Danny Gokey News & Discussion- February 2019

First Photos from Winter Jam 2019

We thank Vicki D Photography for sharing her photos of Danny Gokey performing at Winter Jam 2019.  This tour runs all the way until the end of March!  Are you going to make it to see Danny, The Newsboys, Mandisa, Jenn Ledger and more? Check out the dates HERE.

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We’ve found this 11 minute video of the first part of Danny’s set.  In this video he performs If You Ain’t In It, New Day, an abbreviated Tuyo, and Hope in Front of Me:

Video thanks to DTenacity

71 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- February 2019

  1. Hello, Everyone.

    I wish I could make it to Winter Jam, but too far to travel.

    Very excited for Danny and Leyicet with their baby news! I wonder how many children they will have? It’s been fun watching their family grow. Beautiful family.

    Is it still bitter cold where you are Jan? I’m not sure where everybody else is.. hope everyone stays warm. We are having rain right now. Snow will come later. I hope not too much.

    Thank you Vicki D.

  2. Hi Cindy!

    These are really nice photos from Vicki D, aren’t they?

    I do remember Danny saying in a previous interview that he wanted at least one more child and then he wanted to adopt. But he also said Leyicet wasn’t on board with his plan, yet…

    It has warmed up here! It’s only -10 tonight, LOL! But tomorrow will go into the positives and then the weekend is suppose to be unusually warm. Crazy weather.

    The good news from this frigid weather is that the foresters are saying the extreme cold may have killed the ash borers that have been killing our ash trees. At -30 degrees, 90% of the insects would be destroyed? I’ll take any bright side to this extreme cold!

  3. I’ll confess, I’m a numbers person…. and I am competitive. Hopefully that doesn’t shock anyone.

    We restarted our facebook page as Dannygokeynews in September 2015 when we had to take down iheartdannygokey.com.

    We are now at 6,665 followers and 6,564 likes. Not bad. I do try to keep the content fresh on social media since website visits are not like they once were (iheartdannygokey had a TON of traffic when Danny was on Idol.) I do see a drop off at other blogs, too.

    The good news, our facebook has grown by 8.5% likes in the last 6 months. Danny’s and Leyicet’s facebook pages have grown by 1.1% in the same period. Kris Allen’s continues to decline… by 1.2%

    We have more Instagram (1670) followers than we have twitter followers (1,232). Other than for President Trump, twitter is not nearly as popular of a media as it was in 10 years ago.

  4. Jan you are doing a great job of running this site and other platforms and we appreciate your work.

  5. Thanks, Mr Bing. I appreciate your kind words. Of course I wouldn’t have undertaken this without Steph’s work behind the scenes — and her presence here!

    This week Danny goes from the WinterJam Tour to the church conference in Sarasota to the Radio CMB conference in Atlanta and then back to the tour! I sincerely hope he can sleep whereever his whirlwind schedule takes him. Also nice that his two oldest were able to join him on the tour and now Leyicet in FL

    HSIY is up to #31 on Media as CAC. iYAII is now recurrent on it

    I found this unusual service with Danny’s new song:


  6. I’d missed the concert video in Jan’s discussion post. Only got into the first part so far but nice to hear a big scream like that coming from a crowd that’s probably not wildly drunk 🙂

  7. Good to know you like screaming fans, Admin2 🙂

    Danny’s video is up to 140,000 views in the four days. Also #17 on Billboard Christian Digital songs. #24 in Hot Christian Songs

  8. Good to see the new song moving! It will be interesting to see how things play out with the new label.

  9. We got our first snow of the season yesterday — one or two inches that melted by mid-afternoon. But it was so pretty! Like a winter wonderland.

  10. Ha, I beat Jan for once 🙂

    The audio interview from the Fish station has some things I haven’t heard before.

  11. I see we were on the same path, Admin2. I added both to my post and posted it on social media….

  12. Danny has made it clear he is anti-abortion. His song “Masterpiece” is being used in this upcoming movie. (Content is disturbing, as I am sure its intended.)

  13. HSIY is doing very well on the Mediabase, Billboard and iTunes Christian song charts. Top 30 on Mediabase with 21 monitored stations spinning it.

    29 26 Up this week I AM THEY Scars 404 348 56 1.878
    31 27 APOLLO LTD Gold 308 312 -4 1.482
    33 28 Up this week TASHA LAYTON Love Lifting Me 307 236 71 0.699
    28 29 TORI KELLY Never Alone f/Kirk Franklin 303 351 -48 2.323
    37 30 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Haven’t Seen It Yet 297 131 166 3.295

    It has a really strong Audience Impression, too. Only ten spins away from #27. I think it could hit it by the
    published chart.

    Here are the newest stations:

    KSBJ-FM Houston Christian AC 31 31 8 4 7 6 6 0.571
    WBSN-FM New Orleans Christian AC 20 20 5 5 5 5 0.022
    KBNJ-FM Corpus Christi, TX Christian AC 13 13 4 3 2 3 1 0.013
    KVMV-FM McAllen Christian AC 10 10 3 2 2 2 1 0.081
    WJIE-FM Louisville Christian AC 8 8 3 2 3 0.019
    WAFJ-FM Augusta, GA Christian AC 4 4 2 1 1 0.006
    WCIE-FM Tampa Christian AC 2 2 2 0.023
    WVFJ-FM Atlanta Christian AC 2 2 2 0.013
    WRBS-FM Baltimore Christian AC 2 2 2 0.012
    KAIM-FM Honolulu Christian AC 2 2 1 1 0.003

  14. And it did!!

    “We love the support of listeners and radio for @dannygokey’s #HaventSeenItYet!! It climbs to #27 with an impressive spincrease of 175! – @AllAccess Mediabase CAC”

    I think it will have at least 8 monitored station adds tomorrow.

  15. Good early signs on the radio front!

    Danny keeps talking about Hawaii, maybe he needs to visit the Honolulu station on Jan’s radio breakout… Or just buy a ticket sometime he’s out toward L.A.


    The Michael W Smith tribute event continues to grow. This seems like a natural for some family-friendly / Christian-oriented tv outlet to show eventually.


  16. So, they bus trouble and Danny did his whole set tonight in a hat…. no showers or time for primping?

  17. Seems like the new record label is off to a good start.

    There haven’t been many tour review/recap articles but here’s one for WinterJam recently in Little Rock.


    After a brief intermission former American Idol alumnus Mandisa took the stage to perform some of her hits including “Overcomer” and “Unfinished”, and proving yet again that she’s so much more than she seems. Her powerful voice filled the arena and spreading the message of good news and the love of God and each other as she sang “Bleed the Same” along with tourmate Danny Gokey, who was next in the line up.

    Gokey’s songs were fun and worshipful, as his band danced in perfect choreography. However, the highlight of his set was hearing 7000 people worship together to his hit “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.”

  18. We sure got the snow to go with the snowflakes at this site! We got about 8 inches of the white stuff yesterday. And then 30MPH winds to blow it around.

    Its time for me to go back out and clear my sidewalks, again.

    But at least its sunny 🔆 today 🙂

  19. The radio tour is going very well, imo. Danny and the label rep are hitting lots of big players in promoting this song. I really think the success has a lot to do with:

    1) the work Danny’s put into the Christian music industry (past success)
    2) a top notch song to promote. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs on the new album.
    3) the support of his management teams


    I’m guessing the love songs Danny sang for Sirius radio are familiar to longtime fans. But have we heard him sing “Can’t Help Falling in Love?”

  20. Jan, I don’t believe that I have heard Danny sing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” before.

  21. Danny’s HSIY has the highest spincrease on the Mediabase CAC chart today.

    Currently it is at #25

    21 20 ELEVATION WORSHIP Resurrecting 804 693 111 2.795
    20 21 HILLSONG UNITED Not Today 647 696 -49 2.746
    23 22 Up this week AUSTIN FRENCH Born Again f/Zauntee 608 586 22 2.005
    22 23 NEEDTOBREATHE Forever On Your Side 538 600 -62 3.481
    24 24 Up this week MATTHEW WEST Mercy Is A Song 509 493 16 1.382
    27 25 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Haven’t Seen It Yet 488 326 162 4.087

    Danny’s song has the highest AI at 4.087 to get to the Top 20, but it needs 316 spins to reach the top 20 of this spin focused chart.

  22. This is for Admin2. Who knew the reach of country music would extend into Mongolia?

    OK, I can’t get it to display — tried the link and the YouTube page address & neither worked. [editor magic!]

    BTY, you can fast-forward to the 1:18 minute mark to hear the song & afraid the reaction video section of the video. I never knew reaction videos were a thing . . .

  23. BTW, bad news apparently comes in threes. I have some potentially serious health issues going on. Will know more in a few days.

  24. Oh, and I meant to thank Admin2 for bringing over video of Elvis singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Hopefully Mr. Bing got to see it. Obviously Danny needs to concentrate on his own music, but it’s always fun when artists add a cover or two to their concerts. I think Danny could do well covering an Elvis song or two. I’ll have to think about which song I think would fit him best.

  25. This is for Mr. Bing. It’s from the all-star tribute last night. [Did anyone watch the Elvis tribute? I don’t get NBC on my TV, so I couldn’t. 🙁 ] IMHO only, on this song, Elvis blows away all of those doing tributes, including Carrie Underwood.


  26. ELLEN.Thanks for the link.After watching it I think I heard the song somewhere.But I didn’t know its Elvis.Nowadays lots of musicians cover his songs and younger generation probably wont even know they are originally from Elvis.I listen to 500 Miles a lot and always thought it is a original Justin Timberlake song.

    And I hope you worried for nothing and stay perfectly healthy.

  27. Thank you, Mr. Bing. Please keep me in your thoughts. Things don’t sound too good so far.

  28. “Along with launching the pre-order for the new record, a new single “New Day” is expected to drop on March 8th. ”

    I tend to think they don’t mean new “single”, but a second track released digitally / streaming before the album in full is available. It doesn’t seem the right timing to push a new single even if HSIT is moving fast so far.

    Another interview from the WinterJam circuit, this time out of Knoxville area.


  29. Got the results. Sounds like everything will be okay. But I dodged a real bullet.

  30. HSIY has slowed down a tiny bit, but the number of monitored stations spinning it (per Allaccess) has now grown to 35. The last I checked it was 31. Still a healthy spincrease:

    DANNY GOKEY Haven’t Seen It Yet 95 new spins 35 stations

    I expect it will make it to #20 this week. Currently 21.

  31. Danny’s biggest jump on Billboard is on the CHRISTIAN HOT AC/CHR NATIONAL AIRPLAY chart. This week #19 (lw 25)

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