Video: If You Ain’t In It at Air-1

Danny Gokey Band performs the song If You Ain't In It for Air-1

We’re Smiling, Too, Danny Gokey!

The whole Danny Gokey Band gets in on this special studio performance of “If You Ain’t In It” at Air-1 in Sacramento. This is Danny’s fourth single from his album, “Rise”.  Leave us a comment below on how you like this version of Danny’s song.

Earlier this year Air-1 released this version of his 3rd single, “Masterpiece”.

Danny Gokey and Miguel Perez

9 thoughts on “Video: If You Ain’t In It at Air-1

  1. Wow, your song If I Ain’t In It? Phenomenal!!!
    I know God’s anointing was in that room while you and your band recorded this amazing song. I could see The anointing on each band member and felt Gods anointing coming through each instrument played, and every word you sang.
    Thank you for obeying Gods calling on your life all those years ago.
    Danny, you and your ministry have touched millions of lives all over the world including mine, not just in the songs you sing, but by sharing the tough times and how God brought you through them.
    It was great to meet you in person at the luncheon at Outback Steakhouse and at the SonRise Music Festival in Virginia Beach this past April. Your concert was off the charts.
    Thank you again and praying Gods continued BLESSINGS on your ministry and family.

  2. Hi Cheryl. So glad to have you posting here about the impact you see Danny having and your support. We hope you come back again to comment. From now on your comments will post immediately.

    Jan, Moderator

  3. Jan, I absolutely loved this version! I love that Danny sings these songs differently on a regular basis sharing and show casing the gifts The Lord has given him and blessing us all the while. This song is just so incredibly special from day one. I can’t wait to see you in Chattanooga!

  4. I still love the dancing and band’s joy in the 2 million views video, Catherine, but this one is so soulful, it’s special too!

  5. Jan, you know how I adore this song. It was and is so special from day one. I change the lyric when I sing it every night ” I’m a girl with imperfections”. The original is, like none other!

  6. Yes, IYAII sounds soulful here. But I have to add that that this rendition of “Masterpiece” sounds beautiful and heartfelt. Danny is clearly connecting with the lyrics here. Both songs show how Danny can change up his material over and over. Which is why the man should always be a concert draw. One concert is not a cookie cutter of the next.

  7. Absolutely phenomenal! ❤️ My favorite song right now, and this live version is so incredible! Thank you for letting us see how amazing the band is live! So uplifting ❤️ it’s music like this the Lord uses to get me through the day, truly ❤️ can’t thank you enough for using your talents to edify the brethren ❤️

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