Danny Gokey News & Discussion – August 2018

Flashback to 2014

Can you believe its been 4 years since Danny released the album “Hope in Front of Me”?  I found this fun video when he returned to Wisconsin to promote the album.  This is a local talk show in Milwaukee, the “Morning Blend”.

Enjoy this wide ranging interview where they discuss things like:

  1. Would you rather lose your cell phone or your luggage?
  2. Has fatherhood made you a better husband?
  3. How would you feel if someone wanted to pay you to to have coffee so they could get advice
  4. The role of a manager/handler…
  5. His eyewear line and how many glasses he’s had since “American Idol”
  6. How he does his hair.

138 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion – August 2018

  1. Loved this interview!! Danny always seems so relaxed and has fun!! Really a joy to see him in his element!! GokeyGroupie

  2. Hi Angelsnell, since we had to close down the fanwebsite, IheartDannygokey.com in September 2015 there are a lot of cool flashback videos I could feature…. I liked this one.

    Real good news on the Billboard Christian Airplay Chart:

    #27 If You Ain’t In It
    #43 Tuyo by Social Club Misfits featuring Danny and Jordin Sparks!

    I also see that IYAII is on the Hot Christian Songs Chart at #39 per other sources. (I have to wait until Wednesday for that chart.)

  3. Jan….Awesome climb on the chart…funny you mention Tuyo as I heard it for the first time on the radio just the other day… And at the beginning of the song I said to myself boy that voice is extremely familiar… And then at the end they announced that it was in fact featuring Danny Gokey with Jordin Sparks… Another favorite I will have to listen to again and again!! Bring on more videos..love them all!! GokeyGroupie

  4. A couple of hours ago, I checked itunes Christian singles. IYAIT was #121–the highest I have seen it. I didn’t have time to post then, so I just checked again. It is #117.
    (Before when I’ve checked, it has been near the bottom or not showing in the list.)

  5. That’s good news, Lurker. I was wondering when it was going to chart. I understand that K-LOVE started playing it Monday and tweeted about the video that was done for Air1/Klove in their studio in CA.

    Glad to see Klove supporting it, too!

  6. Loved this video Jan. I laughed and smiled through the whole thing. Danny is so personable. We saw that on American Idol. It’s just one of the reasons we love him so!

    Catherine Downey

  7. Thanks for the update, Lurker. IYAII (no T) is also new on Billboard’s Hot Christian Song Chart at #39.

    Catherine and all… I’m glad you enjoyed the video. And Angelsnell, its cool that you are saying hi to our Danny friends that come by and comment.

    I like that in our discussion posts! (Actually, any posts….)

  8. I like that you are renaming the song, Lurker IYALL?

    What’s the LL stand for: 🙂

    New promo for the upcoming tour. Danny says they will be performing at least one of his new songs. Hopefully more (IMO)

  9. Jan…can’t wait to hear a new song!! I’ll be in Wilkes Barre in September…. front and center (literally) and am counting the days!! GokeyGroupie

  10. “I like that you are renaming the song, Lurker IYALL?”

    I have a little problem. 🙂

    I saw your capital I’s as l’s(not capitals). I thought that looked easy–didn’t realize it also looked wrong.
    Maybe next time I’ll get it right. 😉

    Try, try again. I don’t remember who (or what) said that. A spider? A train?

  11. Yes, the loss of life, Ellen,from the fires is heartbreaking. ♥ We had lots of rain yesterday. I just wish all the fires would get a good dousing, too.

    Hello, Catherine.

    Always love Danny’s videos. So honest, fun, and refreshing. 🙂

  12. I am picturing an ornate theater… Is it, Cindy?

    So many of the dates are not in churches (with some exceptions for long supporting ones like Destiny and Legacy). I like that. It makes it easier for Danny’s fans to actually bring friends that may not typically go to church concerts. Which would have been me, a few years ago. (But, we did go to a Charlie Daniels concert in a mega church a year before Danny changed genres.)

  13. I’m going end of September to Wilkes Barre with my oldest daughter and if anyone follows me on fb or Instagram you’ll know I’m (literally) front and center and am counting the days 54) 🤣🤣🤣GokeyGroupie

  14. From the photos I’ve seen yes, Jan. I’m excited to see the inside of the theater with so much history. My favorite singer growing up was Judy Garland. To know that she performed in this theater.. makes me smile. Now to see Danny.. can’t wait!

    Our tickets are center and low, but not too close up front, ANGELSNELL. Us “old” people need to sit farther back. 😉 Hope you have a fantastic time!!

    Well, a fire is raging two miles away from my son. In a beautiful area. Very scary. It’s so hot out this way. Every year it’s hard to see the beauty of California burning away. My daughter is experiencing lots of smoke from the fire near San Francisco, and lower from the Carr Fire. There are no words.. So sad. ♥

    Is Danny in LA this week? If he is, it’s not humid.. but HOT!!!!


  15. Thx Cindy3 for the funny words…I’m not sure how “old” you are but I can assure you I’m not as young as you may think…lol…praying for relief of the fires in yours and your families areas…Blessings. *GokeyGroupie**

  16. I don’t have access to the new charts, yet, but this looks realistic:

    Hot Christian Songs: #40(new) Tuyo, @SocialClubMSFTS Feat. @dannygokey & Jordin Sparks

    0 replies 2 retweets 3 likes
    Reply Retweet 2 Like 3

    Hot Christian Songs: #31(+8) If You Ain’t In It, @dannygokey [2 weeks]. new peak

  17. Thank you, ANGELSNELL. I think I give my age away with things I write. 😉 Let’s just say… one of Danny’s songs in sang on American Idol.. Get Ready.. was very popular when I was a teenager. 😉

    The fire is burning away from my son right now. The northern fires are the largest in California’s history. I much rather have our earthquakes. Knock on wood.. that won’t happen. 🙁

  18. I hear ya Cindy3….whatever it takes prayers are on the way for all of you!! And yes many of Danny’s songs from American Idol were popular in my day as well….GokeyGroupie

  19. Danny’s recent songs have not hit #1 in this Dove Award year, so it isn’t surprising that he wasn’t nominated for a Dove Award…. but of course I had to watch to just make sure I didn’t miss it.

  20. I’m not shocked about the Dove Award nominations, but hopefully Danny is established well enough now to still be a presenter or otherwise involved in the show.

  21. Maybe next year. Danny’s RISE album is doing well. Does he need #1’s to receive a Grammy nomination?

    Excited for his next album…

  22. Grammy’s seem to have less to do with commercial success (although it definitely helps!) than some awards. With the Dove Awards, The Comeback and Masterpiece were not overtly Christian songs, nor did they do better than top 5 and top 15 respectively. So, I can see why they may not have made the final cut for the Doves this time. (And his album was too old.)

    Hopefully the new single from the new label will garner a lot of attention. Clearly Lauren Daigle’s new single is a smash success. I’ve never seen a song climb so fast in CCM. But it is selling GREAT, and that helps get radio’s attention, too.

  23. Moving between labels might be a factor also.

    I need Lurker’s help to translate the first part of this about one of Danny’s tourmates. Her new music was accepted “with great sonority” ??


    She seems very…excited to be on the tour and to have her album coming out.


    Danny + TobyMac in PA? That might be a thought, the PA location isn’t terribly far from me.

  24. “with great sonority”

    I don’t think I can translate that. To me, the word seems to be used incorrectly. I have seen the word “sonorous” often in my reading. I have not seen “sonority” often and am less familiar with it.
    “Sonorous” might describe the sound of a snore or the sound of a low voice–maybe a voice that is pleasant and/or powerful.
    I have seen “sonorous” used as an adjective and “sonority” used as a noun. I cannot understand how music can be accepted with great sonority. Possibly someone could sing with great sonority?
    This is just my opinion. To me the word seems wrong in the context used. Also my opinion: I would not use the word even if it is correctly used. I would use a more familiar word that readers would expect in such an article.

  25. I’ve seen sonorous from time to time, but don’t recall ever seeing sonority before.

    Wikipedia (err, yeah, lol) says “The sonority of a sound is its relative loudness compared to other sounds.”

    Maybe the writer just meant that her supporters are extremely loud in their support? Do they yell? 🙂

    More likely, I agree it could have been a word substitution error (software) or a misuse of one word for another (person).

    There were other aspects of that article opening that had me wondering if a robot wrote it. It gave the impression in places of having been inexpertly composed by a software program, or awkwardly translated from a foreign language.

    When the article got to the Q&A, it read much more naturally and reasonably to me.

  26. Just saw this on twitter:


    Replying to @dannygokeynewz @tobymac @ryansmusic
    As much fun as this would be, it’s a site glitch that listed me on those shows. I won’t be on that tour, but it’ll be a great show! 🤓

  27. Going back a few discussions ago… Danny’s cruise-ship karaoke song was great! He should really upload the whole song. I’m sure it would get a lot of views. 🙂

  28. I think Danny loves singing cover songs. He does them so well. Wouldn’t that be a album to buy. 😉

  29. Cindy, I’d love it if Danny introduced a new cover song at each concert. Wouldn’t that be a treat?

    I understand that a regular part of Kelly Clarkson’s concerts is asking for a new cover song suggestion from her fans. I also think Kris Allen introduces a lot of new cover songs in his setlist.

  30. That would be a nice treat, Jan. I really would like to hear the whole song, “Don’t Stop Believin” sung by Danny. The little bit I heard was very good.

  31. “14m14 minutes ago
    @TheCUTCH22 walked up to #TUYO by @SocialClubMSFTS ft. @dannygokey & @JordinSparks 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    #MISFITS #socialclubmisfits #SFGiants @SFGiants – at AT&T Park”

  32. “14m14 minutes ago
    @TheCUTCH22 walked up to #TUYO by @SocialClubMSFTS ft. @dannygokey & @JordinSparks 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    #MISFITS #socialclubmisfits #SFGiants @SFGiants – at AT&T Park

  33. Lurker, did you have some comments that didn’t post over the weekend? They were stuck in our spam queue, I’m not sure why. I was traveling and not looking so can I blame Jan?

    I’ve released them so you can take a look.

  34. Admin 2 and Jan,
    Yes, I thought my comments were probably caught in the spam folder. It’s okay. 🙂
    I thought the Tuyo tweet was interesting.

  35. It was weird, as generally if anything from a known poster will go into our “pending” queue for moderator check. Where these were in the actual spam queue.

    Maybe it was just a glitch in the spam-killing service, usually it works very very smoothly with no current or future friends caught

    And none of the scary/robo/creepy posts making it in 😮

  36. Another fire broke out. This one is relatively close to where I live, and it’s affecting the air quality. Right in time for Danny and FishFest! I am so glad I’m not going!

  37. Also, I am not sure, but I think my frozen shoulder has come back. I made an appointment with my physical therapist. Lurker, I don’t know how you survived having it in both shoulders!

  38. Oh, I hope the fire is contained soon for everyone. It would be nice if Danny had a pretty day in Oregon. No smoke. 🙂

    Hope your shoulder feels better, Ellen.

  39. “Lurker, I don’t know how you survived…”

    Frozen shoulder was horrible, Ellen–very disabling.
    I’m sorry to hear you may be having it again.

  40. Ellen….as an OR nurse I see a lot of shoulder injuries since our hospital does Orthopedic Surgery every day and yes it can be very disabling…try the physical therapy route as much as you can because surgery should only be a last resort…prayers for healing for you!! GokeyGroupie

  41. Good luck on recovering your movement in your shoulder, Ellen.

    I went to physical therapy for a poorly functioning shoulder blade. It worked wonders but I have to continue to do the work to maintain my flexibility.

    Our tweet:


    Danny’s tweet


    I wish he credited the photographer. Even better if he had RT our tweet and expressed that same sentiment.

  42. I saw that Danny used the photo without crediting anyone. I saw also a tweet from the photographer thanking Danny for using it. I agree that Danny should have credited the photographer and done a RT of your tweet. He often uses something you have posted.

    Sometimes I think Danny missed a few lessons in English class. He used to tweets jokes and quotes without giving credit. It seems as though he doesn’t know better.

  43. They have an air quality advisory in effect for now. Maybe the air will improve by Saturday, when Danny is here. Guess it depends on what happens with the fires. Smoke has been blowing in from Washington State, Southern Oregon, and now to the east of us.

  44. Lurker, Danny’s generation is less likely to be thinking about copyright law, etc. The Internet has been an unregulated Wild West, and many people don’t even think about attribution anymore. That’s not an excuse, by the way, just a possible explanation.

  45. Thank you for all the well wishes!

    Angelsnell, I have no plans for surgery. Physical therapy helped before (although I did need a cortisone shot to get started). I am hopeful it will help again. That’s assuming it is a frozen shoulder again. But even if it is not, physical therapy has helped me several times in the past.

  46. Danny’s generation is less likely to be thinking about copyright law, etc. The Internet has been an unregulated Wild West, and many people don’t even think about attribution anymore

    And when its a picture of Danny and his band? I suppose he feels even less hesitation to download what he likes and use it. I noticed he “liked” the instagram share of the photo we had put up, never liked the tweet… maybe he didn’t see it?

    When we were first creating this site it use to drive me crazy when he downloaded the photos we posted and sent them out under his social media… I thought it was such a lost opportunity for his fans to find us. (And give us a little credit, and the photographers, too?)

    Now I accept that he sees them as his own and we should take the “copying” of our material as flattery… right?

  47. I am not a fan of seeing a loss of spins and chart placement for Danny’s newest single. Hopefully its a rest and not the beginning of the end:

    Christian Airplay

    22(tw) 19(lw) 8th wk DANNY GOKEY If You Ain’t In It BMG 837 total spins -13 spins 2.295 ai 22 ai chart

  48. Tuyo is holding its chart position and gained a few spins on the Hot cac Chart

    16 3 SOCIAL CLUB MISFITS Tuyo CAPITOL CMG 363 +35 0.302 13

    Issue Date:
    Just outside of the chart

    Danny Gokey If You Ain’t In It (BMG)
    Total Plays: 196, Total Stations: 11, Total Adds: 1

  50. This is a response to Jan’s post on 08/15/18 at 2:17 p.m.

    Your post reminded me of first year law school Torts class. I think it’s fairly well known that a professional photographer’s photos are copyright-protected. In general, you can’t use them without permission/payment/attribution. (It is much more difficult for photographers to protect their work in the digital age, though.) But in addition, there are the four privacy torts, one of which is a bit of a misnomer, as, with respect to celebrities, it is more about the right of publicity than the right of privacy.

    This explanation is taken from the FindLaw web site:

    Appropriation of Name or Likeness

    Plaintiffs may make a claim for damages if an individual (or company) uses their name or likeness for benefit without their permission. Usually this involves a business using a celebrity’s name or likeness in an advertisement. Some states even limit this type of privacy tort to commercial uses.

    This is not always the case. For example, a private detective who impersonates someone else to obtain confidential information has invaded that person’s privacy. The recognition of this tort is like a property right; in other words, a person’s name and likeness is treated as that person’s property. For celebrities, this is often referred to as “right of publicity”.

    Example: An advertising agency approached musician Tom Waits to participate in a campaign for a new automobile. Waits, who has a distinctive and easily recognizable voice, declined. The advertisers hired someone who sounds like him to do the soundtrack, prompting Waits to sue the automaker for appropriating his likeness.


  51. To follow up on my last comment, just as Danny can’t appropriate a professional photographer’s photo without permission/payment/attribution, a photographer can’t make money off of Danny’s photograph without permission/payment. So Danny has some control over the use of his own image.

    But that is still a vast oversimplification. For example, a newspaper may send a photographer to Danny’s concert and publish photos in a story that, for example, does a newspaper review of the show. That’s legit.

    Also, the Internet has made things a lot more complicated, and I’m not sure the law has caught up with such things as photos in digital media form, use of social media, and the ability to “grab” things like photos off the Internet. It’s just a complicated area of law.

  52. NO NO NO to any speedbumps on the trajectory of “If You Ain’t In It.” The song needs to make Top 10 at least. I insist! 😀

  53. I am thinking the concert promo with stations (nominate a difference maker) could connect stations with IYAII.

    On Mediabase CAC, finally two new stations started playing it. It has a +10 spincrease again…. #31

  54. One can see why many photographers choose to watermark their material. I didn’t notice one in that case.

  55. Yes, with my submissions to sites they are watermarked for protection.

    I hope Danny acknowledges all the photographers when he can, that do beautiful interpretations of him and his band. 🙂

    My vegetables are growing like crazy. We’ve (almost) have had too much rain. It would be nice to spread it all up and down the west coast.

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