Video: Just Haven’t Seen It Yet

Danny Gokey performs on the hope encounter tour photo by Troy WLDanny Gokey New Song Preview

On his Hope Encounter Tour with Tauren Wells and Riley Clemmons, Danny has debuted two new songs. We are pleased to share videos of “Just Haven’t Seen It Yet”.  This is one of Danny’s big vocal songs of encouragement.  Here are some of the lyrics in Danny’s new song:

Have you been praying, any you still have no answers?  Have you been pouring out your heart these many years? Have you been hoping that things have changed by now? Don’t forget the things He has done before.  Remember He can do it once more.  It’s like the brightest sunrise waiting on the other side of the darkest night.  Don’t ever lose hope, hold on and believe. Maybe you just haven’t seen it yet.

You are closer than you think you are, only moments from the break of dawn. All His promises are just up ahead. You just haven’t seen it yet.  He had the solution before you had the problem. He sees the best in you when you feel like your worst.  So when questioning don’t ever question his love for you.  Cause its something in his blood that you find to break through.

We shared the other song, NEW DAY, previously. Which would you like to see be a single off the next album? Could one of these songs be another #1 for Danny Gokey?

Video Credits:  Doug Johnson, Jr  and Anthony

Photo Credit: Troy WL

6 thoughts on “Video: Just Haven’t Seen It Yet

  1. My favorite is both new songs but if I had to pick it would be “New Day”…. love the beat….GokeyGroupie

  2. I like both songs, too, Angelsnell. But like you, I am partial to a really good beat. Uptempo wins for me almost every time.

    Except for I Will Not Say Goodbye and few other of Danny’s ballads.

  3. Blessed to have attended the LA Orpheum performance the lyrics truly speak to my heart! May God continually bless the artists that speak truth wisdom and encouragement through their music!

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