Danny Gokey News & Discussion – September 2018

Danny Gokey loves us all by Borel PhotographyNew Tour Begins This Month

Danny Gokey’s first headlining tour, The Hope Encounter, kicks off on September 20th in Peoria, Illinois and wraps up on November 4th in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  With 28 stops in between (including one at the beautiful Pabst Theater in Danny’s hometown of Milwaukee) we hope to catch some additional news and previews about his new album.  It is anticipated that the first single will be performed on the tour.  It is also reported that his next  album will be released in spring 2019.  Hopefully Nashville spring, not Wisconsin spring…. 

The Danny Gokey Band at Fishfest Sacramento by Borel Photo

Photos courtesy of Borel PhotographyRandy Licht

Full poster for Danny Gokey Hope Encounter tour

78 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion – September 2018

  1. Its nice to see that IYAII has broken into the top 1500 singles on iTunes.

    1464 Danny Gokey If You Ain’t In It

    Also, Jacksonville is the 12 monitored CAC station to spin it.

  2. Here is the CAC Mediabase chart for IYAII

    lw: Aug 18 – Aug 24 TW: Aug 25 – Aug 31
    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KTIS-FM Minneapolis Christian AC 25 31 -6 4 2 6 7 6 0.231
    KLV-FM >K-Love Network Christian AC 23 24 -1 5 4 5 4 5 1.505
    WFHM-FM Cleveland Christian AC 23 20 3 7 5 4 2 5 0.116
    WONU-FM Chicago Christian AC 23 23 6 3 5 3 6 0.015
    KSOS-FM Las Vegas Christian AC 22 21 1 5 4 5 4 4 0.084
    KAXL-FM Bakersfield Christian AC 22 17 5 6 6 3 5 2 0.026
    WAFJ-FM Augusta, GA Christian AC 18 19 -1 5 2 4 5 2 0.035
    KBNJ-FM Corpus Christi, TX Christian AC 17 17 4 3 3 4 3 0.017
    WLAB-FM Ft. Wayne, IN Christian AC 16 16 8 2 6 0.01
    KAIM-FM Honolulu Christian AC 10 8 2 2 3 3 2 0.021
    WDJC-FM Birmingham Christian AC 9 9 4 1 2 2 0.016
    WSOS-FM Jacksonville Christian AC 7 7 2 2 1 2 0.001

    I really wonder what the plan is for this song. Are they happy to get #29 on Mediabase, Top 20 on Billboard CAC?

  3. Hi, Jan. Wanted to thank you and ADMIN2 for all your work in keeping this site up and running. Nine years is a long time to be following Mr. Gokey’s career. It’s been lots of fun, and I’ve enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people on this site. Thank you. 🙂

    No, I’m not going anywhere. Just wanted to say, thanks.

  4. Thanks Cindy, but all credit to Jan

    Of well over 500 posts on this site to date (!!), I’m afraid I’ve only done 19

  5. Admin2, I know I am not keeping track.. just glad to have my partner still along for this DG 🤸🏋️🤹 site.

    We are only ~200 comments from reaching the 10,000th approved comment here, too.

    Glad to have all of you here!

    Every once and awhile Danny (or Team Danny) surprise me by RT our tweet about this site. Like today 😍

  6. Hi Ellen and Cindy.

    It was a soggy, rainy, mosquito-y day for us. But I have a contractor coming on Wednesday to give me an estimate for a new garage door…. So I cleaned my garage. Well, mostly…

    Tomorrow afternoon I am playing with my granddaughter when her mom goes to an appointment. I walked up to our attic and found the kids’ Yogi Bear bowling set and a Fisher Price school house set. I think she’ll enjoy those toys. I try to surprise her with something different for each visit. Sometimes I don’t make it, but usually I do…

    Did anyone go to a Labor Day Parade or picnic?

  7. Hi Jan. I love to surprise our grandson with toys when he comes to visit. I have a toy chest to keep them all in. 🙂 His daddy’s toys are packed in one of our sheds. That’s a good idea to go through and find some of my son’s toys. We’re going down to see our grandson this week. Besides bring him a new book, I picked the pumpkin we were growing for him. Probably won’t last until Halloween, but the temperatures are getting cooler at night, and I was afraid we might lose it. Not sure about the toys you mentioned, but your children are probably a lot younger than mine. I know I have lots of Transformers packed. 🙂

    Samuel sounds like a wonderful addition to the Band. Almost a month to go before we see Danny. Looking forward to it.

    Gabriel’s birthday party photos are adorable. What a beautiful family.

    Well, off for a treadmill walk…

  8. Danny is headed to Orlando to join CMB Momentum 2018. He performs for Christian radio with Lauren Daigle and others on Wednesday late morning.

  9. Hey, I heard there were a bunch of tornadoes in Wisconsin the other day? I assume since you are posting, Jan, that you were not directly affected?

  10. Hey Ellen, we have had HORRID weather in Wisconsin the last two weeks. Storms, tornadoes, drenching rains… the result is power loss, flooding and more destruction than I can remember for this time of year. And the storms have resulted in the worst mosquito infestation! Walking my daughter’s dog has been torture!

    On better news: Danny’s song has been picked up by these stations, too:

    lw: Aug 22 – Aug 28 TW: Aug 29 – Sep 4
    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    WVFJ-FM Atlanta Christian AC 6 6 1 2 1 2 0.028
    WCIE-FM Tampa Christian AC 3 3 1 2 0.012
    KWND-FM Springfield, MO Christian AC 3 3 1 2 0.002

    Lauren Daigle’s song has shot to #1 in such a short time. It may sit up there for quite awhile. I’ve heard “You Say” in a retail store when I was shopping last week. It is definitely crossing over to mainstream music.

  11. I read the schedule wrong, Danny is scheduled for CMB on Thursday at not at the Disney night this year.
    7:30a – 8a • Devotions ……………………………….. Philippine Sea
    Start your day by getting in the Bible and praying together!
    8a – 8:50a • CMB Networking Breakfast ……………………….. Oceana 6
    9a – 12p • Educational Sessions …………………….. Pacifica Ballroom
    Tracy Johnson | Sam Milkman | Paul Jacobs
    I AM THEY | Lauren Daigle | Danny Gokey | Jordan Feliz
    Coffee Break presented by Reach Beyond

    Christian Music Broadcasters (??)

  12. I am very interested to hear what Danny and his new label will do with the new album. But in the interim, I really wanna hear IYAII on the radio!

  13. Working on our tour content while in Orlando for at the CMB radio conference! Gotta make it happen when we can & where we can cause it’s just around the corner! 🙌🏼🤓 Tix & details at http://dannygokey.com #whitescreen #videomagic #HopeEncounterTour

    Tour ready

  14. Really really want The Hope Encounter Tour to do well. I think it sold out in Minnesota? Would like more dates sold out or nearly so. Why? This is (I believe) Danny’s first real headlining tour, besides spot dates. I want it to be successful so that we can anticipate more headlining tours in the future.

    Although I guess we did have the co-headlining tour with Mandisa.

  15. Interview about the tour and other projects coming up


    On his future plans, he said, “After this fall tour, I’m headed out on a Christmas tour with Natalie Grant, which is called the ‘Celebrate Christmas’ tour. And then, I’m going on another tour in the spring. Even in the midst of that, I’m in the process of making another album. I am also working on a TV show concept that I have come up with that we’re recording and getting underway.”

  16. I hope Danny isn’t shotgunning his energy. Careers in music — for the vast majority of artists — are usually short-lived (in comparison to an ordinary person’s work lifetime). There aren’t that many Tony Bennetts/Frank Sinatras/Rolling Stones/Queens in comparison to the overall number of artists out there at any particular time. So I think Danny is wise to strike while the iron is hot. At the same time, I worry that when he’s got too many pots on the stove, he can’t watch them all and one or more foods will be undercooked or overdone.

    Worrying — it’s what I do. 😉 🙂

  17. From the Digital Journal:

    He listed India Arie, Kelly Clarkson and Prince Royce as his dream collaboration choices in music.

    I’d like that.

  18. I agree, Ellen.

    Leyicet posted a sweet video of Victoria crying. It seemed she heard her daddy singing and got upset. She was missing him. It must be hard for the children and Leyicet. My husband was away a lot. You learn to adapt and make time, but sometimes you have those moments.

    Would love to hear a Kelly Clarkson and Danny Gokey duet.

  19. I’d like those collaborations, too.

    Good to see that things are well planned out for future touring for Danny. His management is doing a great job of keeping him working and producing music. And while I wonder if the TV show might be too much, too, at least he doesn’t have the heavy drain of his charity taking his time and his family life is stable and supportive.

    Its got to make a big difference in an artists life when their home nourishes them. Danny’s always loves kids. He and Leyicet seem to fit together very well- even if a bit crazy at times — 3 kids in 6 years and how many different houses in their relatively short marriage?

  20. Is Danny no longer involved with Sophia’s Heart Foundation? Last I heard, they bought beautiful land for development.

    If he’s the host of a show, maybe he can film all his scenes in a short period of time??

  21. Cindy, the charity is being reformed and renamed. There will be a relaunch and a believe the TV show is related to the new purpose of the charity. I haven’t gotten definitive info…

  22. Hmmm… do you think the recent promo of “win a row of seats” at Danny’s upcoming tour (of people that are making a difference in their community) could be used as a source of “Better Than I Found It’ story lines for the upcoming series that Danny’s developing? Not substantiated by anyone, just a “jan-dan theory”….

  23. Good morning! I had a really full, family weekend.

    I got to spend some time at my niece’s house collecting baby gear with my daughter. And then to the Packer’s game vs the Bears at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. I shared it with my son, 78,000 fans in the stadium and the Sunday Night Football broadcast. Nail biter of a game but we had a great “Comeback” after a 20 point deficit!

    Now I have to decide if I can rally from too little sleep on this beautiful morning.

  24. Hey Admin2, I just put up a post on the AJC article 🙂

    I thought the Spotify comment was one of the most interesting bits of news, too. You can see what else I thought was news worthy here:


    In music news, Danny’s IYAII received 5 Mediabase CAC monitored radio station adds today according to All Access. Interesting that it got this much attention today. Was it a result of the tour coming up, the CMB event in Orlando or ????

  25. Sooo…. I saw this post…. this may explain why Danny cancelled his appearance on the K-LOVE tour? Or, it could be a false rumor:

    “Your songs are amazing brother. I love your passion and the stories you tell through your music. And we have a mutual friend… Lxxxxxx. Prayers for a beautiful baby and an easy pregnancy for your wife. Keep doing you!”

  26. “it could be a false rumor”

    I wondered because dark roots in a recent picture reminded me of previous times.

  27. I thought it interesting that Danny couldn’t really touch his toes in the warm up video… He seemed to be the least flexible of the band.

    Good to see the dance videos he has been posting to his Facebook page and that he is doing tour promotion interviews.

    I hope the tour sells well!

  28. “I thought it interesting that Danny couldn’t really touch his toes in the warm up video… He seemed to be the least flexible of the band.”

    It might help some if he had his legs closer together.

  29. Lurker, it is my experience that is easier for me to touch the floor when I move my feet further apart from each other. And when the choreographer told them to move closer, Danny had more difficulty. I am wondering if he over muscled his back when he was into heavy weight lifting? Ot maybe he just wasn’t born with it. My husband’s family is supper flexible. So is my daughter. My family is not, nor is our son.

  30. For those of us that have followed Danny from the start… It might be interesting to hear what a Christian reviewer has to say about Danny’s debut album, My Best Days.

    I don’t think this guy is a noted reviewer; just take it as an opinion to consider?

  31. Yes, I agree. The man is NOT a noted reviewer. 🙂 I really enjoyed My Best Days. It wasn’t meant to be a Christian album. When was this review done? It was a good album for the genre he was in. Okay, I may not have heard correctly. :/

    I don’t do Facebook, but I can see a few things before it shuts me off. I caught Danny performing yesterday. The band sounded GREAT! I really enjoyed how Danny was singing in a different style. Well, at least to me it sounded different. I liked it… Leyicet did mention it wasn’t his best performance. 🙂

    Hello to everyone. Miss seeing everyone posting. Hope you are feeling better, Ellen.

  32. I’m fine, Cindy3. Had to get some physical therapy for a left elbow injury. Apparently my joints are loose and I can hyper-extend my elbows. To tie in with what Lurker and Jan were saying earlier about Danny not touching his toes — some people are just naturally more flexible than others. I used to be pretty flexible when I was younger. And I can still put both arms pretty high up behind my back. But although I can touch my toes or the floor with my fingers, I can’t plant my hands flat on the floor. Danny is young, though, so I am surprised that Danny is so stiff. I hope Jan’s theory is wrong. Maybe Danny should try yoga. It’s good enough for football players . . .

  33. I was always amazed at how my mother could always touch her toes, and I had to really work at it. I realized that my legs were longer, and she had a shorter waist. Maybe, that’s Danny’s problem. 😉

  34. Three more radio stations added today

    DANNY GOKEY – If You Ain’t In It
    KLTY-FM Dallas
    KTSY-FM Boise
    WBDX-FM Chattanooga

  35. I’d really like to see IYAII start moving up the charts. The video was popular, so I am not sure why it’s struggling. Or am I just being impatient, spoiled by how some other of Danny’s songs have climbed the charts?

  36. It is a rather slow mover. It was stuck at only 12 of 54 stations on the Mediabase CAC panel for the first 10 weeks. Very frustrating. It is now at 20. Will it keep adding stations? I think the difference may be that it is the 4th single. And the song sales are not pushing it.

    And then you have a song like Lauren’s that exploded. Great sales, all stations playing it in high rotation… But it was a long awaited 1st single off her next album. It makes a difference.

  37. I did hear IYAII on the radio yesterday as I was driving to work, so I am a tad bit happier. 🙂

  38. Another tour interview. This one’s a little curious. Did Danny not catch the part of the question on his “writing” “What Love Can Do”?

    And I don’t understand the focus on the Chi-Lites. Maybe there was a part of the interview that wasn’t used in the article? I’m not familiar with them at all, and Danny is, err, a bit younger than me.


  39. Danny did not write “What Love Can Do.” Bernie Herms did. And Joshua Ledet recorded it first. I don’t know if Danny changed any of the words, as he did with “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.” But even if he did, he needs to not appear to take credit (or at least share the credit!) when others wrote the bulk of the song and all he did was edit a few lines. You are being much more generous and charitable than I feel at this point, Admin2. If it happens once, it’s a mistake. When it happens more than once, it’s a problem. We may love Danny, but there are plenty of people who don’t, and one of these days Danny’s misleading statements, taking credit where he shouldn’t, is going to come back to bite him in the butt.

  40. Ellen, my take on it was not that Danny outright took undue credit, he didn’t particularly even talk about the songwriting at all or who was involved. Just blew past that part of the question lol. It struck me like an interview that may have been done live and then transcribed, maybe in the flow of it Danny just talked to what he thinks of in context of the song and hit his “message” talking points.

    The album notes booklet has Danny listed as cowriter with Drew Ramsay and Bernie Herms. Assume that’s because they changed up the lyrics/structure from the earlier version, and it has a new title. Curious that Danny is the first-named co-writer, I guess that’s what growing music influence can do for you. The most accurate answer if someone was trying to directly answer, was that I was able to collaborate in adapting the song which had been previously recorded. But it may be a bit much to get that much fidelity into a quick phone interview. Even if given, the writer may have left it out due to lack of space/priority.

  41. Sorry, Admin2, not gonna fly with me. No, he doesn’t have to go into all the deets, but it doesn’t take much to share the credit. Sorry. 🙁

  42. Maybe, Danny is caught up with all the wonderful things that are going on in his life. One day, that time may come when he is questioned. I’m sure Danny would be very gracious in giving credit. But, maybe, Danny shouldn’t wait until that time. 😉

    *In all honesty.. I didn’t listen to the interview. 🙁

  43. Ellen, while I believe you are right in principle if Danny didn’t have writing credit, I have seen how impossible it is to clean up assumptions of interviewers (that Danny writes all his songs…) in an actual interview. I think he chooses to overlook the error (in order not to make them uncomfortable for not doing basic research or to put them on the defensive). He instead launches into the meat of the song’s meaning..and jumps over the assumption.

    That’s my take. But I may be cutting him more slack and a bit more grace because I had such a great time at the show… 🙂


    Postscript on 9/22/18

    I checked BMI registry for What Love Can Do and Danny has 1/3 writing credit on it. So he is considered the writer. The fact that a version was recorded by someone else does not diminish Danny’s legal rights as licensed below:


    BMI Work # 18717979
    ISWC # T-916647735-6

    Total Controlled by BMI: 100.00%
    GOKEY DANIEL JAY BMI 600623793
    HERMS BERNIE BMI 193327559

    I’d imagine the better/more popular the singer the greater advantage to having that singer choose “your song” to record…. changes and concessions may be necessary to place a song.

  44. So on the new tour, does Danny have live dancers or background singers? Is he still singing largely to backing tracks? Did you get a sense of the turnout, realizing it was an early show in the line-up and promo will be continuing through.

  45. I did see that Sam and Eric had microphones and did do some singing, buy Danny still uses his backing track vocals.

    No additional dancers, either.

    Our first snow seemed like the smallest crowd in a relatively big theater. Capacity was around 2100. The back rows of the floor and the balcony didn’t look filled up. I was told by some attendees that Danny had never performed in Peoria.

    St Paul was sold out a month ago, but its capacity was around 1500. That’s about what I expect with our show.

    Very enthusiastic crowds. Our show, the fans were on their feet for most of Danny’s set (except for a couple of slower songs). He never had to ask people to stand .

  46. And Danny is the third artist discussed in this podcast out of Milwaukee. I like that this MKE music critic has turned the corner and says the Danny has found his lane in Christian Pop and they predict lots of more headlining tours for Danny. Mr Piet was very critical of My Best Days…..


  47. In the 15 photos in the link, I like this one, too

    Summerfest 2017 with Danny gokey

    But then, I’m partial to ANY photo of Danny at Summerfest….

  48. “But the best of the night was another new song, “Just Haven’t Seen It Yet,” which closed the main set. A chanty, thumping, soaring and uplifting showcase, it displayed just how much talent Gokey has, and just how good he can be.

    The encore brought the horns – including a blasting sax — and bombast back for “What Love Can Do” and the closing “The Comeback,” which was joyous R&B.

    Gokey clearly has let go of the past and found his new thing.”

    Really positive review, but I didn’t like hearing that Danny didn’t fill the theater on this stop…. too many stops in PA? I hope he can fill enough seats to make this a profitable tour.

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