Now Available! – New Single: Haven’t Seen It Yet – Danny Gokey

Havent Seen It Yet by Danny GokeyHaven’t Seen It Yet

We mentioned recently that:

The debut single from Danny Gokey’s next album is set to be released in February according to hints on social media. Hopefully it will be available on iTunes and Amazon Music even sooner. How would you define “very soon” by Team Danny?

Well – “very soon” is now!

SiriusXM’s The Message debuted the new single last evening as announced on their twitter feed, and it’s now available through Amazon, Amazon Music, and iTunes.

Let us know what you think of the recorded song as we’re beginning to hear music from Danny’s upcoming album with his new label –

3 thoughts on “Now Available! – New Single: Haven’t Seen It Yet – Danny Gokey

  1. I like that Danny’s voice is forefront in this song. I do think the layers of Danny’s vocals gets a little “messy” for me towards the end. But, I have only heard it a couple of times so far. I might change my opinion.

    Anyone know who is the producer?

    Interesting that the label is Sparrow on license to Capitol Christian Musi.

  2. I listen it for a couple of times.And like the first part of song the most.He shows a lower range of his voice which I really like.It sure is a very hard song to sing.I cant even hum to it without trying to catch a breath.Also the lyric is more gospel than his previous songs?

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