Danny Gokey News & Discussion- January 2019

Danny gokey in concert on the Be One Tour

Happy New Year, Danny Gokey Fans!

Can it be possible that Danny Gokey audition was broadcast on “American Idol” in January 2009? That was ten years ago!

Our lead photo (by Annette Holloway) is from his current, Christian Artist, music career.  But here is a few more looks from Danny’s 1st (above) “American Idol” career period and 2nd (below) Country/RCA -“My Best Days”.

How long have you been a fan of Danny?  What stands out in your mind from those days?  How has Danny changed, or should we say evolved, since 2009?

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Thanks to Annette Holloway Photograghy for our lead photo

And one of the most heart warming photos of Danny?  This one that he shared on Christmas morning:

60 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- January 2019

  1. Awe, thank you. Nice photos, Jan. The My Best Days cover shows a very handsome, heartthrob Danny. 🙂 Not that he isn’t now, but he’s matured into a very handsome man, and father of three. From the Idol days, Danny still has those twinkling eyes when he smiles… that you appreciate even more when you see them in person. Okay, okay… I’m old enough to be his mother. 😉

    I’ve been a fan of Danny’s since his Idol days. Found this site, I think, the same year. Wow, ten years! I’m so happy for Danny’s success, and the happiness in his personal life. It’s been a fun journey that I hope continues for many, many, years.

    Thank you for this site, and keeping us up to date on Danny’s career. I enjoy coming here and reading the posts from all you lovely ladies.. and men. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more Cindy!! Well said Jan….and I’ve been a fan for a long time as well…and have traveled near and far so see him and the guys!! So incredibly blessed by his music and words that have helped me more than he will ever know….I thank God every day for CCM and all the artists whose music gets me through every day. And thank you Jan for this site, amazing words, updates and all of your hard work for without it I’d be lost…. GokeyGroupie

  3. A poem I found..

    May The Stars Shine Upon Your Life,
    May Gorgeous Flowers Blossom Your Life
    May The New Year Rock Your Life
    And May God Bless And Protect You
    All Through The Year.

    Happy New Year, Everyone!

  4. Danny’s calendar for 2019 is already filling up.

    Hoping for some Southern California dates.

    Did anyone watch the Rose Parade? Besides the sudden ending, our small community of Big Bear, had our first float in the parade. 🙂

  5. From the news I heard there was a fire on one of the floats? Did it end the entire parade?

  6. It was close to the end of the parade, but still more floats and bands to see. A very large float didn’t quite make it around the corner, and then I guess there was a fire. People started to leave and the streets were very crowded. Our broadcast ended, and that was that. It was a beautiful day, and the floats were so pretty. 🙂

  7. Happy new year everyone.I know its a little late.Anyway 2019 will be bringing new adventures, new chapters for us, onwards and upwards! Always love and peace.

  8. I don’t think the Chinese New Year has started yet, though . . . Or am I mistaken, Mr. Bing?

  9. Hi MrBing 🙂

    I’m waiting for the new single to be announced… but in the meanwhile it is good to see “If You Ain’t In It” rebounding on the charts. I think it has 38 of the 54 monitored stations playing it.

    The last few songs (IYAII, The Prayer, Masterpiece) have not had big success of HIFOM, RISE, TYHTBA. I’m ready for a climb to the #1 for the first single off of Danny’s next album.

  10. I wonder how much Danny’s new team has any influence with recurrent play.

    The D.C. station which skipped over the new songs since RISE seems to be occasionally playing The Comeback. It was on this morning, and driving home from work I heard TYHTBA.

    So while the newer single releases didn’t all gain top radio play, Danny is still being heard regularly on radio in a major market drawing from his catalog of CCM singles.

  11. I started thinking about people in nursing care. My thoughts took this direction because of a article I read recently.
    I feel bad for people who can not have choices about the way they live. Even an elderly parent who lives with children might have to endure their TV shows, etc., with no choices of their own.
    Nursing homes in many cases are worse.
    I would miss music–not just the lack of it if I had no access, but also the opportunity to choose the music I wanted.
    For example, I like Danny’s voice and some of his songs. (I don’t like to read twitter anymore. I don’t like message movies, message videos, or message tweets.)
    I liked Jan’s video of “The Prayer.” It felt peaceful. I did not like the recorded version.

  12. I can’t believe I’m saying this… but, I am a senior. Never thought I would ever be at the age I am now. I’m pretty much healthy, but with each year that goes by, I worry about some of the things you wrote about Lurker. Hopefully, I stay “a young at heart” senior, with many more years of “my” freedom. 🙂

    I think our country lacks the empathy that other countries give to their seniors.. Hopefully, one year that changes. 🙂

    Yikes… when I started coming to this site I was just middle age. 😉

  13. Cindy,
    I remember another article I read long ago. It was about a young man who was in nursing care. I think he had had a stroke and had locked-in syndrome. He lived about 15 years unable to communicate until someone finally realized he could hear and understand. I believe they found a way for him to communicate with a computer.
    He wrote about being left with a TV playing cartoons. He came to absolutely hate the sound of a voice or a song on one of the shows. (I may not have related this accurately. It was years ago that I read it.)
    I can understand his feeling of hating the TV cartoons and being unable to shut them off or tell anyone that he didn’t like them. He was grown. He was intelligent. He could not tell anyone that he didn’t want children’s shows.
    I have been in a home where someone watches TV programs I despise. I want to throw something at the TV. I have resisted the urge, thankfully. I try not to let my dislike show.

  14. Watching the elderly lose so much of their independence is very difficult. But I also don’t want to be the person that is super negative because of their losses. I think the inability to be useful is VERY hard on people. Finding things that still interest me and contributing in someway to the world both seem like keys (for me) to a positive outlook.

    We are having unusually warm and sunny days for early January in “the North”. Its easier to be positive when the day is bright and sunny. How do people handle the rain of the NW?

  15. Since it is album creation time, I try to keep an eye on Danny’s new registered songs on BMI.

    BMI Work # 28070823
    Total Controlled by BMI: 66.66%
    GOKEY DANNY BMI 600623891

    His co-writers are pretty big in CCM with some songs in other genres, too.

  16. Nice to see Danny listed as an inspiration

    Dave Pittman Previews New Album ‘Different Kind Of Love’

    ” I loved listening to powerhouse vocalists like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion in the ‘80s and ’90s—those are big influences for me. And Danny Gokey and Jordan Feliz are two current artists whose styles have been influential for me as well”

  17. I don’t have SiriusXM but I saw the tweet that they are debuting Danny’s new single tonight. Did anyone listen, what did you think of the recorded track –

    It seems like a nice promotion, hope that’s the new label in action giving the song a little kick onto radio?

  18. I think it’s a good promotion, too. I don’t have Sirius, either. So I will have to wait for the real release.

  19. New song is out.

    @dannygokey: Feeling frustrated & deflated when you take inventory of your life because you’re not where you thought you were supposed to be? Take heart, IT’S NOT OVER!! You’re actually closer than you think you are.🙌🏼 HE WILL FINISH THE WORK HE STARTED IN YOU!! https://dannygokey.lnk.to/HaventSeenItYet https://twitter.com/dannygokey/status/1083602909932257280/video/1

    And I even remembered to go to our link to buy it 😁

  20. I found a video that shows Danny joining Mandisa in her set to perform “Bleed the Same” – one of Mandisa’s hits.

    This tour is a 360 stage, so the performers have to figure out how to perform to each side and ends of their center of the stadium stage. They end up seeing a lot of the backside of each performance….I also so the spotlight on Danny has been pretty brutal. The camera can pick up him performing, but it looks like spectators only see a white light?

    I wonder if the camera crew and performers will get better at playing to the whole audience before the tour is over? Do they critique the video of the previous night to block their movements?

  21. I am guessing the reason they went with the 360 stage format is that these are $15 general admission seats and they want to provide as much opportunity as possible for fans to get a “good seat” no matter where they end up?

  22. With an annual tour, maybe it’s to mix up the production so it seems fresh?

    Do you have a link to the video you found, Jan?

  23. It’s good to see a bit of it, but I see what you mean 😉 Plus the over-singing fans – sounds like it was a very enthusiastic audience.

  24. The middle stage is very small. It’s nice that they change up sides for the audience.

    Is anyone here going to Winter Jam? Would love to here what you thought.

    Is Danny still doing the You Tube programs he was talking about?

    He’s very busy…

  25. Recently Danny talked about the orgin of this new single was the disappointing time he had this summer. Maybe his hopes for his new charity and video series didn’t go as planned? It hasn’t been in the news….. so we don’t know, Cindy.

    Nice to see Danny on this roster of artists.


  26. I’m sorry Danny had that disappointment. For me, I think he had a great summer, and touched many people with his tour. 🙂

  27. I liked the Ginger Sibs video.

    The Elevate Music Festival in Phoenix sounds like a good night.

    Having lots of rain out our way. Melting all our snow..

  28. Jan,

    A few posts back, you mentioned Danny was disappointed with his charity and video series that may not come to light. You always know the insights..

    Danny is extremely busy with the new tour, but when he does have some down time.. Have you ever considered interviewing Danny and Leyicet about his career, new projects, family life, future plans? A Danny Gokey Interview for Danny Gokey News. 🙂

  29. Hi Cindy, I really don’t know what disappoint Danny experienced last year that he refers to in his writing HSIT. I just shared that last summer he was very excited about launching his new charity with Better Than I Found It video episodes…. Six months later we have only seen the one based in TN.

  30. As far as interviewing Danny and Leyicet, I would truly enjoy doing that….. Let’s see if they invite Ed & I 😁🤗

  31. Have been lurking, but haven’t posted much lately. My best guess about Danny’s disappointment may be that his headlining tour didn’t sell as well as he’d hoped. I know it sold out in Minnesota, but in other places there were a lot of empty seats. That (if true for the tour as a whole) would be problematic, because I’m certain Danny spent a lot of $$$ preparing for the tour (those choreography lessons, for example), and he had two other artists accompanying him.

    I worry because artists today have to make their money through touring rather than album sales, which means artists have an incentive to tour constantly and are in competition with other artists for a limited pool of concert venues and concert $$$. The more an artist tours, the less special any one tour becomes. People may have already caught a tour, or they put it off, assuming that there will be another tour that might be closer or better.

    Conversely, the disappointment may relate solely to the program accompanying the tour, of finding someone in each concert community trying to make a difference. I never understood how that was to work, logistically-speaking. How would Danny find the person/program trying to make a difference? He’d probably need to know ahead of time, but how would he find out? And how do you involve concert-goers? Then there is the fund-raising or finding a way to make a donation to the (local?) charities that need an assist. Where is the money coming from?

    I am probably not remembering correctly what Danny’s plans were. But I do suspect logistical problems.

  32. I meant to say “thanks” for clarifying, Jan.

    Ellen, I can see Danny’s stress over everything you mentioned. I hope his tour was a success. I know the L.A. crowd was very excited and appreciative of the great performances.

    Danny has so many wonderful dreams. It may take him a little more time to accomplish them, but in the end they will be.

    I’ll just wait for the Danny Gokey Interview for Danny Gokey News. 😉

  33. I had an impression from one of the interviews that Danny was not expecting to bring in a significant net profit on the tour so much as to establish his brand as a headliner. But I’m sure you always hope … between tickets, merch sales and the rest that it does well.

    On the non-profit venture, the concept wasn’t that clear to me but as far as finding stories to highlight in an upcoming tour city, I hadn’t thought of that as too difficult. There’s probably a church network to tap, CCM radio station reps may know of something worthy, Danny has manager reps who could look into it… Or they could seek ideas on social media and then (one would hope) vet them.

  34. Off topic comment. Country music muse. (Yes, I still listen to country music.)

    For the last two years I’ve purchased tickets to our local radio station’s upcoming country stars event. They bring together 5 new-ish artists in a night of music- usually they have to have at least one kind of hit or wrote hits for someone else. Last year we were treated to Luke Combs. Boy, did he blow up on country music! At the time his “Hurricane” had gone to #1. Since then he’s had two more #1 songs!

    This year we think Mitchell TenPenny will be the biggest star. He talked about how uncomfortable he was appearing on Jimmy Kimmel to sing his hit song “Drunk Me”

    Here it comes back to Danny in this comment. Almost all the songs performed last night was about drinking, hooking up etc. Danny was so NOT part of that scene. I’d imagine he was an odd fit with the typical bar scene banter with the radio station DJs, program directors etc. Heck, back then he didn’t even drink coffee….

    But he could look into a camera and sing his heart out.

    Here is Mitchell’s hit song:


  35. I’ve heard the name Marshall Tenpenny before, and after I played the video, I recognized the song. I still listen to country music, but I mostly am on the lookout for female country artists (who almost never get airplay on country radio, which I find astonishing and enraging).

    Danny absolutely would not fit in the country music world of today . . . (And that is a compliment to Danny!)

  36. Yes, I agree with all of you. It must have been uncomfortable for Danny. I think he’s found his comfort zone… but, I enjoyed his first album, My Best Days. 🙂

  37. When Danny first started into country, it was a different time with Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, early Carrie, and various other acts mixed in with the beer songs and related topics.

    But the turn to “bro” songs, hard partying songs, and all that really didn’t leave him much place to be. I’d have to go back and look, but seems to me there was a significant number of acts who couldn’t stick in that environment including some well-establisedh ones whose radio relevance rapidly dried up.

  38. Admin 2, I think you are right. There used to be straight arrows in the country mix in days gone by, such as Josh Turner.

  39. I just added another summer concert event to our calendar.

    I know that Tenth Avenue North has been a steady headliner. This seems like a really concert event:

    Pulse FM Downtown Summer Series
    Tenth Avenue North, Danny Gokey
    Fri, Jun 14, 2019
    Morris Performing Arts Center
    211 North Michigan Street
    South Bend, IN 46601 US

    For more information
    Visit Website
    Organized by Pulse FM Harvest FM WHME-TV LeSea Broadcasting
    Visit Website

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