Danny Gokey News & Discussion – November 2018

Danny Gokey at the Hope Encounter by Troy Lechleitner

A Great Time to be a Danny Gokey Fan

While the Hope Encounter Tour is almost complete, we have lots of goodies still ahead for Danny Gokey fans!  There is the upcoming Christmas Tour, new Christmas music, a couple of acoustic videos, and the ramp up to Winter Jam 2019!

Danny Gokey wows in St Paul

Love this video by CCM Magazine

Watch a second video HERE

Photos courtesy of Troy Lechleitner

128 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion – November 2018

  1. Danny has absolutely come into his own and has become a great spokesperson! Danny has grown in leaps and bounds !

  2. Hello everyone! Wow, Danny has come a long way!!! I’m just a bit sad my busy life gets in the way of my being a super fan like I was before! Still love Danny so much and still play the old CD, Hope In Front of Me, in my car! Love you all!
    Jan, thanks for all you do for Danny!!!

  3. I don’t know if I should live this comment here but if the first one i fund. I do got your book few yrs ago. Help me a lot, the day I finished i give it to someone to read it and expected to get it back, but don’t happens happen. Right now I’m going through a lot of health problems and i have to get a vp shunt implant in my brain 4 weeks ago. Like all brain surgeries anytime the brain is manipulated even a little the chances of developed seizure are a lot until the swollen of the brain come down. I do got some coin of seizure or convulsions the don’t show up in the testing machine but the drs, nurses and family members see me getting it. So a dr the was in the hospital at that moment (no my neurosurgeon or neurologist or attendance dr.) give me a medication to stop the seizure or convulsions and im guessing was in an act of desperation to help me up. But doing that apparently he don’t check the meds i was taking and the ones im allergy to it, and this med have a contra reactions and some bad effects to me, and the only dr the can change it he can’t see me until next yrs in the end of march. My surgeon and staff are trying to see what they can do to helo me. One of the biggest thing is change in personality and suicides though. And i don’t notice but all my family do so they do and intervention thinking was the surgery and was the med the no one though was going to do this, i brake out crying and told them i don’t want to live like this anymore i want to dye. So since then im in family watch even by phone. I just want to be the normal me event been sick. My husband have to take some time off to keep an eye on me, if that or get taking by PD to a hospital and get on lock out and then send to a mental hospital. The problem is the i can’t stop taking the med just like that, have to be done by a neurologist under supervision and replaced with something different. The med is to avoid seizure. Taking it out can cause me more seizure, going in a coma, event brain damage. The reason i post this here is because i need a miracle. A simple one, just to be able the get a spot ASAP to the neurologist to he can make the change. A part of this my mom have surgery 5 days after my. And last week she have a nasty fall the make her stay in the hospital for few days, now they think she possible need a pacemaker.or she will have to be put in a nursing home because I can’t take good care of her been sick like im. And been Hispanic putting your parents in a nursing home is like a big sin for us, you don’t abandon your parents like that. So if you can pray for the miracle of been able to get to see the dr asap and to those suicide though go away i really appreciate it. Thanks

  4. Hi, Barbara,
    I wish you well. People can get through times like you describe. You can recover from having thoughts of suicide. (Try to get enough sleep. Sleep can help.)
    Hopefully, the doctor can get your medicine changed to one that works for you.
    Plus, if your mother gets a pacemaker, her health may improve. I have one. It helps me.
    You wrote “you don’t abandon your parents like that.” Getting nursing care–even in a nursing home–for someone you love is not abandoning that person. It is protecting them and doing your best to keep them safe.

  5. Hi Des & Catherine, so good to see you posting here. Lurker, of course, too!

    Barbara, I am so sorry you are going through such trials – and at a time you feel you need to be there for your mom, too.

    When I read that you can’t get in to see a doctor to adjust your meds until March, I thought of the difficulties I had trying to get my mom seen by the psychiatrist to adjust her medications. Very difficult situation that just doesn’t seem right.

    My only suggest is to keep reaching out and looking for a medical advocate to keep calling and moving up the chain of authority to get help. It does work if you have a persistent but calm person advocating for the help you so desperately need.

    And I will include you in my prayers that you get that little “miracle” worker.

  6. For those that may not have noticed, that link after the video above goes to a video of Danny performing “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me” with Miguel playing an acoustic guitar. I think it is a really beautiful version. Danny does it so well. Not a good video, but just listen to that tone!

  7. Hello, Des, Catherine, Barbara, Lurker, and Jan..

    I’m very sorry to read what you are going through Barbara. I will keep you in my thoughts. All the best. ♥

  8. I’ll check out the MBDAAOM video, interesting.

    Have I missed something, or no sign yet of a new Christmas single?

  9. I see other Christmas songs are being announced, I suspect that Danny’s team is waiting until this tour wraps? And then its on to promote the Christmas tour and (hopefully) The Prayer, O Come, O Come Emmanuel ?

  10. I guess I should have checked Danny’s social accounts before I replied to you, Admin 2!

    It looks like Danny and Natalie’s The Prayer is becoming available this weekend, we’ll have details up soon.

  11. I like this comment someone wrote under this video:

    “These are some gifted lyrics. I think everyone can relate to riding ponies on boats…”

  12. Off-topic, but I’m getting desperate. Bought a latex mattress and adjustable base (great for back problems and allergies). But I’m having the devil of a time finding a mattress protector, mattress pad, and sheets to fit. The mattress is slim, maybe 9 to 10 inches — more like the size of mattresses from yesteryear. But most bedding today fits up to 15 or 18 inches. Trust me, “up to” doesn’t mean “down to.” Typical bedding has too much fabric and it wrinkles and bunches up. Anyone have any ideas on where I can find bedding for a low profile mattress?

  13. “Anyone have any ideas on where I can find bedding for a low profile mattress?”

    I’m not sure I can help, but I will try. Like you, I find too much material creates bunching and wrinkles.
    My experience has been that the less expensive sheets, etc. are sometimes made with less material.
    Discount stores may give you the size you want, but perhaps not the quality.
    Amazon is another site to check. It is usually good in that a lot of information is given in the product descriptions and customer comments.

  14. I’m not sure if I will be of any help either Ellen, but I will give it a try.

    My daughter in law was having back issues, so they bought a top mattress for the bed they use when they visit. It’s half the size, but the mattress cover from Penney’s still fit fine. My mattress cover and sheets all come from Penney’s. Plain cotton sheets. Although, during the cold months we use flannel sheets. This is for a full bed. I had no problem adjusting. Just tuck in the excess.

    Amazon is a great place to shop, too.

  15. Great to see The Prayer finally out officially – and Jan’s tour video version still sounds great as well 🙂

  16. I wish I had kept my parents’ bedding. It didn’t fit my old mattress, but would fit the new one. sigh

  17. Good morning on this time shift day! I got to fall back twice this year. Last Sunday in Greece and today in the USA. I kind of feel like a ping pong ball….

  18. Would love to see your photos. I’m not on Facebook. I bet they are beautiful. 🙂

  19. Did the link not open for you, Cindy? You don’t have to be on Facebook to see shared album link…

  20. I changed the link, Cindy3. Its suppose to open for anyone. Let me know if it still requires a login.


  21. It required a login for me, Jan. And at first told me I was using the wrong ID for myself! I knew it was right so I plugged in my password anyway, and it opened to your Facebook page. But I didn’t see any pictures of Greece. I clicked on the “Photos” tab and there are a lot of photos, but if there if a specific album with pictures of Greece, I didn’t find it.

  22. I’m cranky because I really want “If You Ain’t In It” to climb up the charts, and there is little time left before the Christmas freeze. Not sure if they’ll continue to push the song (assuming anyone is doing so) after the Christmas break and before Capitol releases Danny’s first single from that label in either January or February. (I’ve heard different things about the timing.)

  23. The new link is suppose to work for anyone… but since you all are having troubles, here is one:

  24. I was able to see about 12 photos. Beautiful!! White buildings of Greece. Always love that color against the backdrop of the blue ocean. You are quite the traveler, Jan. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Go.. “If You Ain’t In It.”

  25. Another song by Lyle that I like. I have mentioned that I find things on youtube (songs, old movies, tv shows). Other than one song I heard long ago, I was not familiar with Lyle’s work. I’ve listened to several things this week and like the haunting, sad tone of this.

    “. . It’s a simple song for simple feeling
    You see the moon and watch it rise
    Across the continent the night bird sings
    And somewhere someone hears it’s cry

    So disillusioned
    Keep your head down
    If you do they’ll never know
    You’ll have no answers to their questions
    And they will have to let you go

    And disenfranchised
    They’ll take away by right what’s yours
    And make you martyrs of your own cause
    When they don’t know what cause it’s for

    And all deserted
    Stand alerted
    They’ll love you when you’re all alone
    But you find a red rose in the morning light
    You wait the night and find it gone

    So hear my words with faith and passion
    For what I say to you is true
    And when you find the one you might become
    Remember part of me is you …”

  26. The mass shooting in Thousand Oaks last night hit too close to home. My daughter is devastated. One of her friends from Cal Lu and her use to go line dancing at the Borderline when they were in college many years ago. She had wonderful memories from that time. In fact, it was college night last night. Very heartbreaking. A very peaceful community, and now this. Why? My heart goes out to all. ♥

  27. The past nine years of writing on this site I’ve spoken about far too many shootings. One close to our small mountain town, a friend of my son’s who lost his life while saving others.. now, a place my daughter had fond memories of when she herself, was in college. Why? I really have no answers.

    Watching our local news right now. Never have I’ve seen cars pulling off the side of the freeway, on freeway overpasses… all stopping, getting out of their cars, and standing in respect for the sheriff’s body passing by in the motorcade on his way to another facility. So proud, and heartbroken at the same time. ♥

  28. Are we becoming numb to these awful events? I hope not. So sorry its coming so close to you, Cindy. To any of us.

  29. I hope not, Jan. The shooter was a Marine veteran. I have no idea what happened. It’s a tragedy all around. ♥

  30. Yes. You’ll have to let us know all about this tour. Wish it was coming out our way, but grateful for Danny coming this far a few weeks ago. 🙂

    Now… the fire. Up north there is a horrific fire burning, and down here in beautiful Southern California is another. All the places my family is familiar with. Now, Malibu is being evacuated. Very fast moving fire. Brought me to tears this morning. 🙁

  31. It just seems like bad news after bad news, Cindy. So scary that the fires continue beyond the “fire season.” I wonder if our neck of the woods on the West Coast will continue to be habitable, what with the droughts, weather pattern changes, and so forth.

  32. The Santa Ana winds kicked up.. It’s awful, Ellen. I don’t think I’ve seen it this bad before. Especially, in an area I’m familiar with. I know my daughter is feeling pretty sad. This was her home area before moving up north. It’s a very beautiful part of Southern California. My husband and I just drove up some of the coast a few weeks ago.

    To let you know how crazy people can be. My husband just told me that a man was driving down our mountain road yesterday throwing embers out his car window. Yes, embers! He was trying to start a fire with the hope of the winds blowing. Thankfully, no fires were started and the winds didn’t come. Why do people do this??

  33. Wish I could send video and photos I’m taking off the TV. Unbelievable!! To see fire burning on one side, and beautiful blue ocean water on the other. Nature will recover, I pray the people will, too.

    I wish anyone who lives where the fire is burning, all the best. I only know of Ellen and me that live out west…

  34. I’m happy to report that IYAII is up in spins on the Billboard charts – its just getting passed by faster moving/bigger artists.

    It’s just made Top 20 on the CAC Indicator chart for what I think is the first time:



    DANNY GOKEY If You Ain’t In It BMG 518 +63 0.260 23

    Also, Tuyo is climbing to #32 (37) on the Nat Christian Airplay chart.

  35. That’s crazy Cindy with the embers!

    Now what is Jan trying to tell us — I think she’s checking to see if we’re paying attention 😉

    Danny listed in the three artista nebtio Ed in this Billboard article.

  36. “artista nebtio Ed”

    When I read this, I assumed “artista nebtio” was in a language unknown to me and possibly meant artists of note.
    When I saw the name “Ed,” I concluded that Jan is always thinking of Ed–to the point that she randomly included his name in her post. She can’t help it. She’s still in love.<3

  37. Awe.. very sweet, Lurker.

    Any snow for anyone, yet? My friend in Kansas woke up to a few inches. It’s very cold here.

    I bet Danny misses being on the road, but glad to be home and resting. Well, if in fact, he is resting..

    Very happy I was able to see Danny perform last month. Would love to fly back to see his Christmas show. Maybe next year he’ll hit a few places out here. 🙂

  38. It snowed, but it melted the next day. Since then its been so cold here. I don’t like it either. 🙁

  39. Yes, my “old” bones don’t like the cold weather. 😉

    I really don’t know very much about Danny’s “Better Than You Found It” campaign. One idea I have.. is to honor all the people fighting our fires, and people who are helping in their own special ways. They are leaving their community a better place. With the shooting and fires.. help is needed to recover. Heartwarming stories that would make for a good piece. 🙂

    …. since roads are closed, people are using boats to bring in supplies for people staying on beaches. Amazing!

  40. That’s got to be exciting to go to the White House for an event.

    Closest I’ve made it to there was taking some pictures outside from the street one evening during the holidays. Which I somehow deleted off my phone immediately after, ugh 🙁

  41. Yes, how exciting for Danny!!

    Never got to visit inside the White House, but my daughter and I picked a handful of grass through the gates. 😉

  42. That’s funny Cindy about the grass. Do you still have it?

    I didn’t think of that, but I think we were there just before Christmas – it was too cold to spend much time. Brr.

  43. Cindy, I love that you have it still kept in an envelope….

    Before 9-11, I had an opportunity to tour the White House. It use to be rather easy to get your representative or senator to reserve tickets for you if you were visiting… I loved it.

    I think its pretty clear that Leyicet, Danny and his peer artists are honored to be involved in the Faith Briefing.

    On the last night (nights?) of the Hope Encounter, Riley, Tauren and Danny did this or a similar song together. I could see Danny pullling them to the front with him to lead the song….

    I’ve had this info for awhile, I was hoping for a few more bits of info. Danny has confirmed to me the lead single for the new album:


  44. How cool is it that Danny sang “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” with one of the writers, Randy Phillips, today?!?

    @SPIRIT1059: Loved seeing @RandyPCD and @dannygokey sing together! #SpiritofAustinFest18 https://twitter.com/SPIRIT1059/status/1064304835170902017/video/1

    @RandyPCD: Hey @dannygokey ! So great to see you tonight. You were fantastic! And your band- oh my word. Thanks for letting me sing “Tell Your Heart” w you. I love what God Is doing in life. @garlandgriedl @spirit1059 https://twitter.com/RandyPCD/status/1064317119624552449/photo/1

  45. For Cindy3: Over the past week, with the exception of a day or two when the wind was blowing in a different direction, our air quality here in Oregon has been negatively impacted by the California fires. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to live in California right now. And air quality is one of the lesser problems the state is facing right now. The loss of life is staggering. What a nightmarish way to die!

    What is new with the northern and southern fires? I know that Oregon sent some firefighters to southern California last week, but they were rerouted en-route to battle the northern California fires instead. Not sure whether they’ve gone on to southern California or not. What can we do to help?

  46. I agree, Ellen. I heard on the news that over 1500 homes in the Malibu, Thousand Oaks, and surrounding areas have been lost. If you have ever driven around these areas, they are beautiful. The loss of homes for not just the rich, but all the others is heartbreaking. The loss of animal life breaks my heart. The fires down my way are almost all contained, which is good news!

    Please forgive my anger… I read a story on Yahoo about a border collie who was left behind in one of the fires. The family was able to get some of their school supplies and other things, but left their dog behind!!! Why!!! The dog survived the fire and was found in front of one of the only remaining homes standing in the neighborhood. She had been burned. Can you only imagine the terror this dog went through. Until I hear anything different… this is UNFORGIVEABLE! I can never imagine leaving my dear friend behind. This family does not deserve this animal’s love..

    What is even more heartbreaking and horrific is the Camp Fire that wiped out the town of Paradise up north. My daughter lives by San Francisco, and the air quality is very bad. The death toll rises each day with this fire. I think it’s up to 77, with over 900 still missing. And again, please forgive my anger… What was our President thinking with is language towards the fires out in California?!! 77 people burned to death!! Does he understand this? I can’t even imagine the horrors all the people up north went through, and are going through now.

    There are many things we can do to help with the fires situation in California, but much is mother nature. We experienced a devastating fire a few years ago. Another couple of fires last year. And guess what?? They clear our forest the best they can. We drive down the mountain and see the clearing and burning all the time.

    On a happy note.. I love the photo of Danny, Jan. When I met him on tour, I remember is “happy” eyes, and warm smile. 🙂

  47. Thank you, Ellen. All I know of is to donate to the proper organizations. I am trying to figure out what we can do, also. 🙂

  48. Cindy3, that’s what I was thinking. (Donation.) I thought I read that it’s possible to donate to the local fire departments, where the money could be used to help the fire-fighting efforts? And, of course, there are many people starting over from scratch. Not to mention the families that need to bury their dead. So there is plenty of need.

    I just heard on the local news that the Oregon firefighters are returning from the Camp Fire. It sounds like they never got to southern California, just went where they were needed most.

  49. Thank you, Ellen. 🙂

    I forgot to mention the loss of life in southern California, due to fires and the shooting. Animal life, too. Very heartbreaking..♥

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  50. Cindy, I have been horrified by the fires and loss of homes, lives and the world they knew in CA. I also can not understand the lack of empathy and the misguided suggestions on how its CA’s fault.

    Wouldn’t you think these serious fires are worth examining and a study should be commissioned?

  51. Yes, Jan. Some of the fires weren’t even in a forest. With dry weather, drought, low humidity, and wind… perfect fire weather. When fires burn in a forest.. the fires burn up the trees and hop scotch from tree to tree. When the trees are dead like many of ours from beetles… makes it even worse.

    Just breaks my heart at all the loss. ♥

    Danny is in CA.. how exciting. I wonder where the photo shoot will be? Wasn’t his RISE album cover shot out here, too?

  52. And yes, I know this is a Danny Gokey fansite, but (a) I don’t have anything new or interesting to say about Danny or his career right now (except to cheer Danny on in general) and (b) I can’t ignore what is going on in the world around me. So, not trying to offend anyone, and if someone wants to introduce a different subject, more power to you!

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