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Danny Gokey by Graiemark StudioTours, tours, tours!

While Danny Gokey’s is headlining his first headlining tour, The Hope Encounter, we are flashing back to few of Danny’s past tours or shows with the photos of Graiemark Studio!  Can you identify where the photos were taken?  There’s three different ones!

Danny has disclosed in recent interviews that after this tour, he will head out on the 3rd annual “Celebrate Christmas” Tour and then a new tour in Spring of 20191  We (and Danny) are certainly in a time of plentiful concerts- but there are still fans that are missing their Gokey Fix!

Danny Gokey by Graiemark Studio-0417

Photos courtesy of Roger Casama of Graiemark Studio

Danny Gokey Celebrates Christmas photo by Graiemark Studio


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  1. Having a videographer along on the tour sure has resulted in some cool and FUN mini videos. I think this one is really cute. Love the facial expressions of Tauren, Tony and Danny!

    PS. the Phoenix indoor concert was cancelled because of RAIN. It flooded the electrical control panels of the venue.

  2. I would have been interested to hear more on the new record label, but I like that he speaks positively of BMG. Seems like they are parting on good terms as Danny is ready to move into a new phase.

  3. Driving out from church today, I had the D.C. ccm station on. I was positive they weren’t playing any more recent DG material than RISE, but they actually played The Comeback.

    Driving somewhere else later in the day, they played HIFOM which I’ve been hearing for ages in rotation along with TYHTBA and Rise.

  4. From MJ’s numbers:
    I may not remember correctly, but it seems as though last time I looked, Carrie had higher numbers (with multiple songs) and Danny was headed down. (Not comparing their numbers. I know they are in different markets. Just wondering about what I see this time in comparison with what I think I saw last time. It’s my memory that I’m questioning.)

    Carrie Underwood:
    “Love Wins”: ^39 Country (39)

    Danny Gokey:
    “If You Ain’t It”: ^21 CAC (23)

  5. from a Yahoo article:

    “Over the last two decades, increasing numbers of women have had babies over the age of 35.”

    Maybe 6 feet tall and 200 pounds at birth?

  6. Lurker, thanks for bringing in these kind of random things to DGNews. You are teaching me to be more aware of proper sentence structure. 😊

    Always a good reminder!

  7. Danny’s latest single just picked up New Orleans. It has half of the monitored mediabase stations playing it.

    That’s pretty good for a fourth single, but I sure hope all sthe stations jump on for his lead single.

  8. Hello, Everyone,

    I hope you don’t mind me writing about Danny’s Hope Encounter Tour in Los Angeles. Excuse my mistakes in spelling and grammar. It’s been a busy couple of days.

    First, I want to say that I watched a video Leyicet made with her and Danny in L.A. today. She is not expecting, and made it very clear. She’s so funny.

    My husband and I left early. I have never been to this part of Los Angeles before. It was an experience. We made good time, and found a parking area right next door to the theater. When we pulled in Danny’s band, and Maestro were visiting. In fact, Maestro excused himself when he bumped me while waiting in line to see Danny. I later saw he was sitting four rows behind us. Very nice of him to show support for Danny.
    There were many people standing in line outside the theater. They were running late, so everyone who had VIP tickets were only able to take photos, and keep their stories short. Since I got tongue-tied it worked out good when meeting everyone. :/ I have to say Danny is so gracious and kind when meeting his fans. It would be exhausting for me. Tauren, and Riley were very friendly. Now, the photos were taken after Danny sung My Best Days, and speaking to the crowd. Lots of excited fans..
    Before the show started my husband and I walked around the Orpheum Theater. So much history and beauty. I was very excited to see where my early idol, Judy Garland use to sing.
    Now, I could not see the top balcony, but I think it was pretty full. The lower level of the theater was pretty full, also. It must have made Danny pretty happy to see so many, and to feel the excitement from the crowd.
    Riley Clemmons has a lovely voice. We really enjoyed her set. Tauren Wells was great. What a personable and talented entertainer.
    Then, Danny. What a great show! And yes, his blue towel came out. In his defense, it was pretty warm, and he was moving all about. It must be difficult when you wear glasses. Loved all the songs Danny sang. Really enjoyed the Spanish segment. Danny’s voice sounded great!! The audience rarely sat in their seats. Enjoyed his new songs. The song that I remember most was, RISE. Just really loved that performance. Loved the dancing. And, of course, The Comeback at the end. So many emotions through the whole show. I think Danny achieved what he wanted with this tour. Very happy for him. What a difference from when I met Danny eight years ago! I hope I’m able to see him on tour again, before eight years go by. Yikes, I will be soooo old. And, Danny would be 45!! Time goes by so quickly. Need to grasp every moment.
    Now, the thing my husband and I were wondering.. When Danny came on stage he never commented on Riley’s and Tauren’s performances. Nor, did Danny introduce the band. They were fantastic! Again, just wondering.
    This has been a fun journey to watch Danny’s career grow, and grow. I wish him continued success. I hope he always takes time to breathe. And, thank you to Leyicet, Danny, Victoria, and Gabriel for sharing Danny with all of us. It must be difficult to be separated for long periods of time.
    Everyone that is planning to see this tour… you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

  9. Hi Cindy! I am so glad you shared your experience and thoughts on the show! I agree it shows so much growth for Danny,

    My only wish was for Danny to bring his openers back on stage for a group number. I know how much I appreciated when he had that opportunity.

    And introduce the band 😊

  10. I just thought of one other thing, Danny never introduced himself when he came on stage, either. I suppose if you are buying tickets to the show, you know who he is and there are all the video background. And in this video he says who he is.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they did a brief video before the show with the artists and band members introduced?

  11. Still not okay. Have been instructed to minimize screen time. Getting worried about Danny’s upcoming concert this Friday. I seem to be more sensitive to the volume level of noise (including music).

  12. Last post. Very happy for Cindy3. She’s hardly the only fan to get tongue-tied! Also, I have a question for her: did she ever get instructions about the when and where of the meet & greet? If so, how and when?

  13. In both of my concerts I received an email. For Peoria, since it was the first of the tour, it didn’t come until
    AFTER I had asked Danny’s tour manager what to do. Around 3 PM, when the Meet and greet were to start around 5:15!

    On the second, it came a couple of days before the concert by email.

  14. I actually left out quite a lot from the concert. There were many segments of Danny on screen. I feel Danny is pulled in so many ways. Very busy.

    Because of time, and that Danny had to be somewhere at 6:15 the photos were all that were allowed and communication short. I can understand. There was a very long line. Still, Danny, Tauren, and Riley were so kind.

    It would have been great to see all the performers sing a song at the end. I can only think this was how management set up the time frame of the tour. But, the band was great!

    There is a lot that goes into a tour like Danny’s. I feel they did the best they could. I had a wonderful time.

    Now, I had trouble with my tickets. I had received my original tickets in the mail. Then, an email that there was something wrong with my tickets, and they would have to be picked up at the event, which made me nervous. Thankfully, I was able to print my tickets, and all was well. I did receive another email letting me know the time for my VIP experience. That, and another email of a change of time for the concert. Was a little confusing…

    Are you referring to the VIP tickets, Ellen? When I met Danny for the first time there was a meet and greet along with photos. Very easy going. This time, on stage.. Danny spoke and sang for people with VIP tickets. Then, the photos. Time limited.

    During the show, which I don’t know if it was just in Los Angeles or not.. World Vision had a segment, and was asking for support in sponsoring a child in another country. People choosing to take this step would also meet Danny after the show. I think he was going to thank everyone. I hesitate to say this. I hope I don’t offend anyone… Some years ago, I supported a child from Africa named Amade. I did this for four years. I loved doing this. It was my choice, and I didn’t feel pressure in doing so. With Danny’s concert, I felt uncomfortable. No one knew that I had been involved with this organization. But, for me not raising my hand made me feel bad. I was surprised that this occurred during the concert. My husband and I looked at each other, and wondered if Danny and all the members of the tour had looked… really looked at the streets of Los Angeles leading to the Orpheum Theater. I was taken back by the poverty, homeless and sickness in the streets. There is so much suffering in our own country. Made me so very sad, and I could only think of the suffering in our own country during that moment. I know Danny’s tour is helping organizations in this country. In fact, he brought a couple on stage from our area to tell them thank you and bring awareness. With the kind of concert Danny is doing he is reaching out to help the world. I think this is wonderful. No one had mentioned this with their concert experience, so I was surprised. In all honesty, my concerts have been John Mellencamp. Alabama, Reba, Donnie and Marie.. many Vegas shows.

    This is a different kind of concert. I enjoyed it, and with all my heart, hope that many are helped. Help that can come in all ways. Thank you Danny and Team for doing their part in spreading their faith, kindness, and charity for others in need. ♥

    Sorry for writing so much. Hope I answered your question, Ellen. I have no idea if there was a special Meet and Greet. Hope your concert is as wonderful as ours was. I’m sure it will be. 🙂

  15. I hope I wasn’t harsh. I know Danny’s purpose is to help others in need. I’m still so sad in what I saw in Los Angeles. I know Danny and his Team would have been, too. It was not to sound like they would not have been. The tour is about Hope. My hope and prayers are for those people I saw on that day, and all in need of the kindness and generosity Danny is trying to bring awareness to.

  16. And no, I did not answer all your question, Ellen. Sorry about that. Yes, my email told me to be in line for the “VIP Experience” at 5:15. Doors opening at 5:30. We were there a little before 5. They were late with the doors opening. The segment with Danny was short and sweet. Still the very, very, long line for photos… I’m sure Danny didn’t make his appointment at 6:15. My husband and I got something small to eat before sitting. The concert started a little after 7. People were still arriving. The concert was over around 9:50. Have fun. Can’t wait to hear about your experience.

    .. Oh my goodness. You mentioned screen time. We were four or five rows from the stage. I must warn you the lights were soooooo bright. At times, right in your face and blinding. They weren’t on all the time, but a few. Better when you would stand. Hope I helped. 🙂

  17. “World Vision had a segment, and was asking for support in sponsoring a child in another country”

    I have listened to this plea at each of the Christian concert tours I have attended. I am guessing that by supplying the organization with an audience and advertising on the tour media, the organization helps fund a portion of the tour? This is just a guess. But considering how many Christian concert tours I have attended, I am a little hardened by the hard sell. I think Danny’s willingness to thank those signing up is something I had not seen until the Peoria Hope Encounter with Danny. (Am I too cynical if I surmise the greater the response the more likely the organization is to fund future tours?)

    Danny is aware of the population needing assistance in that part of LA… he has been a supporter of the Dream Center since his SHF days AND he performed the DGBand peformed at two of their services that morning.

  18. Thank you, Jan. I did not know that World Vision had something to do with Danny’s tour. I’m not sure what to say.

    Yes, I remember Danny’s support of the Dream Center. Goodness, Danny must be tired with also performing at services that morning. Again, his kindness towards others is beautiful.

    That said, I was more concerned with the people I had saw that day in Los Angels than others in another country far away. I would have been overjoyed if World Vision was supporting the people and children in Southern California, and around the country. We in fact, are part of the world in which suffering is affecting many. Being someone who has sponsored a child through World Vision from Africa, and another from India, I would love to sponsor a child from the United States. Does World Vision do this.. I’m not sure. Please don’t misunderstand. I think it a wonderful cause, but when people were standing there waiting for people to raise their hands and decide to sponsor a child, I felt very guilty. Now, that might have been just me. If just one child found a sponsor that evening, I’m all for that. Maybe just a different way to present it. There is dedication with sponsoring a child, and very rewarding. 🙂

  19. Now, I sound cynical. There are organizations in the United States. Wanted to get my facts straight.

    Danny’s concert was great! His purpose abounds..

    Hope everyone has a wonderful time if they are going to Danny’s concert. You will. 🙂

    Off to Kansas to visit my son and family.

    All the best.

  20. No, Cindy3, you didn’t sound harsh. Anyone who has “met” you on this site and read your posts know that you are a kind and caring person. And you are just as entitled to your opinions as anyone else on this site.

    Don’t feel bad about the WorldVision thing. They did the same thing on the TobyMac tour. No one should judge those that don’t raise their hands. No one knows another person’s situation or reasons. I don’t allow myself to feel bad about not supporting a particular charity. I support the charities I want to support, and I don’t worry about saying “no,” or, in this case, not saying “yes.”

  21. Ellen,
    I hope you are well enough to attend the concert if you are still wanting to go when the time arrives.

    I think anything with the volume too high is noise–including music.

    I liked that Taylor Swift talked about Danny when he was part of her concert. She appears to give thoughtful attention to the ones who perform with her. I don’t believe Sugarland did.

  22. Curious what folks thought of the Fresno Bee article about Danny’s tour, posted on that other site? It doesn’t surprise me that Danny was diagnosed with OCD (though I had thought ADD was a possibility). It explains some stuff.

  23. I agree Ellen as I was taken aback by this World Vision promo as well…and it’s not the first time Danny has supported it during a concert but yeah for him reaching out as usual but nonetheless we have so many homeless and those with mental health issues in our own communities that I think we need to take of that first. And yes not everyone can give and that’s ok…we give in our own way and thanks to those that can support this wonderful charity.

  24. The charity partners seem to be a big part of Christian music tours and awards shows (K-Love?) from what I’ve seen.

    It must help defray the costs when you look at these tours with multiple acts yet ticket prices that are fairly modest in comparison with other genre artists.

    It surprised me the first time I saw it. In concept it didn’t bother me, but it got a little persistent if you stayed in the seating area at intermission. Guess I should have headed for a restroom break or check out the merchandise 😉

  25. Ellen, you asked about our response to this article: https://www.fresnobee.com/latest-news/article219815765.html

    Personally, I wasn’t surprised a bit that Danny was diagnosed as being OCD, I think the early stories of needing to wash his hands constantly until they were raw were a dead give away (among other traits I’ve noticed..)

    What I am pleased to see is that he encourages people with mental health issues needing to get professional help when he brought it up in his talk during the concert. That’s progress. Once upon a time he seemed to imply that a person JUST needed to turn to Jesus. He clearly finds encouragement and solace in his faith, but he admits to and encourages others to seek professional care.

  26. I wonder why this song that I’m posting makes me think of the next one I will post below.

  27. This is the song below the song above. I have posted it before. The song above reminded me of this one. I don’t know why.

  28. “WOW Hits 2019” is #8 on itunes Christian albums. Danny’s “The Comeback” is on the album.

  29. The Social Club Misfits’s Tuyo are at #9 on the Billboard Hot AC Christian Chart this week

    IYAII is #22 on Billboard CAC, 21 on National Christian Airplay with a decent spin increase of 83, but it is hard to break Top 20 without greater momentum. I hope it does make top 20 before the holiday songs flood the genre.

    21 17 DANNY GOKEY If You Ain’t In It BMG 1021 +83 2.606 21

  30. Not sure what to do tomorrow. I’m inclined to go, and if I have a moment with Danny, tell him that if I walk out, it’ll be because of my injury. My headaches are improving — less frequent and less intense. But I still seem very sensitive to sound. Danny’s concerts aren’t loud as concerts go, but all live music is louder that I seem able to tolerate right now.

  31. “Not sure what to do tomorrow. I’m inclined to go…”

    Good luck with your decision. I hope that all works out and that you feel at peace if you decide not to chance it. If you do go, I hope it is entertaining and that you have the energy to enjoy the event.

  32. Nice article. I think Danny’s come along way in being able to express himself. Not just in his music, in his interviews, too.

    “I feel like people think you gotta have it all together before you follow your dream. I didn’t. I’m a prime example of you know what — I didn’t know what to do,” Gokey said. “I want to encourage people through my story. Maybe you don’t have it all together — but man, just keep pushing. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you win.”

  33. Guess I’m gonna try it, and take earplugs along. But I find earplugs uncomfortable, so I don’t know . . .

    At least I can do the VIP experience and meet Danny again . . .

  34. Meant to mention to Lurker that I definitely heard the similarities between the two songs she posted . . .

  35. Yay for the new music and compilation album placement.

    This doesn’t seem to be the type of song for a Christmas single, or perhaps with a radio edit?

  36. Danny’s is the front-page picture for MJ’s numbers today.

    “Over on CAC, Danny Gokey notches another milestone. “If You Ain’t It”. This is his 4th single off of his “Rise” album and it has risen to top 20.”

    “Danny Gokey:
    “If You Ain’t It”: ^20 CAC (21)”

  37. I did go to Danny’s concert in Eugene. It was a mistake — a big one. More about that later.

    Pretty sure this is not “new news,” but I asked Danny if he had any info for Jan, and he thought about it and said the new single (I assume from his forthcoming album with Capitol) will be released in February.

  38. Great news Ellen about the new album but sorry you didn’t enjoy the concert like you would’ve liked…GokeyGroupie

  39. Ellen, you did get news from Danny. He had not said when the new single would be released. Hopefully it won’t slide to a later date

  40. Hello Everyone. Had a wonderful time with family in Kansas. Overland Park is beautiful this time of year. The trip went by too fast. Not a fan of flying, so I’m glad to have my feet back on the ground.

    Thank you for all the support from my tooooo long of posts.

    I’m glad you went to the concert, Ellen. I’m sorry you did not have a good time. But, you were able to bring us some Danny news. Thank you. If I had had enough guts I might have asked something, but lastly I didn’t. 🙁 Hope you are feeling better.

    Hope everyone is well. 🙂

  41. Hi All,I have been away since last Friday on a travel adventure. Very limited access to the internet.

    Please keep bringing tidbits and conversation here. I will catch up next week!

    PS. Good to see Danny’s song made top 20!

  42. Danny is selling a 3 pack of CDs, as well as single CDs, on his tour. I think the numbers spike whenever they report the sale numbers. Just my guess…. Plus some attendees go home and buy the digital album or CD?

  43. Was thinking of how much fun my husband and I had at Danny’s concert.

    How lucky all of you are to be able to see his Christmas tour.

    I hope Danny and Team are able to get some rest after this tour. Hopefully, it was as successful as they anticipated. 🙂 Los Angeles loved it!!

  44. Video interview from the tour, I didn’t realize Danny was already closing in on the last series of shows! But I guess that must be, with Christmas tour not too far into the future.

  45. Can anyone figure out what they are saying around 10 minutes into that interview about an “announcement”? Something with “brothers” but it didn’t mean anything to me without more info

  46. Mari and Danny are talking about doing a Latin number together? Not sure how serious they are on that comment.

  47. 29 of 54 monitored stations are playing ITAII. Two new ones:

    lw: Oct 15 – Oct 21 TW: Oct 22 – Oct 28
    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KEEH-FM Spokane Christian AC 22 22 7 3 6 3 3 0.049
    KGBI-FM Omaha Christian AC 12 12 3 3 2 2 2 0.014

  48. Hope everyone has a “spooky” Halloween tomorrow.

    I grew our pumpkin, and now carved our jack-o’-lantern. That’s a first. Oh, and the roasted pumpkin seeds are sooooo good!

    Happy Halloween. (^^)

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