Danny Gokey News & Discussion- April 2019

Danny Gokey performs at Winter Jam 2019 = photo by Graiemark StudioThis Concludes Winter Jam 2019

A BIG thanks to Roger A Casama of Graiemark Studio for sharing photos of Danny Gokey performing at Winter Jam 2019Danny Gokey performs at Winter Jam 2019 = photo by Graiemark Studio

Only ELEVEN days until ” “Haven’t Seen It Yet” is released!! You can get it HERE.  Once all the new songs are released, we hope you let us know your favorites and what you think of this new era of Danny Gokey music!  We’ll try to capture the press and promotion he will be doing to celebrate the release of this first album with Capitol Christian Music Group.

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Roger, these photos are amazing!!

127 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- April 2019

  1. The tennis shoes are not good… He has lots of nice boots… But he may not have packed them for this very long Street Week trip…

  2. I totally debated mentioning the hat, but stopped myself as I think it was ok in the context (at least as much as the jeans & tee 🤐 ). And he took it off for the NA.

    I might have let the shoes go without comment if they’d been a dark color.

  3. Its always good to see Danny singing duets – and especially with great singers like Mandisa, Natalie and now, Melinda.

    According to a Billboard tweet that I RT, Danny’s album placed #76 on the Billboard 200 list. That’s a pretty good ranking.

    My only concern is whether Lauren’s latest is going to take the #1 Christian album for his debut week… I guess we will see!

  4. The Billboard 200 chart ranks the most popular albums of the week based on multi-metric consumption, which includes traditional album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA) and streaming equivalent albums (SEA). BTS is bound for No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with their latest release, Map of the Soul: Persona.
    ….Other albums aiming for notable bows on next week’s chart include Anderson .Paak’s Ventura, Aaron Lewis’ State I’m In, Danny Gokey’s Haven’t Seen It Yet, LSD’s Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Present… LSD, Melissa Etheridge’s Medicine Show and Norah Jones’ Begin Again.

    Top debuts on this week’s #Billboard200:

    @BTS_twt ‘Map of the Soul: PERSONA’ No. 1
    @AndersonPaak ‘Ventura’ No. 4
    @Beyonce ‘HOMECOMING’ No. 7
    @Aaronlewismusic ‘State I’m In’ No. 18
    @Labrinth @Sia @diplo ‘LSD’ No. 70
    @dannygokey ‘Haven’t Seen It Yet’ No. 76

  5. Billboard is starting to post the 4-27-19 chart milestones, but they haven’t reported Christian Albums, yet.

    Chart name Artist Title Date (peak) Rank (peak) Weeks on Chart Label
    Christian Streaming Songs Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-04-27
    (2019-04-27) 20 (20) 1 Sparrow
    Christian Digital Song Sales Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-04-27
    (2019-02-16) 14 (8) 14 Sparrow
    Hot Christian Songs Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-04-27
    (2019-04-27) 4 (4) 14 Sparrow
    Top Current Albums Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-04-27
    (2019-04-27) 11 (11) 1 Sparrow
    Top Album Sales Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-04-27
    (2019-04-27) 11 (11) 1 Sparrow

  6. I would have liked to see Danny get that third #1 at Christian Albums, but Lauren’s fans do so much streaming, his album sales couldn’t overcome it.

    Its still nice to see he did get a Billboard #1 with this album. Hopefully the album will “have legs” and sell well as HSIY continues to climb on the charts and other releases/promotions occur.

  7. Seems like he’s off to a good start. The stats have some interesting insights into demographics.

    I’d assume Danny did particularly well on “albums” sold because he had the promotion to see them on the WinterJam tour plus other events, plus regular purchasers thru Amazon, iTunes etc.

    Streaming seems to be a growth area where his new label is just starting to get him better connected with some of the playlists as we saw in the roll-up for Pandora, Amazon Music and probably others.


    A concert snippet from the Arkansas appearance – I know I’ve heard the song before but not sure what it is.


    ETA: oh, that’s the Justin Timberlake song someone had to educate me about previously 😳

    I see it has 984,804,245 views on Youtube, I must be one of a tiny tiny number who wouldn’t know what it is 😳 😳 😳

  8. Danny is listed as a performer for the K-Love Fan Awards on June 9th. (Nice that they listed him second, however that was decided).

    The voting window coincided with a lot of Danny’s album promo pushing up his name recognition. It would be nice if he might win Male Artist again but there are always a lot of popular choices.

    More importantly this year with a CCM major label pushing him, it would be nice to see him get some serious Dove and Grammy consideration for the new album / songs?

    Tue, Apr 23rd 2019 01:15 pm
    The list of performers for the 2019 K-LOVE Fan Awards has been unveiled and includes some of the industry’s biggest artists. The star-studded lineup will include performances from Big Daddy Weave, Danny Gokey, I Am They, Bethel Music’s Josh Baldwin, for KING & COUNTRY, Lauren Daigle, Micah Tyler, Phil Wickham, Rend Collective and Steven Curtis Chapman. Fans will also see some of their favorite artists from 2018 return to the stage, including Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Francesca Battistelli, Tauren Wells and We Are Messengers for this year’s fan-filled evening. In addition to co-hosting the evening, Mandisa and Matthew West are also slated to perform.

    Listeners are at the helm of the annual K-LOVE Fan Awards, getting the unique opportunity to select the nominees, choose the winners and attend the show. The fan-selected nominations will be unveiled May 13. To purchase tickets to the 2019 K-LOVE Fan Awards, click here.

    TBN will broadcast the show on June 9 (9 p.m. ET) to its audience of more than 100 million potential households. K-LOVE Fan Awards and TBN united forces last year to air the awards show globally. Viewers can find their local TBN channel through the network’s channel finder at: https://www.tbn.org/watch/channel-finder. Coca-Cola Consolidated will again participate as a sponsor, marking its fourth year of partnership.

    via press release posting at https://www.wnypapers.com/news/article/current/2019/04/23/136822/casting-crowns-chris-tomlin-danny-gokey-for-king-country-lauren-daigle-steven-curtis-chapman-unveiled-as-performers-for-2019-k-love-fan-awards

  9. Too funny you forgot Justin Timberlake…. Danny performed it on his Hope Encounter Tour. I was glad to see him put a song into the mix that was a cover and hugely popular (even if certain people didn’t recognize it…)

    I think Danny’s name starting in the beginning of the alphabet is often a benefit with listing of artists at events 😉 Glad to see Danny’s a performer at the Klove Event. Hopefully the voters will rally behind him again.

  10. I thought about alphabetical but I was missing the pattern if that’s what it was. Perhaps Lurker can help us with that. Seems to me in the past I’ve usually seen Danny’s name further down the lists.

    And wrt Justin, well, I am mostly a country music listener or oldie standards (Sinatra etc).

    And my guilty pleasure boy band was always Backstreet Boys, not NSYNC

  11. Hope everyone had a beautiful Easter.

    My sister in law, sent a photo of Danny on Sirius. Now, I really have no idea what that is really. But, I thought that impressive. 🙂

    I like the oldie standards, too. 🙂

  12. Hey Cindy3, Sirius radio is a very popular internet radio broadcaster with many, many channels. Many new cars come with a 6 month subscription so you can get hooked. The Christian station is The Message.

  13. I almost never go there. But now I’m tempted.

    It’s good to see the new team putting out a timely press release bragging on the album launch, and including a quote from two of (both of?) the executives of Capital Music Group.


    In receipt of the exciting news, Brad O’Donnell, co-president of Capitol Christian Music Group stated, “It’s an honor to have Danny as part of the Capitol family, and its especially exciting to see such a strong response to his new music. From the songs, to the message to the production, he’s delivered his best record yet, and we can’t wait to see where it goes from here.”

    “Danny’s record is off to a fantastic start and we’re thrilled to see it debut at #1. He’s delivered an incredible album that inspires fans with a message of hope in whatever they are facing,” says Hudson Plachy, co-president of Capitol Christian Music Group.

  14. Oh, I see it.

    I looked up the first week sales for RISE, and what seemed to be tracking for the new album on HDD. It was hard to compare but in raw numbers I don’t think they were terribly different. Danny doesn’t have much history with huge album streaming, but it seems to build with certain of his singles over time? (guessing)

    I was actually pretty impressed that for all genres in album sales he was as high as #11.

    I saw someone wondering if his age is a factor. Possibly though to me Danny projects a lot younger than he is chronologically.

    OT – I also saw someone on another discussion bemoaning how horrible it was that Carrie’s last single didn’t do as well as expected. I had to look that up, but she’s 36 now which may be starting to be a factor. Esp as the newer model young blond singers are even getting big credits like Kelsey B in the Opry recently.

  15. Danny’s career is just taking off…. I hope not. It’s sad that there is so much ageism.

  16. Its a good thing that Danny is in Milwaukee tonight and not tomorrow…. we are suppose to get cold and SNOW. My poor spring flowers….

  17. So for the new album, per Billboard

    Elsewhere on Billboard’s faith-based charts, Danny Gokey’s Haven’t Seen It arrives at No. 2 on Top Christian Albums, earning 10,000 equivalent album units (9,000 in traditional album sales), according to Nielsen Music. Gokey adds his fourth top 10, a sum that includes two No. 1s. His last LP, Rise, debuted atop the tally in February 2017. The third-place finalist on the 2009 season of American Idol initially led with his first full-length in the genre, Hope in Front of Me, which bowed at the summit in July 2014.

    That’s in the range but not quite as high as RISE, and a good degree more than HIFOM.


    I don’t know what other variables come into it, like time of year, placement of the single on the chart, what else is hot on the charts…

  18. Danny has had gray for awhile, He even mentioned in an interview that he touches his hair/beard up with some black…. what I find less appealing is the near shave off his hair around his face and a slightly longer buzz off of the rest of his head. I can’t help but wonder “why”.

    Good news on the CAC Mediabase front. Danny’s HSIY just passed Lauren’s latest:

    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 Up this week FOR KING & COUNTRY God Only Knows 2376 2346 30 13.169
    3 2 Up this week WE ARE MESSENGERS Maybe It’s OK 2032 2001 31 10.735
    2 3 MERCYME Best News Ever 1942 2109 -167 9.781
    5 4 Up this week PAT BARRETT Build My Life 1902 1844 58 12.118
    6 5 Up this week ELEVATION WORSHIP Resurrecting 1759 1745 14 9.94
    4 6 JOSH BALDWIN Stand In Your Love 1750 1871 -121 8.255
    10 7 Up this week I AM THEY Scars 1682 1555 127 8.128
    9 8 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Haven’t Seen It Yet 1614 1560 54 9.986
    8 9 LAUREN DAIGLE Look Up Child 1614 1616 -2 7.799

    Nice AI for HSIY

  19. I think Danny needs to get more fashionable hats, at least for indoor events. Baseball caps work well outside to shade the eyes. (And, if worn backwards, to shade the back of the neck.) But indoors they look like the person is hiding. Let us see those twinkly eyes, Danny!

  20. Not fond of the new haircut, but I’ll bet it’s cooler in the summer heat. But if you wear a hat to cover it up, what’s the point? Also — and I understand it’s difficult to be “on” 365 days a year — appropriate attire and grooming is part of the deal / tradeoff for a music career. I’m not saying artists can’t look as they wish at home and when out and about when they aren’t touring or engaged in other music career activities, but making an effort is respectful and expected.

  21. That’s why I think its too coincidental that Danny wore a hat through the entire two weeks around the release of his new album and just showed that he shaved off his hair. He has seldom worn hats (unless he slept too late or was unprepared…) and he wore it for all events, including the Oklahoma City memorial ceremony, (He did take th hat off for singing the National Anthem, but he wasn’t show up close for it!) No one else wore a hat (even the Catholic priest removed his hat when he stepped forward) when at the podium.

    I’m just saying, it doesn’t add up to me. Did the kids accidentally cut his hair? Did he get carried away while shaving his beard and catch his forelock of hair?

    He also said he didn’t care what people thought…. but then liked tweets that said it was attractive, LOL!

    I did put up a post with the PR from his label. Always good to have a record of it 🙂


  22. I saw your post about the snow, Jan, and was feeling rather smug that we had turned the corner into spring. And now I see that there is a frost advisory in effect for the region!

  23. Also a couple of hints about the Michael W. Smith concert performances / collaborations?

    From Calvin Nowell —


    Getting to sing behind @rascalflatts as a (fourth rascal😂) for Michael W. Smith 35 year anniversary next week is beyond an honor. Also singing with my good friends @dannygokey @thekatinas @matthewjwest @francescamusic was another honor. Rehearsals were beyond incredible. I can’t wait for Tuesday to get here! CMON 35 year anniversary! All of my worlds, both professionally and creatively are colliding in every possible way. It’s been a long road y’all! Going to bed grateful again!

    and The Katinas


    While the NFL Draft kicked off last night here in Nashville, we were mixing it up w/a couple of first rounders. Our brothers @calvinnowell & @dannygokey
    Amazing talent but even greater men! #SmittyRehearsals #soundcheck @mwsmithofficial


    Oops I see earlier that Jan was way ahead of me on The Katinas update. But I found the Calvin one all by myself I think 😳

  24. I had another thought about shave-gate….

    Danny typically wants his boys to look like him, same haircuts, matching colors of clothes, etc. He didn’t shave off their hair at the same time.

  25. Hey Admin2, we used that photo a bit when Danny was promoting his first round of the Hope Encounter….

    long jacket

    So, I know Lauren is a bigger name/more successful…. but I can’t help to think Danny would have been a good fit for this..

    “Next week, American Idol season 10 alum, Lauren Daigle is set to perform. The Top 6 will sing songs of “inspiration.” That sounds like an Idol gives back theme!”

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