Recap: 2018 Celebrate Christmas Tour

Danny Gokey & Natalie Grant in OshkoshDanny Gokey and Natalie Grant Celebrate All the Wonder of the Christmas Season

It’s their third annual Christmas tour! The set is still beautiful, the artists dressed in finery and their voices (can this be?) are richer and fuller as they sing classics and hits together and separately.  Approximately 1700 Wisconsinites gathered on a snowy night in Oshkosh Wisconsin – on the cold shores of Lake Winnebago to enjoy a wonderful night of music.  Classics songs of Christmas,  like “Holy Night”, “Mary, Did You Know”, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, “White Christmas”, “This Christmas”, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, and many more!

Danny Gokey Celebrate Christmas in Oshkosh

In Danny Gokey’s set of songs,”Lift Up Your Eyes” seemed to be a crowd favorite. It produced a lot of spontaneous clapping to the beat by the audience.  He also sang his soon-to-be-released new song, “Just Haven’t Seen It Yet” as he encouraged listeners to hold on to hope and God’s plan for us.  “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” and “Mary Did You Know” rounded out his singles performed.  Unfortunately there was not enough time in this Christmas concert for Danny’s other CAC hits of “Rise” “Hope in Front of Me”, “More Than You Think I Am”, “Masterpiece” or “If You Ain’t In it”.

Our evening at the concert started with over 100 people in the VIP event!  In an effort to safe guard the voices of the artists, we did not have a meet and greet.  Instead a Question and Answer session with Danny and Natalie.  The promoter of the concert asked for questions to be emailed prior to the concert.

Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant at the Q&A

Of course I sent the promoter 6 questions.  Since there were only time for four questions, I was surprised that two of the four were mine!

  1. In most concerts, the artists do blocks of songs independent of the other artists.  How did the integrated style of concert for the Christmas Tour come about?  Answer:  When they first discussed the tour, they sat down and this just came together as a natural way for them.  Its their favorite kind of music and they love singing it together.  Initially they both wanted “O Holy Night”, but now Danny feels its best with Natalie.  And he has “Mary Did You Know”.  They wish more concert opportunities were organized like this. 
  2. Were you a good student?  We know the answer from Danny:  No.  But in order to graduate from high school he had to get on the honor roll his senior year since he had skipped so much school in previous years.  He pulled his grade point average up to 1.9! Natalie said she never got in trouble since she is such a people pleaser and got along well in her classes, but she also wasn’t excited about high school, either.
  3. Lauren Daigle is promoting her new songs on Jimmy Fallon, Dancing with the Stars and on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  What is your reaction to the secular appearances and the criticism she has received for appearing with Ellen?  Answer:  Both Natalie and Danny feel we shouldn’t judge Lauren or Ellen.  Also they felt it was the mission of Christians to go beyond their comfortable surroundings and go out “into the world”.  Danny felt similarily criticized for not testifying to his faith in Jesus on “American Idol”.  He felt that would have turned people away, not bring them closer.
  4.  Favorite Christmas Traditions?  Answer:  Of course Danny talked about food: Because of his wife’s upbringing, they are bringing in lots of new international foods as traditions to their holidays.  But from his childhood, he loves HAM.  But not the salty, country cured type.  He loves honey glazed ham.  Natalie said that her fondest memories are singing Christmas carols around the piano at her family’s gatherings.

Their encore, The Prayer, is just beautiful.  So glad it was released as a single!  Check it out HERE and on this instagram post from Danny:

You can read my original recap (from 2016) HERE.   Or see some of the videos from past years HERE.

And the snippet of news I teased on?  It was shared with me that there are some great things developing with “Better Than I Found It” that Danny can’t wait to share!

Catch some of the beautiful photos of Troy Lechleitner below by swiping left below:

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  1. Jan, if I were you, I’d add something to the headline to indicate that this is a recap. I started to pass on it, thinking it was something I’d seen before, to move on to the current discussion thread, until I spotted the info about the Wisconsinites lining up!

  2. If I had to guess, Jan, I would suspect that questions #1 and #3 were among the 6 you submitted — mostly because they are more complex and less obvious. And I think you already more or less knew Danny’s answer to question #2 (albeit the question was directed to Natalie as well).

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Ellen. When I started the post (a week ago!) I didn’t know where I was going with it. And by the time I published it, I forgot to add the recap to the title, LOL. (I didn’t change the link since that would break connections with Facebook, twitter, etc.)

    You know me well, I did ask the 1st and 3rd questions.

    I really hope that Danny gets some of the opportunities that have broken for Lauren with his next album. She is a much bigger album seller, but I think his style would go over well with secular opportunities, too. And it is consistent with his mission to bring hope to a broader audience.

  4. Danny was on Harry Connick Jr.’s show, and did a great job!

    I have no idea what happened with Lauren and Ellen.

    Danny’s message of hope, and making the world a better place, many can relate to.

    Thank you Jan. It was a great recap. 🙂

  5. Natalie and Danny reported via insta-story that they are taping their Christmas show tonight for rebroadcast. Maybe December 21st?

    So cool!

  6. Cindy3, some fans thought it was inappropriate for Lauren to appear on Ellen, either because it is a secular show and/or because Ellen is gay. I really don’t want to offend anyone, so Jan or Admin2, please use your judgment to delete this post.

  7. Thank you, Ellen and Jan. That is terrible!! I am a fan of Ellen’s. I think both these women were probably hurt. It’s easier to write nasty things when no one knows who you are. Sad.

    Danny and Natalie’s Christmas show on TV?? That would be wonderful!!

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