting news? We are partnering with Spirit of Austin Fest and they just announced Danny Gokey will be part of this year’s lineup!

    More announcements to come. Until then tell us your favorite Danny Gokey song! https://www.facebook.com/awakeningevents/posts/10156311250918468 …”

    I am not interested in going to a concert at all, but for the fans who wish to go I wondered if this meant a Texas date was being added.

  17. Hi Lurker, I just added the Spirit Fest to our Facebook page. I’ll add it to our calendar when the tickets go on sale. πŸ™‚

  18. Sometimes I explore youtube and watch a movie or TV show I’ve never heard of (or one I may have heard of and never have seen).
    This link is to an episode of Wagon Train (an old TV show). The guest actor is Brandon De Wilde. That name seemed familiar, but I didn’t know who he was.
    He sang several songs, so I thought he might have been a singer. After I watched the episode, I searched his name. I didn’t find much on him about singing. He was a Broadway success at seven years old, then cast in the movie, Shane.
    I have heard of the movie but haven’t seen it. I get it confused with Old Yeller (another movie I’ve heard of but not seen). I think they both have boys and dogs.
    I also read that Brandon De Wilde was killed in a car crash when he was 30.

    When the episode opens, he is singing. I think the title might be “She Died in the Spring.” It is about a pig.
    At 11:58, he sings “How Great Thou Art.” He sings several more, but those are two I remember.

  19. “I like this song from RISE.”

    I do too. I think I liked all of them better than “Masterpiece.”

  20. I use to watch Wagon Train with Ward Bond. I don’t remember many episodes. My mom use to tease me since I liked Wishbone. πŸ™‚ Mind you, I was very young. So none of you ladies probably remember the
    show at all..

    I remember the movie Shane a little. A bit of trivia you may not believe.. one of the cabins used in the movie Shane is right behind where I live near the meadow. Parts of the movie was filmed in our mountain town. Over the years, I have slowly watched this cabin falling to the ground. One day, I’m sure it will fall completely down. Very sad. Glad I’ve taken photos. πŸ™‚

    I agree. I like the song, too.

    And yes… I cried and cried after reading the book Old Yellar. Later, with the movie, too.

  21. Some of the opening credits of Bonanza, and other footage was filmed here in the mountains. Many movies and TV productions throughout the years…

  22. Okay, I just read that one of the filming locations for “Old Yeller” and “Gone with the Wind” was in our mountains. I didn’t know that. πŸ˜‰

  23. ..and to close… My grandfather was one of the Indians in the 1936 movie The Last of the Mohicans which was filmed in our mountains. πŸ™‚

    The End.

  24. “I liked Wishbone”

    Was that a character in Wagon Train? (I don’t know much about the show.)

  25. I’ve found lots of things on youtube that I would never have known about without it. It is entertaining and educational. I like the math videos plus some of the old movies and old TV shows.
    And music!

  26. I just came on this site and was telling my husband about Wishbone. Yikes!! Senior Moment! Wishbone is from Rawhide. I said I was young when I watched Wagon Train. :/ But, I do remember Wishbone now because, I saw another star you may know… Clint Eastwood with Wishbone at a fair that I went to when I was young. Okay, hope I wasn’t too confusing. πŸ™

  27. If Carrie U.’s clothing budget was based on number of yards of fabric, she would be saving money lately.

  28. Yes, Rowdy Yates, Jan. I’ve been a fan of Clint Eastwood forever. He’s my favorite. Love the movie Dirty Harry.

    That’s funny Lurker.

    Very sad to hear about Anthony Bourdain. I didn’t watch his show very often, but remember one he filmed at Joshua Tree down the dessert from us. Route 66. It was very good.

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

  29. By the time we’re old-ish, we have a lot of information and memories packed in our brains, so it is no wonder we get details mixed up now and again! I am not certain who my first celebrity crushes were, but I remember cartoon crushes — the Lone Ranger and Aquaman. Not sure which came first, but I think it was the Lone Ranger.

  30. As for celebrity crushes who are human beings, I really don’t remember who was first. But when I was a little older, I remember liking Heath on “The Big Valley,” and Robert Wagner in his role on “It Takes a Thief.”

  31. Perfect song for Kate Spade, and Anthony Bourdain. They seem to have had so much..

    That must be it, Ellen. πŸ™‚

    I remember the Lone Ranger, but the TV series. Not so much Aquaman.

    Yes, Heath Barkley. Lee Majors. πŸ™‚ AND, the Six Million Dollar Man.
    I remember It Takes a Thief with Robert Wagner. Later, Hart to Hart.


  32. I still like Hugh Laurie’s music. This song is mostly instrumental. There is a little singing about 3 minutes in. I like the way the musical instruments complement (complete) each other. It sounds almost as though they are communicating.

  33. I’m sure Danny’s team was watching the growth of the views of “If You Ain’t In It” on youtube and had the same thought as me…. but a couple of weeks ago I sent Danny a message asking if there was a way they could use its popularity… and today they released it as a 4th single from “Rise”.

    I think I missed my calling. Whatever that is….


  34. Thanks for getting this done for me! I couldn’t get it done myself. I kept posting for them to get done with Masterpiece and put out a new single but felt ignored. πŸ˜‰
    This single I like much better. I hope it does well.
    (I also hope it doesn’t already feel old to fans who know it from the album.)
    It’s good to see, too, that the previous label is still supporting Danny. I thought they would. It’s great that they did.

  35. “Give Me Jesus” has 2,943,416 views. I like it but not the extended length.

  36. Initially I was surprised that there was a fourth single, because there wasn’t for Danny’s first Christian album. Then I realized that this is BMG’s last chance to make money off of Danny (and I do not mean that in a negative way at all). Going with “If You Ain’t In It” is a no-brainer. There’s already a video for it and people have organically shown interest in it. Don’t know how much promotion BMG will do — maybe they’ll just throw the song out there. Either way, BMG and Danny both stand to benefit — BMG benefits if the song becomes a hit, and Danny benefits because a fourth single provides him with a bridge until he and his new label have the lead single for his third album ready.

  37. Personally, I would have preferred “Never Be the Same.” The lyrics are more overtly Christian. (Danny sometimes gets criticized that his songs are more inspirational than Christian.) But I’m happy to go with the song that is getting some love from people without any real promotion.

  38. I was really surprised, too, Ellen.

    My fave song on Rise could be Never Be The Same ( I change my top choice…)

    But after watching Masterpiece not being a big hit, I am glad they choose a song that is already popular. Look how TYHTBA just kept selling when it was shelved?

    The only downside I see is that they may not release new music as soon… But I have a feeling the new single could be pushed off until January 2019, album June 2019?

    But I’d imagine the promotional budget will be very light.

  39. I like “Never Be The Same.” It was one of my choices for next single back when I was hoping there would be one. Then I saw at MJ’s reports of a song with the same title (by Camilla somebody, I think) and wondered if it would be good timing for Danny.

  40. I don’t think KTIS FM of Minneapolis ever added “Masterpiece”. In fact, I think only half of the stations on the monitored panel added and played it…. I wonder if it just tested poorly?

    They did play the Comeback. They also interviewed Danny before his concert, but it really didn’t have much newsworthy content. Just how he tries to take his family on the road when he can… here is a snippet from the concert


  41. Any idea when the single might show on itunes or radio?
    I haven’t seen a tweet about it from Danny–just the one from here and from one of the writers. I hope it gets some publicity. Any publicity might have to come from Danny since the song is from the previous label. I think they still support him but maybe don’t have it in their budget to do advertising for him at this time.

  42. That is a really good question, Lurker. This may be a very soft push since it is a 4th single off BMG’s last album with Danny. I was really surprised to see the PlayMPE posting. Nothing prepared me for it.

  43. Music affects my mood. The first time I heard Danny and Natalie sing “The Prayer,” I liked the part where they sang “to a place where we’ll be safe.” The night after I heard it, I went to sleep with that part repeating in my head.

    The song in the Wagon Train video I posted above–“At 11:58, he sings β€œHow Great Thou Art”– is one that lingers, that I still hear after the sound is gone. I come back to this page to listen again.

    I like songs that replay in my head with a sweet, haunting sound. (I hate ones I don’t like to get stuck in my thoughts.)

  44. So many times I’ll find myself singing a verse from a song and then, I’ll go crazy trying to figure out where I’ve heard the song before. :/

    Does anyone have pollen falling in their area? It’s crazy this year. Fine yellow-green powder all over from the pine trees. Allergies go wild. Hopefully, we get some rain this weekend to wash it away.

    I’m happy for Danny’s new single. The video is simple, but fun. I like that. πŸ™‚

  45. Our weather report says the pollen count is “very high” for today, but it’s grass pollen. They do grow grass seed here, so . . .

  46. I tried to water away some of the pollen. Looks like dry mustard all over. πŸ™

    Renee does beautiful work. Really enjoyed the videos. πŸ™‚

  47. A little mental challenge if anyone is interested. I just did this. I don’t know why my mind took such a direction, but it kept my thoughts busy for a while.

    I saw on twitter where someone had spelled the name Samuel with each letter the first word of a song. (One of the songs was by Danny.)

    I chose the same name and had each letter be the first letter of a positive adjective. (I had a very difficult time thinking of a word starting with e. Then, when I thought of one, several more came to mind.)

    S: sensitive
    A: accomplished
    M: musical
    U: unique
    E: eloquent
    L: loving

    If you accept the challenge, choose any name with a minimum of six letters. Don’t use an adjective that has already been used. πŸ™‚

  48. I might have changed your challenge, Lurker.

    Danny’s faith, Danny’s songs..

    C – Crazy Not To
    H – Hope In Front Of Me
    R – Rise
    I – I Will Not Say Goodbye
    S – Second Hand Heart
    T – Tell Your Heart To Beat Again
    I – I Still Believe
    A – American Anthem
    N – Never Be The Same

    Okay, I might have cheated with American Anthem, but he did sing it. πŸ˜‰

  49. “I might have changed your challenge, Lurker.”

    Okay with me. <3

    Nine letters? I'm impressed!

  50. I actually took the beginning letter from each of Danny’s song titles, and wrote them down. I stared at them for a while. With so little vowels to work with it was a little tricky. I was able to spell Christian, but I had to cheat with the “a.” Since Danny sings Christian music, and I’m posting on Danny’s fan site… I thought it fitting. πŸ™‚

  51. Gabriel

    G – Great
    A – Amazing
    B – Brilliant
    R – Remarkable
    I – Ideal
    E – Excellent
    L – Leading? Does it count as a positive adjective?

  52. ” Leading? Does it count as a positive adjective?”

    Yes, as in “leading citizen.” πŸ™‚

  53. … or


    D: Determined
    A: Active
    N: Noble
    N: Nice
    Y: Youthful

    Is this okay, Lurker? πŸ™‚

  54. Hi everyone, just catching up after some traveling. I see there is a new single, will be interested how that plays out.

    And Jan left my one maintenance task for me, to clear out the spam queue. Up to 50+ messages I just zapped, fun times.

  55. Hey Admin2, good to see you back. Don’t you feel needed by zapping that spam each time?!? πŸ™‚

  56. But just to show I COULD do it… we had 23 more spam messages that I just zapped –from today only!

  57. Really neat video posted by Danny promoting his tour and featuring backstage scenes with “What love Can Do”

    PLUS Danny’s song The Comeback is the featured song on tonight’s episode of Ninja Warrior on NBC. Very cool

  58. Checked more posts. Not all likes are numbers. For example, the post at 10:41 has three likes. Two are names. One is a number.

  59. Two of the number likes have the letters “sexy” in them.
    I wonder if the numbers are showing just on my computer.

  60. Lurker, those are showing on my computer, too. We screen out comments from apparent spamming accounts… but likes may or may not be legitimate.


  61. According to an Air1 listener, he just heard them play If You Ain’t in It. πŸ™‚

  62. @WAYFMJustin: Pick the new song that should be champion! πŸ† @WAYFMRadio’s New Music Showdown: (champion) #FrancescaBattistelli “The Breakup Song” VS (challenger) @DannyGokey “If You Ain’t In It” #Vote! The winner gets played again on #WAYFM Wednesday.

  63. When is the official date for the new single?

    I’m not remembering too well, how does it seem as far as CCM lyric content vs. the other recent songs that didn’t have a lot of that?

  64. The impact date was immediate. Nice to see Air1 is already playing it and WAY FM is at least including it in their new Music contest.

    There are no Jesus or God in the lyrics. So similar to masterpiece. But rise went to number one and it didn’t have it either (it did say creator). It seems to be Danny’s MO.

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