Writing Camp for Danny Gokey

With a new label (Capitol CMG) and album coming on the horizon in early 2019, Danny Gokey shared in a recent instagram story that he’s in “writing camp” with Tedd T., (born Tedd Andrew Tjornhom) and Ethan Hulse.

Wikepedia says this about Tedd T:

music producer, songwriter, arranger, programmer, and engineer.[1] He launched the independent record label Teleprompt Records in 2003 as a joint venture with Word/Warner Music Group.[2] His interest in the music industry began in his teens while growing up in Minneapolis,His early work with Dez Dickerson (an early member of Prince‘s band “The Revolution”) served as an introduction to the influential Minneapolis scene and later led him to Nashville. He has written songs for For King and Country, newsboys, TobyMac and many more.

Ethan Hulse is originally from California but has been writing hits with many well known artists. Check out his writing credits HERE.

Writing with Cameron James and Bernie Herms

Danny returned to write with Cameron James and Bernie Herms – writers in which he has found success. Bernie: TYHTBA, Hope in Front of Me, Masterpiece and more.  Cameron, Josh Silverberg and Danny wrote “The Combeback” and tell the story about writing it HERE

5 thoughts on “Writing Camp for Danny Gokey

  1. New album…can’t wait…still loving all the other songs…gonna be tough to beat those!! 💙🎶💙 #GokeyGroupie

  2. Does Danny write his own songs also..i just got back from Joyful noise family festival in Blaine..saw Danny 1st time in concert..loved it..he is a trooper though..it was very humid after alot of rain..he kept wiping off the sweat in his face in getting in his eyes n kept going with out a hitch. Super performer. I missed out on an autograph..the line wrapped around half the Expo building. So many in line..maybe next time.(I wanted to share my email w him so we could connect n I would share my art work off his music Vids with him.)

  3. Hi Renee, so glad to see you posting. From the videos I have seen, it looked like Danny was putting on quite a show up in Blaine. Glad you caught it. Also glad he was so popular with those seeking autographs.. but sorry you missed meeting him. ♥️

  4. Are you the Renee who has done all the beautiful artwork than Jan has posted on this site? I absolutely love your artwork! It captures the essence of Danny in a way that a normal photograph doesn’t.

  5. I just saw on Matthew West’s insta-stories that Danny was recording a vocal in a studio. Featured on one of Matthew’s songs or Danny recording his lead single? I prefer the latter, but both great news!

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