Danny Gokey News & Discussion – November 2018

Danny Gokey at the Hope Encounter by Troy Lechleitner

A Great Time to be a Danny Gokey Fan

While the Hope Encounter Tour is almost complete, we have lots of goodies still ahead for Danny Gokey fans!  There is the upcoming Christmas Tour, new Christmas music, a couple of acoustic videos, and the ramp up to Winter Jam 2019!

Danny Gokey wows in St Paul

Love this video by CCM Magazine

Watch a second video HERE

Photos courtesy of Troy Lechleitner

128 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion – November 2018

  1. Not at all, Ellen. Interesting article. “Human Influences.”

    My great grandparents moved to the mountains in the early 1920’s. Later, when I moved here in the early 1960’s, I never saw any scaring of our mountains. In the early 1970’s we had a large fire, and a few little ones. It wasn’t until a few years ago we had another large fire, and since, a few small ones. Now, some of them may have been set by humans, or lightning strikes. With the beetle invasion a few years ago, the trees are ready to burn. Climate change… yes, there is something going on. I also believe that it was circumstances that just happened. Whatever the reason, my heart goes out to everyone that has been touched by the fires. ♥

    “Gobble, Gobble.”


  2. I read a different article specifically about fires in California (not about the west in general). It mentioned the beetle invasion (probably caused in part because the drought has stressed the trees, I think) — the sick and dying trees become ready fuel for fires. But I also read (if I am remembering correctly) that getting rain (which the state badly needs) at the wrong time of the year hurts, because it fuels the growth of vegetation, which becomes fuel during the fire seasons. Like I said — complex.

    I can’t find that article now and don’t remember where I read it.

  3. On a different note, I’m guessing holiday music will take over the airwaves soon. I really wanted IYAII to make more of a move before the changeover. 🙁

    Guess I’m hard to please!

  4. Ellen, I know you wanted IYAII to be a break out hit for Danny, but I think Top 20 is respectable for a 4th album single & no $$ likely for support of it at radio (or radio tour) considering he switched labels. I think they went with it to have something on radio while he readied his next single from the new album.

    I think “Just Haven’t Seen it Yet” will do well for Danny. And he will be promoting it and his new album on the Winter Jam Tour.

    A fan asked me why Danny’s website isn’t didn’t list all of the dates, like Charlotte on 1/20. I checked in with his management and they said they didn’t initially list all the dates if Danny’s Hope Encounter Tour was going to be in the same area.

    I saw the same strategy being used for his Oshkosh and Kenosha Christmas dates. Until the Milwaukee show was over, they didn’t want these other nearby cities requested.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

    I am hosting this year, but it may be a bit stripped down in comparison to other years. Because our DIL was ill, we had our three year old grand daughter staying with us this week. We were glad to be able to help so that she could some rest – but she still has a one week old to nurse!! Its a blessing to spend time with our grands.

    But my house is a bit tore up and I have been MIA at work and here.

    Priorities, right? 🙂

  6. More off topic. I just set the table for Thanksgiving. I used my mom’s silverware and some of her best dishes and it looks beautiful. It will be hard to have our first Thanksgiving with out her, but remembering her this way feels special. My second pie is in the oven!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! Hope you don’t get too stuffed and can still move after your dinner! 😛

  8. And if you do any shopping over Turkey Weekend on Amazon.com, use the links on dannygokeynews.com to get to Amazon’s site, so that this fansite, which Jan & Admin2 work so hard to maintain, can get a small revenue stream to help keep the site going. It doesn’t cost anything except an extra mouse click to get to Amazon through this site. (Mostly, it’s just a matter of remembering to do so.)

    Anyway, I haven’t done anything this Thanksgiving, so I think I will order a few things from Amazon . . .

  9. Happy Thanksgiving!

    We had a really nice gathering at our house. Complete with our new grandson! He did great.

    But I am exhausted! If the cleaning and cooking isn’t enough, there is all that clean up of the kitchen and leftovers to put away.

    All worth it!

    And while I sent leftovers home, there is the enjoyment of repeating this meal 🙂

  10. I did a lot of shopping on Amazon. Came very close to ordering For King and Country’s new CD, but decided to hold off for now.

  11. Hi Ellen, we like to call him K-luv, but his real name is Kaleb Lee <3

    He’s a very sweet baby. No sign of colic at this time. Sources tell me he slept for over a 4 hour chunk last night. Not bad for 12 days old!

    I’m remembering how exhausting those first weeks, months, (years) are!

  12. The Christmas songs are starting! I see a couple stations played Danny’s “Mary Did You Know” yesterday and one played Lift Up Your Eyes.

  13. Congratulations, Jan! A new grand baby. How lovely.

    I love playing with my little grandson. Can’t believe he will be three very soon. Time goes by so quickly. While my husband is at work, my son always hangs our Christmas lights. This year little Dean helped. The tradition continues..

    I’ve been listening to Danny’s Christmas album for a while now. One of my favorites. 🙂

  14. Comment from our Youtube page about The Prayer:

    I heard this on the radio yesterday. Oh my!

  15. We’re testing out some new sections/boxes to some of the posts and to the page sidebar, including a “Holiday Picks” list of featured items above on this page.

    Let us know if that causes any troubles for you, or is annoying in using the site. (Depending on your browser or other factors, you may not even see these)

    In a related sense, if there’s any music or books you’re particularly enjoying this season (DG or other), maybe we can feature those sometime next month. Let us know.

  16. I’m not sure what is different, Admin2, as I tend to head directly for the discussion section. But if the site becomes unstable, I’ll let you know. The other site-that-shall-not-be-named has become unviewable because of all the ads that overtake the content.

    FWIW, I generally use Firefox as my browser.

  17. Above in the discussion page, you may see a small section with the title Holiday Picks – DG and Friends, just below where Jan has her link to see a second video.

    Also on the sidebar, you may see a new box visible below the Events calendar and above the Conversations / Featured Video content.

    There are variations on other posts as we’re experimenting.

  18. Surprising to me is that it is listed as GokeP (a Danny Gokey song).

    IYAIT managed to make Top 20 at Mediabase. It is on it’s way down in spins. (As are most non Christmas songs) Now that the Christmas songs are started on some stations.

  19. I see it on the download chart as well, up some spots from last week. But I don’t see where it’s officially listed for radio.

  20. @dannygokeynewz: Debut for their duet! @dannygokey & @NatalieGrant’s #ThePrayer is #46 on the @Mediabase CAC chart!

  21. 1111 Danny Gokey & Natalie Grant The Prayer itunes songs per MJs

    iTunes Christian songs
    33# The Prayer
    77# TYHTBA
    154 IYAII

  22. The Prayer had 8 stations adding it today.

    O Holy Night received on from WMCL in Fort Wayne.

  23. Does there seem to be a radio edit for The Prayer, or is it the single as released for purchase? Glad to hear it’s getting some love from the stations.

  24. I haven’t figured that out, yet. Admin.

    But it is very good to see it is #27 on the current Billboard Christian Airplay chart!

  25. Just bought The Prayer. Beautiful. Danny’s voice is so strong. Gave me goosebumps. A song very relevant for California at this time..

  26. Oh no, I just went to Amazon. Sorry. I actually had some trouble. We aren’t iTunes users.

    I will be doing Christmas shopping on Amazon. How do I find your link, again?

  27. Hi Cindy, if you click on any of the Danny products featured here, it takes you to Amazon. Then you just have to choose the department you want to shop,or enter the item.

    I use the DGNews links for all my Amazon shopping. Personally and for our business! It provides a modest revenue for running this site. Some day it might be self supporting, LOL!

    Try it out and let me know if you have any problems.

  28. Cindy3, right under the pink-highlighted “Discussion Corner” tab in the upper right-hand section of the web page is a vertical display of of four visual icons for the tracks “The Prayer,” “Tuyo,” the book “Hope in Front of Me,” and the album “Rise.” Click on any one of those icons, and it will take you to that place on Amazon. But once you are there, just use the search bar in the upper center of Amazon’s webpage to change the page and search for whatever you are looking for. Does that make sense?

    I know Jan already answered your question, but I’m OCD and I never find what other people tell me to look for without a paint-by-numbers description, LoL! 😉

  29. From the link Jan posted to a review of The Prayer:

    Today I was introduced to one such cover the “The Prayer”- Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant’s cover; via one of the Spotify playlists that I listen to (I think it was a Daily Mix or Release Radar…). And because I knew of the powerful and impacting original, I knew that this rendition would be awesome. In a way, it is. Danny and Natalie eloquently deliver all of the lyrics with passion and zeal, while singing together beautifully in harmony also.

    Is anyone familiar with Spotify as far as the playlists he mentions? Just recalling back to Danny saying getting placed on streaming playlists was one of his hopes for the new label deal.

    Just because it’s nice to read the review, I won’t leave them a comment that the lyrics in The Prayer are Italian, not Spanish 😉

  30. Release Radar is a playlist of new releases recommended just for you.

    Updated every Friday with music released over the past few weeks, it includes artists you listen to the most and some new discoveries based on your recent listening.


    Daily Mix
    Introducing the music you love, minus the effort.

    Your Daily Mixes – each corresponding to a style of music you’ve been into – is loaded with your favorite tracks and artists, plus a few recommendations. Watch as your Daily Mixes change as your taste changes.

  31. I thought it funny that they thought it was Spanish, too…. But I chose not to comment, too 😊

  32. Worship in the Adirondacks is at Word of Life Bible Institute..
    0 · Pottersville, NY ·
    We are excited to announce that 2 time Male Vocalist of the Year and finalist on American Idol (Season 8) Danny Gokey will be joining us at Worship in the Adirondacks 2019. Danny has had some incredible music on radio and his music ministry continues to grow. Danny will be headlining Friday June 28 and Kari Jobe will be headlining Saturday June 29. Order your tickets today at http://www.worshipintheadirondacks.com.

  33. I don’t know if people who aren’t on Twitter can view it?

    There was an option to embed the tweet, but I don’t know enough about the rules for that, so thought it safer to just copy the link instead.

  34. Thank you, Ellen. So precious. Danny is the sweetest ‘big’ brother. 🙂

    Danny and Leyicet are so blessed..

  35. Hmm. There is a mechanism to embed a tweet just by posting the individual tweet link, the one you get from clicking the timestamp. However it doesn’t seem to be working for us in the way that posting a YT link usually will.

    Will have to look into that further.

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