New Video: What Love Can Do – Danny Gokey on Tour

Bernard Bell and Danny Gokey performing on the Hits Deep Tour

A Behind the Scenes Look of Tour Life, Too

What a great editing of behind the scenes of tour life with Danny Gokey performing his song, “What Love Can Do” on the TobyMac Hits Deep Tour. This song is off Danny’s album “Rise”.

What’s your favorite clips?  Here is a couple of my favorite behind the scenes glimpses:

Leyicet and Danny Gokey backstage, Hits Deep Tour

Isn’t this adorable?

Leyicet enjoying the Danny Gokey song

I wish I knew what Leyicet is laughing about.  At least Gabriel is as confused as me….

 Can this be the work of Diego Brawn? It sure looks like footage that Diego could have taken.

12 thoughts on “New Video: What Love Can Do – Danny Gokey on Tour

  1. I love this song. Your life experiences shine in your songs. You give hope to me and to millions of others. Thank you. Please come to Tyler Texas. Hugs and kisses to you and your family!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Luana. Danny does a beautiful job on this song.

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  3. Your music always makes a not so good day instantly great. Today was one of those and it’s time for bed and this song just reminded me how great God and love is. Thank you
    Lisa Albert

  4. Love it! I just had American Ninja Warrior on the TV and heard familiar music. . . it was Danny’s song “The Comeback”! They were using it during one of the competitor’s bios. Danny should get some royalties, right?!
    Side note: I’m so excited because Danny will be in Greenville, OH (only 40 minutes from home) on my birthday in September! Hope I can still get tickets!

  5. Hi Lisa. I hope you wake up restored with your favorite Danny song on your mind.

    From now on your comments will post without a wait. Jan, Moderator

  6. Peggy, I hope you get an awesome (Danny) birthday gift! Thanks for coming by!

  7. Trying to get tickets, but don’t really want to download the bands in town app. Is that the only way to get tickets?

  8. If it helps, Peggy, I’ve used the Bands in Town before to get concert tickets, although I don’t remember about an app. But I didn’t have a problem. I don’t know the answer to your question, though.

  9. Thanks, Ellen & Jan for your responses. Jan, I’m looking for Greenville, OH Darke County Fair. I tried hitting continue on the web and it still kicks me into the page to get the Bands In Town app. I’ve been trying this for a week now and still can only get to where it wants me to download the app. Guess that’s what I’ll do!

  10. Peggy, I’ve successfully used both Bands in Town and TicketFly for concert purchases. It seems they are used by acts that are playing in somewhat smaller venues or local venues like county and state fairs. I actually like them a lot better than Ticketmaster or Live Nation, which are real bears to use. I’ve found them user-friendly, and sometimes they will show a seating chart and let you pick your seats from those not already sold (unlike the big boys, who you have to trust to give you the “best available seats” in your price range). I’m pretty confident that you won’t have a problem.

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