Danny Gokey News & Discussion – August 2018

Flashback to 2014

Can you believe its been 4 years since Danny released the album “Hope in Front of Me”?  I found this fun video when he returned to Wisconsin to promote the album.  This is a local talk show in Milwaukee, the “Morning Blend”.

Enjoy this wide ranging interview where they discuss things like:

  1. Would you rather lose your cell phone or your luggage?
  2. Has fatherhood made you a better husband?
  3. How would you feel if someone wanted to pay you to to have coffee so they could get advice
  4. The role of a manager/handler…
  5. His eyewear line and how many glasses he’s had since “American Idol”
  6. How he does his hair.

138 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion – August 2018

  1. Nora is now in Nashville, I believe. Jan, you might like her comments about the Green Bay Packers.

  2. Thanks for sharing the Nora article, Ellen. Great description by her of Packer loyalty

  3. The air quality is better today, so maybe Danny and his fellow FishFest artists — not to mention the audience! — has caught a break. It’s going to get bad again on Sunday. I don’t like to think of artists singing when air quality is bad. Not good for their lungs! (Or their voices.) Not to mention the lungs of audience members, especially little children.

    Not sorry I’m not there.

  4. Yes, it looked like a pretty day. Danny and the band sounded very good.

    Thank you for the videos.

    I wonder in the hot and humid weather if Danny and his band would be more comfortable in dry fit shirts. It must get very draining performing in the summer heat.

    Have a beautiful Sunday..

  5. Black t-shirts and jeans for the band does seem HOT. And did you notice the reappearance of Mr Towel.

  6. I saw that too Longtime Fan…hoping that they are staying hydrated!! 💦 💧 💦 GokeyGroupie

  7. Maestro and his wife have moved to LA… According to Danny’s comment on his Instagram… He is leaving the band. He will be missed. We wish him great success.

    maestro leves DGband

    Maestro says “thanks for giving me to opportunity to grow my gift”


  8. I’m shocked but yay for him and whatever is in store for his future…so what about the Hope Encounter tour? He won’t be there Jan?? GokeyGroupie

  9. That is sad news. You never know what is going on behind the scenes. Hope good things for Danny… What does everyone think?

    That’s right. To leave before Danny’s first solo tour. Unless, Danny already knew.. I don’t know. :/

  10. Heard a commercial on the radio (107.9, I think) for Danny’s Eugene, Oregon concert at the Hult Center in October. I hope it sells well. I came in at the middle of the commercial, so I don’t know if they plugged the Portland concert as well.

  11. I just heard from Danny’s management that he has a conflict and will not be on the 2019 K-LoVE Cruise. He is planning on 2020.

  12. I wonder if Maestro will complete this year’s tour or if a new music director and keyboardist is already being trained? I will miss him.

  13. Sorry to hear Maestro is leaving, he was a great presence on stage and with Danny. Hope he’s relocating for a great opportunity.

    Was Danny confirmed for the 2019 K-Love cruise, so this would seem like a change to take on a different commitment? Or he was never signed on to it anyway for next year.

  14. Just a question…. Do you think everything is going as well for Danny with the company representing him now, than his last??

  15. Danny was on the KLove cruise website and listed as a show on his own website. He had a conflict and they postponed his participation until 2020.

  16. This label is very well connected. I think it will open opportunities in Danny’s genre. Too soon to see their effect, yet, IMO.

  17. Thank you. I hope “great” things for Danny. Very sad that Maestro is leaving right before Danny’s solo tour. 🙁 Wish him all the best. 🙂

    … I think I’m repeating myself. 😉

  18. We tweeted:
    So good to see @dannygokey’s #IfYouAintInIt debut at #28 on the @Billboard Christian AC Indicator chart. It also moves up a spot to #20 (21 lw) on the Christian National Airplay Chart! Co-writers @bwtunes BenGlover

    Also on the charts:

    Tuyo has moved up to #14 (16 lw) on the Hot Christian AC Songs. Increased spins but dropped a spot to #38 on the Christian Nat Airplay Chart

  19. Does Danny sing on the English version? I like the Spanish version just fine; doesn’t matter to me if I don’t know the words.

  20. The radio edit of TUYO (which I posted above) is now for sale on itunes. Danny’s and Jordan’s parts seem unchanged. The parts for the SCM are all English and shorter.

  21. Hi Ellen,

    I was trying to find the original interview that talked about his not making his HS elite choir, but I couldn’t easily.

    So I just have to use my memory to reply.

    I think Danny said he tried out for their elite choir (show choir?) and didn’t make the cut when he was a freshman. His older brother was in the choir… he was so discouraged that he didn’t try out again and stuck with his trumpet. It wasn’t until he started going to Faith Builders and joined their choir that he started building his confidence in his singing ability. They were giving him solos and then his pastor asked him to lead the choir/be the praise and worship leader. This was a big move for Danny. And even after that, he was more use to having his back to the audience and keeping his eyes closed when he sang.

    He definitely had a learning curve (via Idol and his early career) on connecting with the audience.

    I think it was pretty common for awkward, still growing into their voices, 9th grade boys not being accepted in all school elite singing groups– he should have tried out again as a 10th grader. But we know he is very competitive and not making the group was probably really embarrassing for him.

  22. I already own the Spanglish version of Tuyo, so I didn’t add this version. Glad Danny’s section wasn’t changed. I think he kills it on this song. Jordin is very good, too.

  23. Thx Jan for these tidbits of Danny’s upbringing…cute story nonetheless!! GokeyGroupie

  24. I have a lot of respect for the sacrifice, committment and courage John McCain showed through his life. Cancer is a cruel disease.

    You are welcome, Angelsnell, I’ve got plenty of other Danny tidbits clogging up my brain….

  25. I agree. John McCain was a man of courage. Through the battles of Vietnam, and Cancer, he showed great strength and dignity. ♥

  26. Went to the American Idol concert tonight. Did the M&Gs with Kris and the other one with this season’s Idols. Met Krismicklin, a big Kris fan, who was on Danny’s cruise some years ago. More later. I need to crash. Jury duty tomorrow.

  27. I follow Krismicklin and remember her from the SHF Cruise. She is also a fan of Danny (on a much smaller scale). I think she has gone to 4 or 5 of this year’s Idol tour.

    Looking forward to your thoughts/review of the Idol tour!

  28. I remember Danny saying he had recorded the lead single for his new album. And yesterday we learned that he and Natalie recorded “The Prayer”. Could it be that it will be the same song? Or do we get two new recordings???


  29. My bet would be on a new song as the “lead single” for the new album, to come out in early 2019 after the Christmas season. But The Prayer as a Christmas single to keep an active radio presence and tied to the Christmas Tour would make sense.

  30. Hi Lurker, I looked at all those photos and thought, “wow, that’s a lot of people involved in one song!”

    I have never really thought of the prayer as a Christmas song, but I guess since it is intended to be put out for the tour, and released during the holiday season, it becomes one?

    I also think it would make sense for Danny to include it on his new album.

    But I still want a fresh single 🙂

  31. “I have never really thought of the prayer as a Christmas song, but I guess since it is … released during the holiday season, it becomes one?”

    Same thing happened with “Give Me Jesus.” My opinion is that both songs are fine for Christmas, but I don’t like that they are limited to Christmas. They are good anytime–as is “Lift Up Your Eyes.”

  32. I don’t want “The Prayer” on the new album, although it would be okay as a bonus song.

  33. I found the post where Danny said he was cutting the first song for his new album. It was on August 15:

  34. Maybe it’s for release during Christmas radio season but to continue into 2019 if it’s not peaked by then?

    Perhaps we can take this as a sign Danny has a bigger budget for this album with his new label if he was able to get the logistics/rights in place to record The Prayer for this release, when it wasn’t feasible previously.

  35. Happy 1st Birthday to adorable Gabriel. I remember Daniel’s first birthday, and Victoria’s. It’s been fun watching them grow up. Beautiful family…

  36. They indicated in the Instastory video that Bernie was able to get the permission to record the song. But I do take that as a very good sign.

  37. I agree Jan (along with everyone else it seems…) that we’re hoping for 2 new singles…I’m really curious to see how Danny’s fourth album will be received and what the new songs will be like…GokeyGroupie

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