Pre-Tour Interview: Danny Gokey with AJC

Danny Gokey Photoshoot for Hope Encounter Tour

The Hope Encounter Tour Nears Launch

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (the AJC) posts a pre-Hope Encounter Tour interview with Danny Gokey

In it, Danny talks about

  1. This opportunity to headline a tour and hiring a choreographer,Laurie Ann Gibson, to produce the show.
  2. Leaving BMG, where he generated three hit albums, including a Christmas release. He feels his current label has more connections and can get him on the proper Spotify playlists. (Yes, Spotify matters now as much as radio and Capitol has experience in both arenas.)
  3. After working for years on a non-profit himself in honor of his late first wife, he is now putting together a TV show which is based on that very same “hope” theme and focusing on each non profit group’s mission to make the world a better place.

Read the full interview HERE

Another interview that tells us that Danny will be previewing two new songs!  Read the full interview at

Danny Gokey: A Hope Encounter | AN NRT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Article by Randy Ho

14 thoughts on “Pre-Tour Interview: Danny Gokey with AJC

  1. I understand from Danny (and his instagram story) that he will have “Tuyo” and “Can’t Stop The Feeling” on his tour setlist.

    The new keyboardist is at the rehearsals today, as well as Laurie Ann Gibson.

    Here is a sneak peak on the rehearsal setting

  2. That might be the first time I’ve seen the drummer’s kit from their perspective. That’s a lot of drums!

  3. I can’t wait to see everyone when I hit the concert at Wilkes Barre in 18 days….but one thing I’m curious about Jan is that Air1 radio is advertising a VIP package to LA for the Hope Encounter tour but they make it seem like Tauren Wells is the headliner and not Danny….I’m confused…I thought that this was his first headlining tour?? GokeyGroupie

  4. I was finally able to login. I hope Danny and Tauren are having fun on tour. I also wish Danny a lot of success at his new label. 😀😀😀😀

  5. Thx Jan for the input….I’m REALLY REALLY “Hope”-ing I get to actually speak with Danny this time as I’ve paid extra for the VIP experience…it would mean the world to me to get a pic with him and to mark it off my bucket list….what are my chances?? (Because some M&G’s are different)…..GokeyGroupie

  6. Angelsnell, maybe I have already mentioned this, but I have a connection to the W-B area, and if I hadn’t already had a wedding event in the PNW to attend, and an upcoming vacation in the Midwest, I would have flown out and joined you for the concert, as I would be able to visit folks I know afterwards. So, I will be there with you in spirit!

    As for the photo op, I think your chances are excellent. Since this is a paid VIP M&G, as opposed to a stand-in-line after the concert M&G, I think chances are very good that you will get a pic with Danny.

  7. Oh, didn’t see the first part of your question, Angelsnell. Yes, again because this is a paid VIP M&G, it’s likely you’ll get to talk with Danny as well as the pic. Probably not for long, and it’s unclear whether it will be one-on-one or as part of the group.

    For example, at a recent paid M&G I had with Kris Allen, he stood and talked to the group. His fans were respectful of each other and even encouraged each other to speak up or ask questions. But it was more of a Q&A session, although people did talk about personal things like how a particular song affected them. Then we each got to have a picture taken with Kris using our own cameras/phones. I was really impressed with Kris and how he managed the M&G.

  8. Oh Ellen that information makes my heart want to sing!! But only my heart as I can only carry a tune in a bucket lol…thx for the tips and being there with me in spirit…I will definitely let you know if my photo opportunity happens!! GokeyGroupie

  9. Angelsnell, something would have to go major wrong for you not to get a chance to say hi and get a photo with Danny this time with the VIP.

    This is how ticketmaster describes it:

    Golden Circle VIP Offer includes early entry to a limited pre-show acoustic performance as well as a photo opportunity with the artist.

    Now, sometimes the photo opportunity includes all of the artists, not just Danny. But still, you get to choose (with a minor amount of maneuvering where to stand, so you may be right next to him.

    Also, I know someone going to the first show, so we should be able to outline the process and hopefully other things, like concert setlist, artist order, etc.

  10. Another interview:

    I know that will be a big part of the night for you, but is there another part of the night that you’re really looking forward to? Maybe some new music?

    Oh yeah! I’m debuting two new songs on this tour that I’ve been working on with my new album. I have those, and I’m just really excited about the show.

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