“If You Ain’t In It” Jumps to Top 20 on Billboard Christian Airplay Chart

Annette Holloway photo of Danny Gokey at the ROOTDtour“If You Ain’t In it” by Danny Gokey is Top 20 on Billboard’s Christian Airplay Chart

Danny’s latest single, “If You Ain’t In It” is recognized as this week’s “Greatest Gainer”!  It jumps 8 places to #19 (27 LW) in its 7th week on Billboard’s largest Christian airplay chart.  “If You Ain’t In It” also moves up a 8 spots on Billboard’s Hot Christian Song chart; this week #31 (last week #39).

We will update this post with additional chart achievements when they become available to me on Wednesday.

August 11, 2018 chart date

Photo Courtesy of Annette Holloway Photography

13 thoughts on ““If You Ain’t In It” Jumps to Top 20 on Billboard Christian Airplay Chart

  1. Hi Darlene! We think it’s a great song, too!

    Thanks for visiting. From now on your comments will appear instantaneously.

    Jan, Moderator of DGNews

  2. I am so estatic and happy for Danny and his team! This song was always so incredibly special from day one. I am thrilled that the world is now getting a chance to hear it! Praise The Lord!

    Catherine Downey

  3. I agree, Catherine and Renee! The 1st time I heard it was in concert BEFORE the release of RISE. And I saw the response of the crowd was immediate!

  4. Congratulations to Danny! I am so happy he is getting the recognition he deserves💕

  5. That’s a great milestone for this song, I wasn’t sure what to expect with it. I wonder if his new label is helping support the promo even though the song was under the BMG era. It would be good for him/them long-term to have continued radio presence until the new music is ready.

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