Video: Haven’t Seen It Yet – Acoustic

Danny Gokey sings HSIY in studio at JOY FM

In Studio Performance of “Haven’t Seen It Yet”

Danny Gokey performed a few of his songs in studio at Joy FM on his radio tour promoting his new single, “Haven’t Seen It Yet”. We are glad to see Danny’s former guitar player, Joshua Lutz, reunited with Danny for this event!

We have a bonus video of “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” from the same event.  TYHTBA is Danny’s biggest selling song.  It is a remake (some new lyrics) cover of a song written by Matthew West, Randy Phillips and Bernie Herms.  First performed by the Christian group Phillips, Craig and Dean, I think we can thank Danny’s “Hope in Front of Me” producer, for it being included by Danny on that album.  It is Danny’s first RIAA certified song.

How do you like the acoustic HSIY? We’d love to see an acoustic version of Danny’s next album, how about you?

5 thoughts on “Video: Haven’t Seen It Yet – Acoustic

  1. Yes, radio tour, Admin2! Danny said he is squeezing the tour in as he tours with Winter Jam

    In a recent email (we all should have received,) he also said the new album can be pre-ordered on the tour! He said the tour only…. But I bet he opens it when he gets closer to release day!

  2. The most beautiful, heartfelt song, that touches me. I listen to it frequently. Thank you fir bringing me closer to God.

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