Recap: Joyful Noise Family Fest

Danny Gokey performing at Joyful Noise

Featured Fan – Renee G

You’ve seen some of Renee’s art work from Danny’s videos HERE and HERE.  And now Renee shares her experience of her FIRST Danny Gokey concert!

It’s hard to watch and to take pictures – all on my 1st ever concert of Danny’s and 1st time at Joyful Noise!   It was a life changing experience being there… driving alone through the Twin Cities for my 1st time.. Plus creating art work from Danny’s music videos? The Lord certainly has me miles our of my comfort zone and has me toddling in new areas. I feel like I’m being born into new areas. Quite shaky at times and in a state of flux – very Holy Spirit driven. He is like a turbine running inside me.

Blessings and cyber hugs to you all.

We have more art coming from Renee in future posts.  Thanks, Renee!

Danny Gokey Band performing at Joyful Noise Festival

Videos from Joyful Noise

Additonally we have two videos from WM Music and More.  (Keep an eye on that poor camera man as he tries to keep up with Danny on stage!) That’s a lot of energy expended on stage by Danny! Great crowd, too.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Joyful Noise Family Fest

  1. Great job, Renee! Great show Danny and Band! Future entertainer of the year!!

    I’m sure old. Danny mentioned the Staple Singers… they performed at my grad night at Disneyland. :/

  2. “The Lord certainly has me miles our of my comfort zone and has me toddling in new areas.”

    Join the club, Renee! Because of my Danny fandom, I learned how to post on the Internet, joined Twitter and Facebook to help with radio station contests (during Danny’s country era), and learned how to edit videos and upload them to YouTube. I even have a gravatar!

    Enjoy it, Renee!

  3. Thanks Ellen. I’m standing in wide eyed wonderment of it all..alot of other life changes 2 in the past year. The Lord is gracious 2 me. I’m dancing n singing as fast as I

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