Danny Gokey News & Discussion- January 2019

Danny gokey in concert on the Be One Tour

Happy New Year, Danny Gokey Fans!

Can it be possible that Danny Gokey audition was broadcast on “American Idol” in January 2009? That was ten years ago!

Our lead photo (by Annette Holloway) is from his current, Christian Artist, music career.  But here is a few more looks from Danny’s 1st (above) “American Idol” career period and 2nd (below) Country/RCA -“My Best Days”.

How long have you been a fan of Danny?  What stands out in your mind from those days?  How has Danny changed, or should we say evolved, since 2009?

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Thanks to Annette Holloway Photograghy for our lead photo

And one of the most heart warming photos of Danny?  This one that he shared on Christmas morning:

94 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- January 2019

  1. So, we have over a foot of snow as a result of our last two storms….

    And the arctic vortex is coming our way for record breaking lows.


  2. Tomorrow’s high is expected to be -11 with an overnight low of -31.

    I need to rethink wintering in Wisconsin….

  3. And here, we haven’t had a winter to speak of. Not even by our standards. Today’s high will be +52F, and the low (right now) is +30F (so just a tad below freezing).

  4. I heard “If You Ain’t In It” on Sunday at about 10:30 p.m. on 104.1 The Fish. I’ve only heard it a few times on the radio, which is sad, because it is such a fun song. Makes me want to move! And sing along!

  5. Wow. The U.S. Postal Service suspended mail delivery in parts of Wisconsin. That’s how cold it is. I’ll bet Danny is NOT missing Wisconsin right now!

  6. It is a beast here. The State of WI closed offices (they probably did that two times in the 30+ years I worked for the State…) Lots of businesses are closed. Of course, schools. I’m working from home. But also baking 🙂

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