Pre-Order Danny Gokey’s NEWEST CD!

New CD Cover Art for Danny Gokey's "Haven't Seen It Yet"

Danny Gokey to Release “Haven’t Seen It Yet” CD

Available April 12, 2019

You can now pre-order Danny Gokey’s newest album HERE.  Amazon will have it shipped to you for the release.  My experience is that Amazon might even get it to us a day early…. but either way you can have your hands on a hard copy of his latest music!

What are your thoughts on the cover art? I think it’s pretty cool.

NOTICE of SHALLOW comments: The beard and hair are strong, Danny!  And that jacket reminds me of the one he wore for My Best Days… although the new one might be a leather jacket with a zipper edge?  Either way, standing collars are a good look.

Now we just need the track list and another song released!  Please!

9 thoughts on “Pre-Order Danny Gokey’s NEWEST CD!

  1. I’m always up for shallow comments 🙂 What do you think about the aging/scratch effect in the cover art?

    I had to check initially it wasn’t that i had to dust off my laptop screen. Though that also was true.

  2. About the scratch effect, I, too, had to see if I had a dusty screen.

    My thought is that Danny is not a youngster, anymore…. a little camouflage doesn’t hurt, LOL! Also, he’s in the Christian genre, it shouldn’t all be about how he looks, right? Might be sending a subliminal message?

  3. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to suggest an old photograph, or some other hint of reflection back.

    I don’t think it would be Danny himself, the placement is odd for that, and if they wanted to cover up anything there’s always Photoshop 🙂

    The yellow was interesting as well. Different from his past graphic/logo looks.

  4. Admin2, I like the font and the yellow lettering as an accent. And in case anyone was confused, I was joking about Danny…. but it does seem crazy that he is closing in on 40!

    Fortunately for him, he has really good genes. And he does seem to take steps to stay healthy. I was thinking that having 4 kids could age him, but his mom had 6, his youngest sister 7 and they still look fabulous!

  5. When I put up this post yesterday Danny’s album was in ranked in the thousands. Today: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #329 in CDs & Vinyl (See Top 100 in CDs & Vinyl)

  6. Finally see HSIY listed on BMI’s registry:

    BMI Work # 28812900
    ISWC # T-927356854-0
    Total Controlled by BMI: 66.67%
    GOKEY DANIEL JAY BMI 600623793

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