Better Than I Found It – the Movement

People Loving Nashville and Danny GokeyThe first organization to be helped by Danny Gokey’s new charity is People Loving Nashville

“After 10 years of serving the homeless in downtown Nashville, our friends at People Loving Nashville needed a new home to be able to continue what they do. They only had a 30 day notice to vacate their current kitchen and find another place!”

In the video below, Danny Gokey explains his vision behind his new tour, the Hope Encounter, and his new charity “Better Than I Found It”/Be a Light in this interview with Andrew Greer.  Also, Danny performs an acoustic performance of “Hope in Front of Me”

Check out and follow the Facebook page of Better Than I Found It HERE.

5 thoughts on “Better Than I Found It – the Movement

  1. Can I send money to be a part of this??? {edit: email address removed} please let me KNOW

  2. Hi Lisa, we will definitely let you know when more info is provided by the charity or Danny’s team. Thank you!!

  3. I didn’t realize that Danny was not moving forward with the land bought for Sophia’s Heart. I’m sorry to hear that. “Closing the door.” That surprised me.

    His new project is a great idea. Sounds like an awful lot to take on. I know I asked before, but Danny considers this his ministry??

    I would be more than happy to donate, too. 🙂

  4. You just never know what will happen with that land bought by SHF…. The door closing is when they sold the homeless shelter in Nashville. It was on ~5 acres of land in a neighborhood of East Nashville that was turning over and becoming quite trendy. The facility was old and mechanicals were a major problem. I was relieved when SHF accepted the offer to sell it to a developer. Although I will always treasure the time I spent down their helping SHF and the Gokeys in their mission. Ed and I even stayed at the facility. We enjoyed getting to know the residents and employees.

    Fundraising is hard work to keep such an operation going.

    Now Danny’s new charity can choose to help other organizations making a difference and spread the word.

    Danny is living out his dream to showcase his movement/ charity efforts in his concerts. The little video fit in very well. I was just surprised he didn’t sing BTIFI – and with Tauren and Riley.

  5. Thank you very much for all the information, Jan.

    Very proud of all that Danny has done, and continues to do. 🙂

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