Interview: Catches Up with Danny Gokey has shared an extended interview with Danny Gokey talking about his expanding family, busy 2019 schedule, and the imminent release of Danny’s latest album Haven’t Seen It Yet, due out April 12th.

American Idol Alum Danny Gokey Talks Fourth Baby on the Way β€” and How He’d Be ‘Ready for No. 5’
Christian singer Danny Gokey will release his newest album on April 12, ahead of when he and wife Leyicet are due to have their fourth child this summer

Enjoy the full interview from’s Brianne Tracy at


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  1. Good to see that Danny’s team (label?) landed him an interview/feature with People. Nice long interview. Its family focused but will remind some fans that he has new music coming out!

    Thanks for the post, Admin2! πŸ™‚

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