Danny Gokey News & Discussion- May 2019

Danny Gokey Glassless

The Many Looks of Danny Gokey

New album, new looks? Danny has tried out different styles through the years… here’s a few to consider:

1) Above:  2012-  No glasses, mid-length hair, trim beard

2) Summer 2009:  No beard and no glasses

3) Late 2016: longer hair, trim beard, glasses


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4) The full-on “dad” look:  2019: Shaved head, glasses, trim beard & lots of kids! He gets to spend that time saved with his no mess haircut to be with his adorable kids.

What do you think?

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67 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- May 2019

  1. HSIY is moved up to #4 on Billboard’s Christian Airplay Chart (lw 6)

    Another Top 5 hit for Danny!!

  2. I don’t blame Danny for shaving his hair off. It grows back. 🙂 I do like the top hair style. Might be the easiest to maintain. The last photo is good, but the hair was probably more difficult to style. So, I’ll go with the top photo plus glasses, but longer beard that’s shown in the last photo… instead of the baseball cap. 😉

    Congratulations on another hit, Danny!!

  3. Hi Cindy, thanks for sharing your comments….. I really didn’t know what to feature this month, and Danny shaving his head was worth recording, IMO. 🙂

    Here is a photo of Danny’s hair already growing out — and no baseball cap. I’ve not liked the baseball cap photos because then you can’t see his eyes and i think the eyes help show the emotion of a song from a singer.

  4. I think Danny looks good in all these pictures. Sometimes u just need a fresh look. Us women do it all the time. With 3 kids I understand why he would not want to bother with his hair. More important things to do. Danny is just the Best. Love him.

  5. Welcome Kellie, thanks for joining us with your comment. Your future comments will be posted immediately.

  6. While Danny has a bunch of spins to gain yet, there are only two songs in the top 10 with positive spins on the Christian Airplay chart!

  7. New, acoustic versions of Wanted and HSIY are available on Amazon!

  8. Unseasonably warm here. Gonna be 82 degrees today. I can’t believe I’m complaining, but either we’ll be cheated of a nice summer, or, more likely, the fire season is going to start really early this year. Not that it ever really went away. There was a fire in March . . . So I guess technically the fire season already started this year.

  9. Kinda surprised that there is so little talk about the new album. Do people like it? What songs do people like or not like? What songs are potentially single material?

  10. Great questions, Ellen. I am really glad to see HSIY doing well on the charts and especially love the acoustic version.

    I have my favorites on the album…

    I might wait until i hear yours/others to share.

  11. If the label wants to release/promote a ballad, I would think Wanted is showing to be quite popular. It could be a good choice.

    I, of course, have a favorite that few have commented on

    More Than I Could Be ( I like Danny’s voice on the chorus, fun to dance to)
    Craziest Thing (Funky. I like that band leader, Eric Ramey, is the producer on the song. Not surprising that a bass player would be a strong beat on the song!)
    New Day – fun, optimistic tune. Good dance song.
    Fighter (Not sure why….I’d like to hear it without the electronic effects.)

    Least favorites, Finish Strong, No Pressure – although Danny sings them well. They don’t really stand out to me. They were mid CD songs.

    Danny’s official music video for HSIY has just crossed 5 million views. The audio video has another million views. Second best is New Day with 750,000. But Fighter and Wanted are over 300,000 views.

    In contrast, Rise “only” has 3.2 million. The crazy little dance video (which I like) for If You Ain’t In it has over 4.2 million.

  12. “Kinda surprised that there is so little talk about the new album.”

    I don’t post much anymore. I read a little sometimes.
    I have a lot of health problems. I’ve mentioned some of them before and have written about having to retire early and to quit driving long before I expected. I’m okay but have less energy for reading and posting than I did.
    I still like Danny’s voice and still want him to have a great career, but I am less invested in keeping up with events. I liked his country music better than his current music. After he left country, I continued following what he did for a while. I want him to be successful.
    I feel now that he is successful. He has a large group of fans. So I rest more and keep up less.

  13. Hi Lurker, sorry to hear of the issues you’re dealing with but very nice to hear from you.

    On the album songs, I agree with Jan the middle of the CD has some songs that aren’t as distinctive but overall I think it’s a strong album. On first hearing, I found No Pressure really hard to get through. I finally listened all the way and it got better, but not a favorite.

    I like HSIT, New Day, and several others. The two that surprised me in style for Danny were Undertow (big epic sound and a vocal style I didn’t recall from Danny before), and Craziest Thing.

    HSIT sounds really good on the acoustic track they just released. The vocals with the background singers are really fun.

  14. Not sure if anyone else has had similar experience with the new set of songs. But I was running an errand earlier today and heard a familiar song in Walgreen’s that it took me a moment or two to place. Danny’s New Day was in the playlist the store was running!

  15. Lurker, so good to hear from you. Wishing you the best. Your presence here is missed, but completely understandable.

    I have also felt that Danny’s doing quite well. I am glad.

    It also makes it easier for me to reduce the number of posts, etc that I think I have to do.

    But I do keep up on how his music is doing and I enjoy listening to his new album (with the two acoustic songs) on my Google Home while i work at my laptop 🙂

    HSIY keeps moving up:

    Moving UP ^ @dannygokey’s #HaventSeenItYet is
    #3 on @Billboard Christian Airplay Chart (lw 4)
    #3 Billboard Hot Christian Songs (lw 5) &
    #7 on Billboard Christian Digital Songs (lw 15) #GoDannyGo

    I will get other chart info on Wednesday.

  16. Great to see you here, Lurker. You need to husband your resources, but I hope you’ll stop by when you feel up to it or have something to say. You are in my thoughts and prayers for the best health possible!

  17. Fiddlesticks. We have a “fire weather” watch in effect. And that’s in the part of the state that is normally the wettest! Supposed to get up to 85 today, which is extremely abnormal. That’s weather we might get at the end of June or beginning of July . . .

  18. I wish you well, Lurker. Always enjoy reading your posts. Don’t go too far. 🙂

    It’s been a hard year so far, but grateful for all the outcomes. Life can be a challenge.

    I had both cataracts removed two days ago. Oh my goodness!! It was like Dorothy from Oz opening up the door to all the beautiful colors. I haven’t been able to see this clear for years. No pain..

    We’ve had a “London fog” all day today. Very quiet.

    My favorite song from Danny’s new CD is Undertow. 🙂

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Thank you for this site. 🙂 ♥

  19. Happy Mother’s Day to the moms! And to all that have lost mothers or grandmothers or women that were mothers in their lives, I hope you can celebrate the love they brought into your lives, today.

  20. Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. ♥

    That is the post, Jan. It melts my heart every time. What a sweetie pie. 🙂

  21. Although it is nice for Danny to get gigs and stay in demand, I felt bad that he didn’t get to spend Mother’s Day with Leyicet.

  22. Leyicet went with Danny to Texas. They were together Saturday and Sunday.

  23. I find it very interesting that Lauren Daigle’s second single, Look Up Child, is fading a bit on the chart.

    FOR KING & COUNTRY God Only Knows 2393 2376 17 13.68
    3 2 Up this week PAT BARRETT Build My Life 2109 2032 77 12.865
    2 3 WE ARE MESSENGERS Maybe It’s OK 2000 2053 -53 11.326
    6 4 Up this week I AM THEY Scars 1922 1761 161 9.632
    5 5 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Haven’t Seen It Yet 1906 1765 141 11.905
    4 6 MERCYME Best News Ever 1774 1882 -108 8.838
    7 7 Up this week ELEVATION WORSHIP Resurrecting 1742 1726 16 10.573
    9 8 LAUREN DAIGLE Look Up Child 1581 1622 -41 8.441

  24. Hi Admin2. Danny was performing for Air1 yesterday, very cool to see he stayed in town to perform for a Chicago TV station.

    The keyboardist is also a singer. I’ve seen him fill in for a singer on WinterJam (I think Newsong?) And he and Eric do have microphones to help with BGV for Danny on tour. Its nice to see Danny step away from the recordings and utilize Monty in this performance. Danny has to be more disciplined, I’d imagine?

    I put the video up on our Facebook page and added it here: https://dannygokeynews.com/2019/05/15/danny-gokey-promotes-havent-seen-it-yet-chicago/

  25. I don’t think Danny would mind ~

    This is a song that Louis Tomlinson wrote and dedicated to his mother after her death from leukemia. He also lost his 18-year-old sister soon after. It made me think of “I Will Not Say Goodbye” and all the other songs inspired by loss of a loved one.


  26. Hi everyone!

    I’m sorry that I rarely visit and post on this page. I’m so happy that Danny’s new album is a success and I love the tracks. My favorites are HSIT, New Day and at the moment, Fighter. I sing along to Fighter even the part of the back up vocals. 🤣

    I hope that you are all safe. God bless you all.

    More success, music and concerts for Danny!


  27. Hi Melvin, it’s good to see you stop by and comment.

    I like the same songs. Plus… more Than I Could Be and Craziest Thing.

    I think it is a strong album and HSIY will be one of Danny’s biggest hits.

  28. Hi Melvin, it’s good to see you still by and comment.

    I like the same songs. Plus… more Than I Could Be and Craziest Thing.

    I think it is a strong song and I think HSIY will be one of Danny’s biggest hits.

  29. Thank you Jan! Nice to be back also. 🙂

    Hmmm… I think I won’t be able to go to US and watch Danny this year but I am thinking to just buy merchandise from DGStore to treat myself. I am not sure of the sizes fitted to me for shirts and hoodies. Does anyone bought on his store already? Thank you.

  30. Hey Melvin,

    I have only bought a t-shirt for myself and a friend, but my guess is that the sizes are generous compared to non-USA countries?

  31. And here is the full video:

    The Smoking Section is a hand-picked group of Nashville’s finest studio-players, who share a common love of all things funk. 16-pieces strong, they play a high-energy show that you won’t hear anywhere else. If you like Earth, Wind, & Fire, Rufus, Chaka Khan, Tower of Power, etc. You’ll LOVE The Smoking Section!This will be a dance party!


  32. A discussion with Michael W Smith about the recent tribute concert. It includes the setlist confirming Danny was in the one collaboration song that we found a Facebook video of. (Apologies to Lurker for ending my sentence with a preposition 😳 )

    The photo of all the artists is quite impressive. I recognize a number of them. With all the faces, it took me a minute to spot Mr. Gokey.


  33. I’m over that grammatical rule, Admin2. I often end a sentence with a preposition if rephrasing the sentence sounds more awkward.

  34. “(Apologies to Lurker for ending my sentence with a preposition 😳 )”

    No apology is needed. It isn’t my rule. My rule (yes, I have one 🙂 ) is: “Don’t end a sentence with an unnecessary preposition.”

    The word unnecessary is important. I always told my students to use a preposition at the end of a sentence when needed. Avoid using them when not needed.

    Examples of when prepositions are not needed:
    1) Where are you going to? (To is not needed. “Where are you going?” is enough.)
    2) Why are you doing that for? (Don’t need for. “Why are you doing that?” is enough.)

    I always liked studying and used to buy books about subjects I found interesting. I read lots of books about usage. I remember one book written by a respected editor (long ago when editors were respected because doing a good job was required). In his book, he wrote about ending sentences with a preposition. My rule is based on his advice.

    (Note: Some of my words would have been in italics, but I don’t remember how to make italics show.)

  35. “Don’t end a sentence with an unnecessary preposition.”

    Now that is a rule I can get behind! Generally, if I write a sentence with a preposition at the end of the sentence, I’ll consider whether I can rewrite the sentence to avoid the prepositional ending. But if the restructuring of the sentence would sound awkward, I’ll leave it as is. I don’t worry about it as much in correspondence with friends. But my job requires a lot of formal writing. So I do try to avoid a prepositional ending whenever possible.

  36. Subject-verb agreement is sometimes a challenge at work, given that we write very long, complex sentences. When we were using Word 2007, the grammar-check function was always wrong. It would look at the noun and verb nearest to each other and tell me my verb usage wasn’t in agreement, but the noun closest to the verb wasn’t actually the subject of the sentence! Word 2010 is better, but . . .

    Bill Gates needs to hire Lurker to school his computer geeks in English grammar!

  37. BTW, Lurker, to italicize a word, put an asterisk (*) immediately before and after the word you wish to italicize.

  38. Its good to see Danny’s label is ok with loaning his voice for these other artists’ projects.

  39. Too bad Danny lost the draw for singing this song on Idol to Matt, I think he slays it!

    Not sure what to make of that outfit, though….

  40. Get Ready by the Temptations… But I see he lost Ain’t too Proud to Beg was and it was to Michael (not Matt) and no one sang Signed Sealed Delivered. I wonder if he didn’t get it cleared in time? Goodness,b by Idol memories are fading! 😂😉

  41. Good song. The outfit.. all Danny. 😉

    I know I mentioned it before, but way back in my high school days Get Ready was very popular. When Danny performed it on Idol I loved it!

    I love Danny’s songs now, but I also like it when it sings others. 🙂

  42. I think he’s still gaining spins/ai, but HSIY is still not ready to push its way to the top:
    Chart/ Artist/ Title/ chart date/ (peak position date)/ current position/(peak position)/ weeks on the chart/ label
    Top Christian Albums Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-06-01
    (2019-04-27) 28 (2) 6 Sparrow
    Christian Airplay Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-06-01
    (2019-05-11) 3 (3) 18 Sparrow
    Christian AC Songs Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-06-01
    (2019-05-25) 3 (3) 16 Sparrow
    Hot Christian Songs Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-06-01
    (2019-05-11) 3 (3) 19 Sparrow
    Christian Album Sales Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-06-01
    (2019-04-27) 12 (1) 6 Sparrow
    Christian Digital Song Sales Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-06-01
    (2019-05-25) 11 (5) 19 Sparrow
    Christian Streaming Songs Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-06-01
    (2019-04-27) 25 (20) 5 Sparrow

  43. Danny is taking beautiful Victoria to the K-Love Awards. What a special night for her and daddy. 🙂

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