Billboard: Debut for Danny Gokey’s If You Ain’t In It

The Danny Gokey Band at Fishfest Sacramento by Borel Photo

Newest Single Debuts on Billboard’s Christian Airplay Chart

Danny Gokey’s fourth single off his album, RISE, debuts at #44 on the July 7th, 2018 Billboard charts.  We think this is an awesome song that is clearly popular with his fans with the over two million youTube views before it was chosen as a single.  We know that Air-1, Cleveland’s Fish WFHM  are currently playing it and few big stations like WAY-FM and KTIS -FM have tried it out.  Will it be embraced by Christian Radio?  We hope so.

Spincrease on Mediabase CAC for If You Aint In It by Danny Gokey

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DANNY GOKEY If You Ain’t In It
254 +227 0.538 44
Our thanks to Randy Licht of Borel Photography for the lead photo

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The videos for this song are awesome!  Watch them HERE and HERE!


6 thoughts on “Billboard: Debut for Danny Gokey’s If You Ain’t In It

  1. I’m hoping they play it more!! I’ve heard it only once on Air1 93.7 FM in Upstate NY….here’s hoping they’ll play it more…love this upbeat song!! 💙🎶💙 #GokeyGroupie

  2. Hi Angelsnell,

    I haven’t heard it on the radio, yet. Not sure how much support this single will get from BMG/Danny’s team (4th singles are unusual) but hopefully its popularity will help push it up!

  3. I haven’t heard it on the radii yet either Jan, however am excitedly waiting! What a fantastic song this is and has been since day one!

  4. I have been hearing it on the Air1 app. The station itself isn’t here in Connecticut. What a great, upbeat, fun song. 😊😊👍👍

  5. That’s awesome Kelly…and on the app it also has a link to the live studio version!! 💙🎶💙 #GokeyGroupie

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