Danny Gokey News & Discussion – October 2018

Danny Gokey by Graiemark StudioTours, tours, tours!

While Danny Gokey’s is headlining his first headlining tour, The Hope Encounter, we are flashing back to few of Danny’s past tours or shows with the photos of Graiemark Studio!  Can you identify where the photos were taken?  There’s three different ones!

Danny has disclosed in recent interviews that after this tour, he will head out on the 3rd annual “Celebrate Christmas” Tour and then a new tour in Spring of 20191  We (and Danny) are certainly in a time of plentiful concerts- but there are still fans that are missing their Gokey Fix!

Danny Gokey by Graiemark Studio-0417

Photos courtesy of Roger Casama of Graiemark Studio

Danny Gokey Celebrates Christmas photo by Graiemark Studio


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  1. Here’s the status on If You Ain’t In It on the CAC Mediabase Chart

    20 20 Up this week UNSPOKEN Just Give Me Jesus 706 654 52 3.308
    22 21 Up this week JOSH BALDWIN Stand In Your Love 595 535 60 3.895
    19 22 MANDISA Good News 595 698 -103 2.147
    23 23 Up this week DAN BREMNES Wherever I Go 578 520 58 4.246

    25 24 Up this week DANNY GOKEY If You Ain’t In It 453 409 44 2.427

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  2. Jan…Just got home from the Hope Encounter Tour in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania… It wasn’t sold out but pretty close and by the end of the night when Danny came on he was rocking the house. Tauren Wells was amazing and certainly has some pretty cool dance moves and Riley Clemons was phenomenal as well to start out the show. My highlight of course was finally… Yes finally getting my picture with Danny and having a few words with him one on one … so I can finally mark that off the bucket list! Overall it was an amazing show and am looking forward to the new album and really liked his new songs!! GokeyGroupie

  3. So glad you got your moment with Danny, Angelsnell!!

    Also glad to hear the venue was fuller than the reviewer indicated. I noticed ours was much fuller by the time Danny came on.

  4. Jan…I also found out this morning that someone from Danny’s team panned the audience during the song TYHTBA and put it on Instagram and guess who was in the shot…you got it!! Me and my oldest daughter!! I just had to record it to keep for a special memory!! If you saw it you’d recognize me in the fall poncho with the scarf..Another great keepsake!! GokeyGroupie

  5. Jan, it looks like the F.M. Kirby Center (when it was first established as a movie theater in the 1930s) seated 2,000. I don’t know whether it still seats that many, but 600 is not a lot of tickets sold. I will say that Wilkes-Barre is economically depressed and population-wise skews older. Not a lot of people are inclined to go (or can afford to go) to concerts.

    The season 8 Idol tour, held at a different venue there, did pretty well because hardcore fans — who often went to more than one show — travelled from Philly or NYC to see the tour there. That was back when the Idol tour was popular. The problem now (not just for Danny) is that because few people buy music anymore, artists need to tour to make money. So you have more and more artists touring constantly — not taking a break for a year or two in-between tours — and competing for venues and concert dollars. It also means artists may appear in the same region more than once. So concert-goers don’t necessarily feel compelled to see an artist when they come through a region, because the expectation is that there will be another opportunity. But of course, there won’t be unless the artist can sell enough seats. It’s kind of a Catch-22.

  6. I’d agree that the PA locations are pretty rural. 600 people (if accurate) doesn’t strike me as that bad, and the main thing I’d assume is to have a profitable average over the entire tour.

  7. EllenB/Admin2….I agree with the depressed area just from walking about town there were a few “sketchy” areas as well as people but the Kirby Center itself was warm, inviting and very pretty inside. There’s also something to say about a small group for the VIP that we were able to chat a little with Danny, Tauren and Riley without feeling “rushed”….overall I’m still on cloud 9 with getting to talk and have a picture with my “hero”. GokeyGroupie

  8. Sorry to hear that Angelsnell. Wilkes-Barre has been economically depressed for over 50+ years. Really since the coals mines started shutting down. But it always was a safe place nevertheless. I’ve heard from people I know there that that is changing — drugs are moving into the area from the NYC area because rents are cheap in W-B.

    The venue used to be the Comerford (then Paramount) movie theater, and it was scheduled for demolition until it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. I’ve never been, but I understand it is a nice venue.

  9. NE PA really isn’t that rural, Admin2. Wilkes-Barre has a population of 40,000 (more than double that at its peak), and there are many surrounding towns and municipalities, as W-B sits in the middle of the Wyoming Valley. Easily a population of over 100,000+ with nearby towns included. And over 500,000 if you included the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton triangle, all well within an easy driving distance.

  10. Hi Everyone.
    I’m a long time lurker but never commented before.
    Did anyone see the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda today? Kathie Lee said she met with Danny this weekend to discuss writing with him and Bernie Herms. She said she went to his concert and it was amazing. She started talking about Danny singing the Prayer but then was interrupted by a special report. Ugh!
    As of right now, there is nothing on their website but maybe Jan and her magical powers can find it.
    Love this site and all you do for us and Danny.

  11. Hi Lyn, how exciting that Danny was mentioned on the Kathie Lee and Hoda Show! So glad you shared that information!

    We will definitely look for that info.

    And thank you for joining us in commenting!


  12. Happy for you, ANGELSNELL.

    Nice article for Danny.

    It must be stressful for Danny. Hope his tour is a success. 🙂

    Hi, LYN. Thank you for sharing. What exciting news!!

  13. Thanks, Jan! I knew you would find it. I felt bad for Danny because she was in the middle of talking about him when the show was interrupted.

    Hi Cindy!

  14. Oh my goodness!! How exciting! And, thank you Kathie Lee for speaking so highly of Danny. Wonderful news.. 🙂

    Thank you, Jan, and Lyn for bringing it to our attention.

  15. Hey Lyn, I appreciate when people bring Danny tidbits to us. I would otherwise have certainly missed that really nice segment about Danny on Kathie Lee & Hoda.

    I am really excited for the recorded version of The Prayer. And it’s cool that Danny’s team iabreachic briadlybfoe writing partners. And could we wish for some morning TV appearances for the new album?!?

    iabreachic briadlybfoe = is reaching broadly for.

  16. Ok, Jan has me stumped …

    iabreachic briadlybfoe

    We’ll have to disagree on the definition of rural Ellen 🙂

  17. Hey Admin, that was a crazy one. I added what I think I meant by my crazy typing….

    So, thoughts on the been song? There is one more,called New Day to be posted.

  18. I really really really liked “New Day”…. can’t wait for the new album!! 💙🎶💙 GokeyGroupie

  19. Hey Angelsnell, I like how upbeat “New Day” is. In my group, two of the four preferred “Just Haven’t Seen It Yet”. Its pretty, has Danny’s core message, but I like the dance beat of “New Day” even better.

  20. Jan….lived the video clips you posted from MCall…especially since I see myself dancing in the front!! What a treat!! GokeyGroupie

  21. That’s a good opportunity to collaborate with someone who has the name recognition and reach of Kathie Lee. Must admit I didn’t know of her music background, I only know her name from the tv show, etc.

    And a nice tour plug to go with it. I wonder if Danny and Natalie might get a tv appearance or two with The Prayer if it’s released for Christmas. It could go into broader formats than purely CCM with the right exposure.

  22. I knew Kathie Lee was a singer (way back…) But I didn’t know her involvement with Broadway.

    I could see a few morning shows would be a good opportunity to promote The Prayer

  23. Whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve looked at YT.

    The lyric video of TYHTBA is over 37 million views?! (somewhat unfortunately, not the one directly from DG team, but another person’s lyric video attempt)

    Tell Your Heart To Beat Again (Lyrics) By: Danny Gokey

  24. I Will Not Say Goodbye also came on in the YT rotation while I was doing something else. Still sounds great. It would be nice someday if there’s a project it can fit, although at this point in his life perhaps it’s not the right song for Danny to adopt in his tours matching his themes.

  25. Yes, TYHTBA is a huge song for Danny. He may spend quite some time in his career chasing it’s success with another song.

    Someday, I would live Danny to use IWNSG in a project.

  26. What a terrible day! I got rear-ended on my way to work. My brand-new car, barely 10 months old. Very headache-y. Then an emergency came in at work, right at the end of the day. Ughh.

  27. Sorry Ellen…as Danny has sang before “better days are ahead” of you!! Hope your week goes better!! GokeyGroupie

  28. Good morning, Danny Gokey fans. Its a great day to be a Wisconsin fan because it has been announced that Danny will have TWO Celebrate Christmas shows in Wisconsin:

    December 1 in Oshkosh
    December 8 in Kenosha

    I will be putting up info about them.

    Ed and i were at Danny’s show in the beautiful, historic Pabst Theater in downtown Milwaukee last night. Danny’s been polishing the show since I saw it in Peoria. Its not so confusing about whether he was coming out for an encore. He kind of does, but it didn’t seem that way for his first show. (The musicians all leave after his new song “Just Haven’t Seen It” and then Danny comes back on after a couple of minutes to announce the Better Than I Found It recipient and to sing two last songs.)

    As is tradition, Danny looked out over the VIP crowd before the show and says hi to Ed from the stage. It was sweet.

  29. So sorry to hear about your accident, Ellen. Glad you are okay. 🙂

    I like Danny and Ed’s tradition. Very special…

    Beautiful photos of the leaves changing color and the first snow on Mammoth Mountain I saw on TV. 🙂

  30. I’m not okay, Cindy3. At least not yet. Saw my doctor today. I have whiplash. I’ve had unremitting headaches since the accident. And I’m supposed to be traveling this weekend . . . Not a happy camper.

  31. I’m so sorry you are going through the pain of whiplash, Ellen. All the best for your recovery.

  32. RE:TYHTBA, I saw Matthew West in concert recently and talked about songs he had Co written with others. He mentioned TYHTBA and said I should have kept that for myself lol. Such a powerful song.

  33. Hi Halo! Welcome to DGNews! Perhaps TYHTBA would have been a big hit, but Danny certainly improved it from the 1st version by Phillips, Craig & Dean. I think Danny’s vocals naie the difference.

  34. Gonna be on vacation for the next week, so probably won’t be posting. In some ways the vacation timing is good. It turns out I sustained a mild concussion in the car accident, so I’m supposed to rest and limit screen time. Also my brand new 2018 vehicle sustained $5,000 in damage, and it will be at the auto body shop for several weeks, including the time of Danny’s concert in Eugene. So I will need a rental car to get to the concert.

  35. Re the new songs (which I haven’t listened to, as I want to experience them as a nice surprise at Danny’s upcoming concert): I am hoping that Danny has not recorded them yet, but is giving them a workout on tour, living with the songs and finding nuances, so that the recorded songs will display Danny and his voice at their finest.

  36. Ellen, sorry to hear about your concussion. Nobody has come for that…. And your new car 😘

  37. Danny wanted me to wait until MKE to post any snippets of the new songs because he said he was making changes. I think he is working on them while trying them out on stage I like that, too. New Day is clearly a earworm for me. I can’t shake the refrain. 😍

  38. Interesting, I just heard The Comeback played on the Fox & Friends Sunday morning show.

  39. Always good to see you post, MrBing.

    That’s a good placement for Danny’s song, Admin2.

  40. I think they tend to reuse songs, so maybe it’s been on before or will be again.

    Of course, it wasn’t identified as his song, but still…

  41. Comments that I have heard/see lead me to believe that this is the tour that Danny will be going on in 2019:

    Winter Jam Tour Spectacular is gearing up for another blockbuster 2019 U.S. run. A launch party from Nashville is set for Monday, October 8th to unveil the artist lineup and tour cities. The event is scheduled to start at 8pm ET. You can watch live at https://www.facebook.com/winterjam/.

    Let’s see if I’m right, tonight. I have an exercise class that I won’t get home from until 7:30, 7:45.

  42. So am I, Jan. 🙂

    Danny is busy, busy, busy. It’s nice that his family can travel with him when they can. Children are adorable. Little Gabriel looks like he’s walking. 🙂

    I looked to see how many tickets were left for Danny’s LA tour. It looks like it’s going to be (almost) a full theater. 🙂

  43. Good catch. Have we heard when the new album may be out? Seems like a 40-city tour would be good promo.

  44. Winterjam would be an excellent time to promote a new album. Maybe Danny will have a song or two available at Winterjam and you could sign up for a pre-order of the album? That worked well with Rise and it helps to build big first week sales.

    I am not expecting the album until summer, now.

    Initially Danny said they were going to release the first song from the album this fall. Danny is singing two new songs, but you can’t download them yet, and neither are registered at BMI. So, my guess (and it is purely a guess) is that they will promote the Natalie Grant/DG “The Prayer” and possibly his version of O Come O Come Emmanuel starting in mid November. And that leaves a lead single in post Christmas. Give it 4 (or more) months to climb the charts and that makes late Spring as the earliest for a new album.

    Still not bad, and we are getting to hear new music in the meanwhile. 🙂

  45. “Kathie Lee Gifford

    Verified account

    3m3 minutes ago
    @dannygokey call me!!”

  46. I see Kathie Lee RT’ing several of Danny’s tweets. Though interesting, he has more followers than she does even though his numbers really haven’t climbed hugely over the years. Where FB seems to grow at a decent clip.

  47. Hi fellow DG Fans! I just want to say hi and I missed you all so much. I’m happy to know about Danny’s new songs. I am always hoping for all his success.

    (Melvin Bibal is my real name, @DeclanOnLine before 🤣)

  48. Welcome back, Melvin (Declan)!! So good to see you occasionally online. We hope all is well with you!

  49. Angelsnell, no upstate NY AND no WI dates (or Chicago) this time…

    But we’ve been lucky with the other tours.

  50. Hi Jan and Cindy! I hope all is well with you too.

    I am planning to go to US next year if my budget will allow me. Hopefully, there will be no emergency payments and it will be my top priority. I’m still not sure in which state of US I will go but for sure there should be DG concert in it. I know it will be a process from visa approval to ticket booking and everything.☺

  51. That’s great news, Melvin! I hope your plans work out. I’m in southern California if you need any travel tips. 🙂 Danny doesn’t perform here that often, but he is performing on Sunday in Los Angeles. My husband and are looking forward to his concert. 🙂 All the best.

  52. I hope you finally get your Danny concert, Melvin. While the Winter Jam is probably too soon for you to catch it, it would work well for seeing Danny in a big venue and as the 2nd billed artist (more performance time).

    As you get closer, please let us know and some of well traveled visitors will happily give you travel ideas and tips for things to see in the USA! I personally have been to about ~ 40 of our 50 states and I definitely have some favorites!

  53. There are some funny and interesting things in this interview, although a bit of a hitch at the start when there was a timing mixup for Danny to call in. Listen to Danny try to sing from The Little Mermaid at one point. He comes on just after the 17 minute mark, before that the radio guys are promoting his tour, playing some of his songs, doing a little DG karaoke and generally stalling for time.


  54. I thought it was a good interview, the DJs are clearly fans. But the delay in Danny calling in got them to threaten all kinds of dire consequences for Danny 😁😂

  55. Poor Penny… and I could do without the proposed sauna pics 😮

    But some funny parts, and interesting to hear Danny talk about the business side of his record deals and the current tour.

  56. I was waiting to hear how the new deal was better than the interest he had in the album’s with BMG, but he didn’t share that…

    I do know he said that Capitol had a bigger team and more resources…

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