Get to Know the Danny Gokey Band: Simon Yeh

Simon Yeh on solo with Danny GokeyOur featured artist is Simon Yeh, saxophonist for the Danny Gokey Band

Photos courtesy of Grace Fershee , Troy Lechleitner
& Brittenay Stevens

Simon Yeh of the Danny Gokey Band, photo by Grace Fershee

Simon answers our questions in this video interview:

One of my favorite Danny’s performances featuring Simon is this Air-1 in studio version of If You Ain’t In It

Here are a few of Simon’s answers to fuel your curiosity!

 What instruments do you play?

 I play soprano, alto, tenor Bari Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute , and Piccolo woodwinds.

What was your inspiration to make music your career?

Simon is from a family of 8 kids and they are all musical.  His family is very supportive of his music career!

Where were you raised? Where do you call home?

Simon was raised in Maryland.  He and his wife have been married for three years and they call Nashville their home.

What musician or singer are most excited to play with or for?

Whenever I have the opportunity to play alongside the many amazing musicians that can be found in Nashville, it’s a good day.  But, in all honesty, being out with and Danny and the band has been the most rewarding.  I’m always learning something new from the guys!! And I get to point people to Christ while I am doing what I love!! What more can I ask for?

You can follow, Simon on Instagram at  SimonYehMusic

Thanks, Simon! We hope to see you performing for many, many years! — Jan,

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  1. Yes he is Lurker…I’m a (former) flute, piccolo and saxophone player from back in high school and can definitely appreciate Simon’s incredible talent!! GokeyGroupie

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