Danny Gokey News & Discussion- December 2018

Danny Gokey performs at Zorn Arena Celebrate Christmas Tour

Its that most wonderful time of the year!

Its Natalie Grant and Danny Gokey Band performing on the Celebrate Christmas Tour!  For info on the tour, click HERE.  Two of the shows are sold out.

Danny Gokey Natalie Grant perform Zorn Arena Celebrate Christmas Tour

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Danny Gokey and backup singers perform at Zorn Arena - Celebrate Christmas Tour

Thanks to TroyWL for sharing his talents with us. We can’t wait to see the 2018 tour photos!

44 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- December 2018

  1. I published a day early because the Christmas tour is underway and i have to post here a few videos I have found. <3

  2. I hope everyone that is attending Danny and Natalie’s Christmas Tour will comment here about it. 🙂 The Prayer is so beautiful. Was wondering if it could be nominated for any awards in the future..

  3. I was bored and made a change

    I can put it back or keep it this way, let me know what you all like.

  4. My screen is still white. The writing is still black. Snow is blue.

    The comment box, where I am writing before I post, has a dark screen–almost black. The writing there is white.

  5. The feature I had for the snow effect the past year or two isn’t there anymore, but I found a new one that let’s us tailor the colors.

    We’ll have to see if it stays blue 🙂 It seemed like the right choice last night, it’s been unusually cold where I am. Brrr.

  6. We had the real stuff in Wisconsin today! Just check out Danny’s insta-stories to see how excited he was to be back in WI and have snow!

    I will be sharing my trip to see the Christmas show on Saturday night. You probably have noticed my tweets about it from the DGNews twitter and Instagram account. I also have some short videos, etc.

    And maybe a tidbit from Danny himself…. no time with Santa Ed and Danny this time– when he is on this tour with Natalie, they really do try to limit their exposure and rest their voices.

  7. Just seeing if this will load:

    Danny & Natalie

    Let me know if this GIF gives you a headache! I can replace it with a single photo.

    Look at the height of Danny’s hair….

  8. I feel like the grinch who stole Christmas, but yes, Jan, the gif really does give me a literal headache. I am not fully recovered from my car accident, and one of the things that hasn’t budged is my sensitivity to sound and light (which includes fast action as well as flashes of light).

  9. OT since this seems to be a quiet week. From one of my favorite singers and tied to upcoming movie

  10. Oh my, ADMIN2. The song is so pretty and sad. Clint Eastwood has been my favorite actor since I was in high school. Many moons ago. I remember going to the drive-in to see Dirty Harry with my future husband. Yes, a drive-in. He was soooo handsome. He still is. You never want to let the “old” man, or “old” woman in. 🙂 I’m working on that now. 😉

    I read that Toby Keith spoke with Clint Eastwood at a charity golf tournament, and discussed Clint Eastwood’s upcoming 88th birthday. Toby asked Clint what keeps him going. He replied, “I just don’t let the old man in!” And, that became his new song..

  11. Thanks for the video, Admin2. And that sounds like good advice, Cindy.

    Unfortunately, my degenerative joints in my hands and feet frequently remind me that an old person is trying to get in….

    Today I had to hand the manual cookie press to my daughter when we were making Christmas Spritz cookies.

  12. I think the song is pretty, but…I had to take early retirement (because of health problems) and quit driving long before I expected.

  13. All of you are so young.

    I agree. I have my aches and pains. For me, I think the mental aspect of getting old needs to be worked on. 🙂

  14. I found it interesting to listen to Mark L. talking about MDYK and his thoughts on what she might have ‘known.’ I read a blog earlier this week about the song that was discussing the lyrics. He had better answers than the blog-writer was giving him credit for.

    This can be such a tricky area for songwriters and performers sometimes, thinking about this example, or the recent mini-kerfluffle that Lauren Daigle got into.

  15. I had to go back looking for the early video of Danny singing the song, before it became more polished and eventually recorded.

    I think this was the first one? Still is powerful. Very well suited to his voice, among other attributes of course.

  16. Yes, that is the 1st time. I believe the church wanted him to sing their worsip team’s areanfement of this very song. I found the recording at Christmas Eve and Danny got very excited to see/hear it …

    He copied it to his youTube channel and shared it.

  17. I’m clearing slipping…. Danny actually beat me to posting about the toy dropoff in AL…

    You know, working fulltime is definitely cutting into my ability to scoop Danny on his news. I saw the article and video about it last night. But I was too tired last night and too busy at work today.

    But, I did put up a nice post on it.

    Anyone wanting to be a reporter for DGNews? 🙂


  18. That is great news about the televised concert, I hope a lot of people see it.

    One of the artists I follow on the country music side just put this on Youtube, brought back some DG memories

  19. That’s great news! I can’t wait to watch.

    Was listening to Tennessee Christmas today on our way to our son’s. 🙂

    Pink snowflakes. 🙂

  20. I haven’t got her newest music, but The Blade was great. I also like her earlier songs like this one – I saw it on CMT or GAC video channels, first time I’d been aware of her but I really liked it.

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