Danny Gokey News & Discussion- April 2019

Danny Gokey performs at Winter Jam 2019 = photo by Graiemark StudioThis Concludes Winter Jam 2019

A BIG thanks to Roger A Casama of Graiemark Studio for sharing photos of Danny Gokey performing at Winter Jam 2019Danny Gokey performs at Winter Jam 2019 = photo by Graiemark Studio

Only ELEVEN days until ” “Haven’t Seen It Yet” is released!! You can get it HERE.  Once all the new songs are released, we hope you let us know your favorites and what you think of this new era of Danny Gokey music!  We’ll try to capture the press and promotion he will be doing to celebrate the release of this first album with Capitol Christian Music Group.

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Roger, these photos are amazing!!

127 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- April 2019

  1. Nice spin crease for “Haven’t Seen It Yet” and 50 of 55 monitored stations spinning HSIY! Things look good for it climbing higher. I thnk there’s a good chance that Newsboys could pass it, but they our a great band.

    1 1 MERCYME Best News Ever 2283 2332 -49 13.073
    3 2 Up this week FOR KING & COUNTRY God Only Knows 2166 2071 95 12.52
    2 3 JOSH BALDWIN Stand In Your Love 2092 2134 -42 11.727
    4 4 CASTING CROWNS Only Jesus 1945 1961 -16 9.38
    5 5 Up this week WE ARE MESSENGERS Maybe It’s OK 1850 1840 10 11.196
    6 6 ZACH WILLIAMS Survivor 1644 1733 -89 8.041
    7 7 Up this week PAT BARRETT Build My Life 1628 1578 50 9.009
    8 8 LAUREN DAIGLE Look Up Child 1535 1538 -3 7.814
    10 9 Up this week ELEVATION WORSHIP Resurrecting 1529 1402 127 8.284
    11 10 Up this week MICAH TYLER Even Then 1388 1386 2 7.266
    12 11 Up this week CROWDER Red Letters 1337 1322 15 8.363
    13 12 Up this week I AM THEY Scars 1291 1205 86 7.137
    15 13 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Haven’t Seen It Yet 1088 983 105 6.26

  2. Awesome pictures…I’m sure the fans had a blast!! Can’t wait for the new album…on the edge of my seat!! GokeyGroupie

  3. Eventbrite
    Danny Gokey – 95.1 SHINE-FM Pop-Up Concert | Davidsonville, MD
    95.1 SHINE-FM / 48Live Productions ALL AGES


    Share this event
    Date And Time
    Tue, April 9, 2019

    5:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT

    Chesapeake Christian Fellowship

    377 W Central Ave.

    Davidsonville, MD 21035

    Danny Gokey – 95.1 SHINE-FM Pop-Up Concert

    95.1 SHINE-FM is helping Danny Gokey celebrate the release of his new project with a FREE Pop-Up Concert! Join Jack & Erin as they broadcast live, interview Danny and host Danny’s as he performs some of your favorite songs.

    While the event is free, you do need to let us know you are coming by reserving your tickets. Limit Two Tickets Per Person.

    The Concert Spot
    Organizer of Danny Gokey – 95.1 SHINE-FM Pop-Up Concert | Davidsonville, MD

  4. Hi Ellen, I had to click on that when it came out. I was glad to see Danny (finally) listed as a successful Idol, but he was #34 even though he tied with Crystal, Blake and William Hung in their inscrutable “net worth”. I think Danny is more successful than the other artists if you look at sales/streaming, award nominations, touring, social media followers.

    Crystal only has 200,000 Fbook 11,000 Instagram followers, despite winning American Idol. Danny has 600,000 and 200,000 followers respectively.

  5. Finally.

    My station is playing HSIY. Usually they are big supporters of Danny and other reality show singers. Not sure why they faded in their support until now:

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KFMK-FM Austin Christian AC 21 21 4 3 5 4 5 0.054
    WNWC-FM Madison, WI Christian AC 5 5 1 1 1 1 1 0.007
    KBIQ-FM Colorado Springs Christian AC 2 2 2 0.002

  6. Jan, Crystal didn’t win her season. Lee DeWyze did. Crystal came in second.

    If the clickbait was basing success on net worth, and a bunch of contestants are tied in that department, they can list multiple people under the same number — say, have three people tied at number #12, etc. Also, they mention Danny’s award nominations, but not his wins! Still, an improvement over the last clickbait Idol story, which didn’t even list Danny but listed other contestants who never did much or are no longer active. Gee, you’d think they’s consider current success!

  7. I have yet to hear the new single in my area, but I just may be unlucky. It sounds like they’ve at least added it?

  8. As I was driving to my exercise class, I turned on Life 102.5. Danny’s song came on <3

    Finally heard it on the radio!

  9. Danny’s song has the highest spincrease on today’s CAC Mediabase chart. I like that..

  10. Some of us remember Leyicet showing the “make over” of the house on her instagram account. Ed and Danny got to swap country stories when we saw him in the fall on tour. They compared acreage. I was able to impress Danny when I mentioned I co-owned a 215 acre farm 😉

    Danny has also managed to get his SUV stuck at least twice and had to have the farm neighbor pull him out of the muck with his tractor. Ed couldn’t help but smile about that…. #cityBoy

  11. I ordered Danny’s new CD today. Looking forward to it. 🙂

    Hope everyone is well.

    5 babies??? Poor Leyicet. 🙂

  12. Well, hey Jan, that’s already 50% more than 2018. And I see I didn’t do any in 2017, sign that was a rough year I guess …

    Hi Cindy 🙂

    I’d forgotten to pre-order the album myself but did so yesterday.

  13. Glad to have you joining back in on creating posts, Admin2.

    Cindy, did you follow one of our links at DGNews or Danny’s? Either way it helps Danny 😊

  14. With this many spins, you’d think Danny was coming to KC! That’s an unheard of # of spins per week isn’t it?

    Top monitored Mediabase stations playing HSIY

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KJNW-FM Kansas City Christian AC 67 56 11 16 12 14 11 14 0.232
    KAXL-FM Bakersfield Christian AC 45 28 17 11 8 9 7 10 0.05
    KCMS-FM Seattle Christian AC 44 41 3 12 2 11 7 12 0.27
    WAWZ-FM Middlesex Christian AC 43 41 2 8 8 9 8 10 0.579
    KTIS-FM Minneapolis Christian AC 41 24 17 11 7 9 8 6 0.363

    My station went from not adding it, to playing it 26 times in the last week!

  15. WAY FM and Omaha have joined Madison to play HSIY. Now 53 of 55 monitored Mediabase stations are playing it!

    Moved up to #12. 180+ spincrease. Only 100 spins from top 10. Danny may make it belly release day 😊


    *by release day! 😁

  16. I noticed on Michael W. Smith’s Facebook page he posted the video for Love God, Love People.

    Michael W. Smith
    April 5 at 2:20 PM ·
    Surprise! Loved working on this jam with my good friend Danny Gokey.

    Watch the lyric video for “Love God Love People” below!


    I feel better after reading the comment thread, that some of his fans can’t quite tell where his collaboration input appears.

    I had the impression he might be singing in the chorus, but it’s hard to be sure. There are some piano moments which I thought were likely to be Michael, some of his fans suggest that also.

    Did anyone have a more clear idea. Or the full album credit should tell us if it spells out the detailed vocal and instrumental credits.

  17. Steph, in listening to the vocals, I would have to say that MWS is taking a very low profile on this one….

    These fans seems to agree in the comments on his FBook page:

    Sherry xxxxxx Great song! Did you play the piano or something? i didn’t hear you vocally on there at all.

    Rae-Annexxxxxx, t I didn’t hear him on the song either, so I think he played the piano.

  18. What I hear for the backing vocals sounds mostly like Danny although some of it is faint enough it could be almost anyone (who can hit the high notes…).

    I’m not sure MWS has an extremely recognizable voice to pick him out if it’s not obviously featured. So I’m betting more on the piano although the clear piano solo is rather brief as well. Perhaps MWS is involved in the production or songwriting?

  19. That’s great that they are releasing the fall tour dates this early. Interesting that they are keeping the same tour name, part of Danny’s branding I guess?

    I was able to attend the radio promo event today and picked up a copy of the new CD. I’ll hold comments on the new songs til everyone’s got it but the answer to the MWS mystery does indeed seem to be that he’s on piano. There are some other folk listed for bg vocals.

    They’d cut off tickets for the event today, I wasn’t sure what that meant but judging by the interior (and parking lots!!) the venue was pretty much full by the time the announced time came for Danny’s music set. And over half full before the Q&A. Several hundred people, maybe over 400 at a wild guess.

  20. I found it interesting that Danny went back to booking churches for this version of the Hope Encounter Tour. Maybe the other venues were too expensive or too hard to sell out without the built in audience a church venue brings/

    I liked attending in some of those beautiful, historic venues. The Pabst Theater is gorgeous.

  21. We’ve put up a post with updates on some of the album launch promo.


    We’ll update it periodically as news develops.

    Of course after I posted it, a new interview came up along with a very nice comment from the Billboard person who spoke with Danny.


    Pusha Bi. Verified account @BiancaEnRogue 6m6 minutes ago
    @Billboard Associate Editor
    I rarely listen to Christian music, but there was something about @dannygokey’s new album that resonated with me. No matter your faith, his music gives hope. I spoke to him about his love for soul, time on American Idol & more for @billboard

  22. Danny really isn’t getting any time to spend on that 24 acre property with Leyicet and his kiddos…. Here’s another event in Oklahoma

    Hundreds will gather at the grounds of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum at 8:45 a.m. April 19 to commemorate those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever.

    the ceremony will feature bagpipes by Oklahoma Pipes and Drums, 169 seconds of silence, and family and friends reading each of the 168 names. Additional memorial events will include the Combined Honor Guard from the Oklahoma City police and fire departments and EMSA, as well as Danny Gokey singing several songs.


  23. Some pictures of Danny and band getting ready for his set on The Message in this instagram-shared post.


    It was interesting to watch the FB video with setup and the “fishbowl” set-up that they use for the broadcast and to bring in some listeners to be there as a live audience.

  24. Do you think Danny will take off the hat anytime this week? I’m guessing he felt such a hectic schedule he didn’t have time to manage his hair? 😉

  25. I’m thinking this morning may be Good Day NY or some of those appearances we had hints of? It would be nice to see the hat off, yeah, but at least he’s got a better hat than one I recall from certain events with MBD.

  26. Yay for banners. I also heard a radio ad on the Atlanta station which has been releasing their interview with Danny this morning.

  27. NewReleaseToday has this as Danny’s best album yet in their review.


    Final Word
    From his powerhouse vocal skills to the masterful production and chart-topping songwriting, Danny Gokey just never stops getting better. Hope In Front of Me was a remarkable debut album, followed by the equally noteworthy release of Rise, proving that Danny continues to raise the bar with each new offering– Haven’t Seen It Yet continues that trend and presents itself as his best work to date. A must-listen for anyone in need of an album to soundtrack a difficult season with encouragement, Haven’t Seen It Yet is yet another winner from one of the most hope-filled artists in music today.

  28. Through social media, I know that reviewer… It doesn’t hurt that she has been a long time fan of Danny’s music 😍

  29. “Danny has a banner…”

    He would have had a banner every time if I had been the banner-decision person.

  30. Street Week is SWEET for @dannygokey!

    #HaventSeenItYet is #1 album on @itunes Christian chart, (#9 overall!)

    And twelve of his songs are in the Top 200 of Christian songs!!
    #4 HSIY (#191 overall)
    #42 Wanted
    #80 TYHTBA
    #81 Undertow
    #87 Love God Love People
    #88 Fighter
    #108 New Day
    #125 Tell Somebody
    #145 Comeback
    #160 Finish Strong
    #161 No Reason
    #167 IYAII

  31. I’m not surprised TYHTBA is in the mix with the new material, but a little surprised Comeback is still plugging along on the song chart – nice.

  32. I saw Danny tweeting that he’s featured somehow on Pandora, did anyone find that? It took me a minute or two.

    I’ve used it a few times but not often. My first attempt to look it up had me seeing Danny’s new album cover photo featured on a playlist for “Sacred Wedding Songs” !! For the new song Undertow, which I could see, I think, although the song strikes me personally as too intense for that.

    I saw someone on social media mentioning she or he would like to play it at their wedding.

    This (New Christian Music Now – https://www.pandora.com/playlist/PL:1407374899910704:1839554784 ) appears to go to the play list Danny was talking about. Out of 66 songs at the time I checked it, quite a few are from the new album although not all of the album. I saw HSIT, Wanted, Love God Love People, New Day and Fighter.

    Along with a song from Paul Wilbur which recalled that collaboration a few years ago, still one of my favorites.

    Connecting on major playlists was one of the things mentioned as a benefit from the new label, looks like this is part of getting that started?

  33. Well, I’m not sure which one Danny was meaning to highlight. it looks like the New Christian Music Now is one. But there’s also a SOZO Playlist for Danny talking briefly about the stories with the songs and then the actual songs themselves. You can sample it a little with a Pandora account but then it kicks you out if you don’t have a Premium subscription


  34. Thanks, Admin2. I listed to Danny’s intros (song stories) for each of his new songs. I have never used Pandora. This was a good reminder for me to try it out.

  35. Sampling some other meeting from the album launch, I think Jan may have dropped this one here but I hadn’t listened to it.

    Danny does a pretty good job channeling his reggae spirit for one of the challenges, and it’s pretty funny in the last one seeing him do his Scotty McCreery tribute complete with low voice and twang.

    ETA: ergh. “other media”

  36. I have listened to the new album for a few times since I got it on iTunes.I like it a lot.Fighter is my favorite song for now.

  37. There are several songs on this that are pretty memorable to me which seems like a good sign. And two songs that have a surprising song for Danny, imo. One of them I saw got a twitter comment about how funky it was, which Danny seemed to like lol – Craziest Thing.

    The other song I found surprising was Undertow which struck me as having quite a different style than what we’ve seen from Danny before.

    hi mr bring!

    The three background vocalists on the new acoustic video all posted to their instagram about their participation. We’ve seen several people asking who they are, so I’ve added their posts to Jan’s video post for the acoustic HSIT video.

  38. Looks like HSIT has cracked the Top 10 on Billboard? (borrowed from that other site)

    Danny Gokey:
    “Haven’t Seen it Yet”: Christian Songs 11 (14); Christian Airplay 10 (13); CAC 11 (13)

  39. Yes! And its Top Ten on AC Indicator and Hot AC/CHR, too.

    I hope to put up a post about it tonight 🙂

  40. Here are some items from the radio tour. Jan caught me posting them into the wrong thread 🙁

    Photo collection from Houston radio visit today


    More here if this works


    First time I’ve seen Gokey latte art!

    I didn’t see any interview video but a special two-part radio segment posted here, with Danny speaking to a specific listener who has a similar personal story.


    Another recorded interview featuring a flying lizard ??


  41. In one of the interviews (C-Pop?) I had this comment from an exchange I found interesting

    One of the interviews had an interesting exchange about Danny amping up his “growl” on AI, and then dialing it back for his HIFOM album when Bernie Herms asked him to think more about his authentic vocal style.

  42. Hi ADMIN2. So nice to see you posting. You said you didn’t even post one year? And, just a few times last year? You’ve passed me up. 😉

    So many things are going on since Christmas. Hopefully, it will calm down. 🙂

    Hello to all….

  43. Hi Cindy, thanks. I was referring to the article posts, not comments of which I don’t want to count 🙂

  44. I don’t want Danny’s authentic vocal style! I want the Gokey Growl! Which I admit probably doesn’t go well with Christian music. He had a little more leeway with country music. Which would be why “Get Away” was my favorite song. But really, the growl is probably most suited to the Motown sound, which isn’t a current genre. Played well on Idol, though.

  45. From the Oklahoma City memorial. The sound is uneven but Danny participates in three segments. In the opening performing I Will Not Say Goodbye, for the National Anthem, and then toward the middle with Tell Your Heart To Beat Again prior to the reading of the names.


    The memorial looks beautiful and the event well-done, though I could wish someone had found Danny something to wear besides athletic shoes.

  46. Well, I said too many things were going on. My mistake ADMIN2. 🙁

    I still remember the Oklahoma bombing. I think it was 1995. So many years ago. So much pain. ♥

  47. I was hoping Danny would take off the hat at the memorial service…. He did for the anthem… But I am still wondering why he is wearing the hat the last two weeks? Did he have a disasterous haircut? A mole removed? Trying to forge a new (don’t do it) look?

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