Video: Don’t Stop Believing by Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey recently shared a clip of his singing the song “Don’t Stop Believing” and it reminded us of his “American Idol” days!  Back in 2009, as a part of the Top 9 on Season 8, Danny and the rest of the contestants did a group performance of the famous song by Journey.  Danny is featured at the 2 minute mark in this video.

We also shared his recent performance below it.

The contestants went on to sing it as the closing song on the “American Idol Live Tour” that summer.

Thanks for going back to your AI roots, Danny!

Good times!

2 thoughts on “Video: Don’t Stop Believing by Danny Gokey

  1. It just shows how talented Danny was, and he continues to knock it out of the park.

  2. Obviously, I’m partial to Danny’s voice, but everyone on AI season 8 had good voices, and they really came together as a group to pull off a difficult song.

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