Valentine’s Day with Star 99.1 & Danny

Danny Gokey stops at Star 99.1FM to celebrate the day of love

In the first video Danny and guitarist Josh Lutz perform a medley of love songs. Danny sings, “Pretty Beautiful”, “Can’t Help Following in Love” and “Back at One”:

In the next video he sings “Haven’t Seen It Yet” and we get a hint that the new album has a love song to his children…. unfortunately that sneak peak of this special song wasn’t broadcast. (He did have his label rep in the room, LOL.)

And  their final video, is “Hope in Front of Me”

And a BONUS Valentine’s video from Bonnie Curry of KLTY FM with Danny:

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day with Star 99.1 & Danny

  1. Is Miguel with the WinterJam tour? And so Josh is doing the radio tour, or are they both traveling to support Danny at times?

  2. Miguel and the rest of the band is performing with Danny on the WinterJam Tour. They have been using Josh for the acoustic radio tour this time, or so it seems.

  3. It’s nice to see Josh. But it’s confusing as we’ve seen Miguel doing acoustic format with Danny as well. So why two guitarists.

  4. My guess is that Miguel didn’t want to commit to the radio tour on top of the WinterJam in that he has a wife & three kids at home and is a real estate agent, too! Too much is too much.

    Danny can at least afford to being his family (or part of it) with him on tour. Leyicet and the kids were on the bus Thursday, maybe all weekend?

  5. I also remember that Danny didn’t have his normal guitarist out on the previous radio tours. I remember a Sam T being with him for one of the tours.

  6. Are the radio tour dates not in the same cities as the WinterJam tour performances? I was assuming they were all together so why leave Miguel on the bus or at the hotel when heading over to the radio studio.

    But if the radio tour is going to different cities, that would be a different variable. Or if Miguel just didn’t want to do it of course, but I would have expected that to come with the territory of being someone’s touring guitarist.

  7. I think Danny starts them a day or two before the tour. He was in NJ and NY while the tour started in PA this week?

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