Video: Winter Jam Treats

Ashley Jill Photography of Danny Gokey at Winter Jam

Danny Gokey at Winter Jam

Still bummed that you can’t make it to Winter Jam? Well, the generosity of strangers will help you out with the photos and videos they’ve shared  Photos by TheAshleyJill

Our thanks to Gina for this great concert video!  Danny’s segment starts at 5:05 when he performs. “Bleed the Same” with Mandisa at and then the videographer caught:  “If You Ain’t In It’, “Tuyo”, “Hope in Front of You”, “Haven’t Seen It Yet”, and “The Comeback”.

Beware:  there are some rather shrill fan screams in this video….

Plus this video of Danny singing “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”, thanks to Angie Look at those lights in such a large arena! You’ve doing just fine, Mr. Gokey!  Do you think Danny forgot how far it was from one end of the stage to join the band in the center stage? (You made it!)

We love this photo, also by Ashley Jill, of Danny. We hope to share more of her amazing work in future posts!

Ashley Jill Photography of Danny Gokey in the Spotlight of Winter Jam

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  1. That is such a blessing ! Congratulations and Best Wishes for a happy, healthy baby. ❤️

  2. Hi Dianne,

    I’m glad you are enjoying the videos and photos. Thanks for commenting. From now on your comments will post immediately – since I’ve released the first one.

    And yes, we wish Danny and Leyicet another healthy and happy baby!!

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