Haven’t Seen It Yet – Top 10 on Multiple Billboard Charts!

Danny Gokey on Amazon Billboard Nashville

Danny Gokey’s Haven’t Seen It Yet Moves to Top 10 on Three Charts

Danny Gokey’s recently released lead single, “Haven’t Seen It Yet“, may be his fastest moving song on the Billboard charts! With the February 16th charts it moves into:

  1. TOP 10 on the Billboard Christian Airplay (lw13).
  2. TOP 10 on the Billboard Christian AC Indicator Chart (lw13).
  3. #6 on Hot AC/CHR Christian song Billboard chart (lw 9)
  4. #11 on the Billboard Christian Digital Song chart  (LW #13)
  5. Also #11 on the Hot Christian Songs Billboard Chart (lw 14).

We are excited to see the Billboard Christian Album chart next week.  Lauren Daigle’s success will be tough to top, but this is a great album and the Street Week promo has been extensive.

The HSIY music video is clearly popular, too.  It has 3.6 million views on just this video!

8 thoughts on “Haven’t Seen It Yet – Top 10 on Multiple Billboard Charts!

  1. Such great news!! I’m not surprised though…the song is a total hit for me!! GokeyGroupie

  2. Lots of goodies, but kind of surprised you’re posting them on the billboard post, Admin2 🙂 Just easier to find? Or trying to draw people here? 😉

  3. Oh. Well. Then I can let you correct it and move them where they belong 🙂

    One of the interviews had an interesting exchange about Danny amping up his “growl” on AI, and then dialing it back for his HIFOM album when Bernie Herms asked him to think more about his authentic vocal style.

  4. I found that interesting too. He skipped over the fact that he totally parked the growl for My Best Days

  5. I’m not sure how one measures this but … Get Away? Be Somebody? Life On Ya?

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