If You Ain’t It -Billboard Chart Achievements

Danny Gokey sings If You Ain't In It -rene

This may be the end of the chart climb for “If You Ain’t In It” – Danny Gokey’s 4th single from his album, Rise with the move to Christmas songs on radio.  It did well on Billboard charts considering its timing and limited promotion.  Here is how it did on the Billboard records:

Christian Airplay peaked at #19 on 8-11-18

Christian AC Indicator #20 on 10-27-18

Hot Christian Songs  #26 on 9-15-18

Christian AC Songs #28 on 8-25-18

Tuyo made it to #27 on Christian Airplay on the 11-17-18 chart and all the way to #9 on the Christian Hot AC/CHR chart on 9-29-18.

Glad to see this video of the song has climbed to 3.3 Million views!

We are excited to see that Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant’s new release, The Prayer has 16 stations playing it this weekend!  We hope it does very well for them.

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  1. Hi Stacey. Generally the promotion budget from an album allows for one or two singles (on a rare occasion, three) to be promoted. This is the fourth single from an album with Danny’s former label. Before it was selected as a single, its video already had more than 2 million views by fans. So, Danny’s team knew it was popular and just let it see what it could do?!?

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